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!! Freeman Journal; April 17, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Tuesday, April 17, 1764 IRELAND Cork, April 12. Yesterday his Majesty s Ship, the Burford, 64 Guns, Capt. Logie, arrived at
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, April 17, 1764

      Cork, April 12. Yesterday his Majesty's Ship, the Burford, 64 Guns, Capt.
      Logie, arrived at Cove; she is one of the Ships destined to take the Troops on
      board. The other Ships are daily expected.
      Tuesday arrived His Majesty's Frigate, Hussar, 28 Guns, Capt. Smith, from
      Since our last Colonel Strode's Regiment, and the Drafts from General
      Aldercron's Regiment arrived in Town.
      Yesterday the Assizes ended here, when Dillon M'Namarra, a French Soldier
      received Sentence of Death to be executed the 26th of May next, for inlisting
      Men into the French Service. He was taken last Sunday Night by Colonel Parker of
      Youghall. The other Foreigners mentioned in our last was acquited.
      John Broder, James Mackenerny, Patrick Broder and Michael Murphy, found
      guilty of seditious Associations and Riots at Michelstown, are sentenced to
      stand in the Pillory at that Town; the two former to be imprisoned one Year and
      half; and the two latter for two Years.
      William Colbert for stealing Linen out of a Bleach-Yard, Honer Sheehane and
      Elinor Fitzgerald, alias Hease, alias, Driscoll to be transported, and William
      Roche detected picking Pockets in the Court to be confined till next Assizes.
      Last Tuesday Mr. Matthew Church, of this City Merchant, was married to Miss
      Sarah Newsom, Daughter of Mr. Solomon Newsom, both of the people called Quakers.
      Limerick, April 12. Yesterday died universally lamented by all his
      Acquaintance, James Knight of Charleville, Esq; - This Morning, much lamented,
      Mrs. Parker, Wife of John Parker, Burgess.
      Mr. Richard Cross of Clownish, County Monaghan, was married to Miss Mary
      Eleanor Hardman of Cumber in the same County.
      Edmond Cotter of Cellbridge, Esq; is appointed a Justice of the Peace for
      the County of Kildare.
      The Regiments commanded by General Montagu, Colonel Scott, General
      Aldercron, and Colonel Clavering, are to March for Country Cantonments in a few
      Days, and are to be replaced on Dublin Duty by General Hodgson's, General
      Carr's, General Blundenell's and Colonel Owen's Regiments of Foot.
      Tuesday April 10] Kane O'Hara, a notorious Offender, who about three Years
      ago received sentence of Death, for Robbery, but was reprived on Condition of
      Transportation, was taken at the Review in the Park, and brought to Town and
      lodged in Newgate. He has been guilty of some Robberies lately, for which he was
      on Wednesday committed by the Sitting Justice.
      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, Mrs. Hamilton, Wife of Joshua Hamilton, Esq;
      Surveyor of the port of Wateford.--In Hanbury-lane, Mr. Philips.--In
      Mary-street, Mrs. Daniel, Relict of the late Reverend Dean Daniel.
      Yesterday died, the Right Hon. Warden Flood, Esq; Lord Chief Justice of
      Ireland; he is succeeded in Estate by his only Son, Henry Flood, Esq; a Burgess
      in Parliament for Calen, in the County of Kilkenny--Same Day, at Mr. Clossy's in
      Abbey-street, Mr. John West.

      Dublin, April 2, 1764.
      To the Committee of the FREE-PRESS.
      THE CASE of John O'Donnel, lately a Shoemaker, now a poor Cobler, in
      Kelly's-Lane, Dorset-street, with a Family of small Children, humbly sheweth,
      THAT in the last Week, the said John O'Donnel did duly summons John C_____k
      Gentleman, for a Debt of 35 Shillings, contracted in the County of Kerry, (a
      small Matter to the Gentleman-Debtor, but a vast Sum to the poor Creditor in his
      present reduced Circumstances.)
      That the said John O'Donnel did attend at the appointed Time and was called
      upon as Plaintiff, but the Defendant was not called upon, neither did he appear.
      That the then sitting Magistrate demanded the said Summons and took it from
      Plaintiff, and having written something thereon, put it into his Pocket, tho' it
      has cost the Plaintiff Six-pence; and finally told the said O'Donnel, That he
      must go to the County of Kerry, and there sue for his Debt, where it had been
      If this be the Law of the City of Dublin, more especially in their Court of
      Conscience, surely People ought to be told so much.
      Were it publickly known that, the poorer a Man is, and the more he wants
      the Relief of Justice, the more he shall be disabled and disqualified for
      obtaining it; it would save many wretched Creditors from being further
      destroyed, by fruitless Expectations, Attendance, Loss of Time and Cost of Suit.
      For want of the said Sum, fairly and hardly earned from the said wealthy
      Gentleman, and which, small as it is, would have made me and my Little-ones
      happy, I must now long labour under the Extremity of many Wants; unless You,
      Gentlemen, can inform me of some Court of Law, of Conscience, where the Poor may
      recover what is justly their Due; or unless you will be pleased, by some
      charitable Contribution, to make Amends for this uncharitable Defect in the
      Practice of Equity. J. O'Donnel.

      Or, in the whole Unfurnished,
      The House at little Cork near Bray, in the County of Dublin. It stands in a
      healthful and pleasant Situation, retired from the Great Road, within half a
      Mile or thereabouts of the Dargle. There is Land convenient, belonging to said
      House, any Part whereof shall be sett or Cattle grazed, at the pleasure of any
      Lodger, or other Tenant, and Goods or Marketing may be brought from Dublin, at a
      moderate Expence.
      Inquiry may be made of Mr. Robert Maddock, at Mr. Gibbon's Suffolk-street,
      or at his House at Porto-Bello, near Kevin's Port, on the Rathmines Road.
      N.B. The Interest of the Lease of said House and Land, (which contains
      about 25 Acres) is to be sold.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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