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Re: [IrelandOldNews] !! Ballina Chronicle; Dec 19, 1849 "Exiled Convicts"

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    I haven t received any since this one. What s up? ... From: Cathy Joynt Labath To: Ireland List ; General
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 8, 2004
      I haven't received any since this one. What's up?

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      > Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      > Wednesday, December 19, 1849
      > On board the Swift, off the Cape,
      > September 12th, 1849.
      > "We have at length, after two weeks knocking about got thus far; and
      > seize the first moment of breathing time to give you a short sketch of our
      > voyage, &c. On the evening of the 11th July, we lost of the old Head of
      > and on the 12th and 15th, were tossed about very considerably in the Bay
      > Biscay. We then passed along the coast of Spain and Portugal, and on the
      > sighted Maderia, with the surrounding islands. We then came close to the
      > Canaries, and Cape Verd Island, holding close on by S. Western coast of
      > as far as Sierra Leone, whence we struck to S.W. in consequence of
      > wind, and crossed the line between 25 and 30 degrees long, on the 11th
      > From that we were driven over towards the coast of South America, nearly
      as far
      > as Rio de Janrio, from whence we got a favourable gale, which will, I
      > bring us safely to anchor in Simmon's Bay tomorrow. On the 22d August we
      > put on short allowance of water, which, after cooking, &c., left us just a
      > "gill" each, for washing and drinking. I never knew the value of fresh
      > till now. It has been very indifferent all along, but to be put on short
      > allowance as well is very hard indeed. I need not tell you that the
      weather has
      > been exceedingly not up till within the last four weeks; but we are now
      > a little into the cold; this month counting as the month of March with
      > With regard to our accommodation, the Captain read for us his
      > on the day we lost sight of Ireland. They were briefly enumerated under
      > following heads. We were allowed to be on deck two at a time, from sun
      rise till
      > sun set; and have a marine placed on guard at our cabin door. We were to
      > cocoa and dry biscuit for breakfast, and tea and biscuit; these
      allowances, with
      > two gallons of wine each, for the entire voyage, form a bill of fare. We
      > looking forward, however, for some better modifications on our arrival at
      > Cape. We are all in excellent health, and just the same spirits as you
      used to
      > see us at Richmond. For my part I was never better. The sea voyage has
      > improved me.
      > Simmons Bay, 18th.
      > We got in here last evening expecting to remain a few days to get
      > done and a few little necessaries, but in this hope we have been
      > We are ordered off at 12 o'clock to day and no communication allowed with
      > shore. In fact the officers of the ship are as much prisoners in this
      regard as
      > we are. There is a regular commotion among the inhabitants against making
      this a
      > convict settlement; in fact they won't submit to it.---Your's.
      > T.B. M'MANUS.
      > Cathy Joynt Labath
      > Ireland Old News
      > http://www.IrelandOldNews.com/
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