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!! Freeman Journal; Mar 31, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Saturday, March 31, 1764 IRELAND Cork, March 26. Yesterday, Michael Murphy, Patrick Broder, and John Broder of Mitcheltown,
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, March 31, 1764

      Cork, March 26. Yesterday, Michael Murphy, Patrick Broder, and John Broder
      of Mitcheltown, were committed to the County Jail by William Anderson, Esq; on
      an Information lodged before him, of their being concerned in enlisting Men and
      swearing them to subdue that Town and Country; and also for knocking down, and
      cruelly beating Edmond Barret of said Town, for refusing to swear and enlist
      with their Party. It also appears by the Examinations that thirty six of those
      Fellows were sworn and enlisted already, and that every Man who was sworn, had
      Liberty to enlist as many more as he could engage in the same treasonable
      For some Time past there have been several petty Robberies committed both
      in House-breaking and on the Road about Cloyne and Middleton, by three
      Highwaymen, the Principal of whom is one John Downing, a Native of Cloyne.
      Captain Kerby of General Brudenell's Regiment of Foot, was lately married
      to Miss Susanna Cox, Daughter of John Cox, Esq.
      The Bill for augmenting the Salaries of the Curates, &c., have passed the
      Hon. House of Commons.
      Last Monday night some Rogues broke into the House of Mr. Armstrong in
      Kevan's-port, which they robbed of several Things of Value.
      Last Wednesday, Two hundred and sixty-five Pounds of Tea, seized by Mr.
      Byers, and 24 lb. ditto, seized by Mr. Morgan, were lodged in his Majesty's
      This Day Neile M'Daniel will be executed near St. Stephen's-green, for the
      Murder of Christopher Tute. Jacob Cuffe for robbing a Man on the Low-ground, and
      Patrick Rule otherwise O'Brien, for stealing 14 Cows, who were to be executed on
      said Day, are reprieved on Condition of Transportation.
      On Friday last as Mr. Sleater, one of the Revenue Officers of Ringsend, was
      on his Return Home from Dublin, whither he had been that Morning in good Health,
      he was suddenly taken ill on the Low-ground; and notwithstanding all possible
      Assistance given him, he expired in a few Minutes.
      Sunday Morning early, some Fellows broke into the Bedchamber Window of Mr.
      Kelly, an eminent Grocer in New-Row and took thereout his Watch and Buckles.
      Same Day an excellent Charity Sermon was preached in the new Meeting House
      in Strand-street, by the Rev. Mr. Bruce, and a Collection of 83l. was made for
      the Support of the Charity School belonging to said Meeting House.
      Saturday Morning, three Bank Notes, amounting to 110l. were stolen out of
      the House of Humphry Minshin, Esq; at Busherstown.
      Same Day, Mr. Walsh, of Kiltipper in the County of Wicklow, returning from
      this City, had the Misfortune to be thrown from his Horse, within half a Mile of
      his own House, and killed on the Spot.
      Monday, at a Quarterly Assembly of the Governors of the Workhouse, Sir
      Edward Newenham, Knt. and George Paul Monck, Esq; were unanimously elected
      Governors of the said Workhouse, in the Room of the Right Hon. the Earl of
      Charleville and Fielding Shaw, Esq; deceased.
      MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Sidenham Snow of Snowhaven, in the County of
      Kilkenny, Esq; Councellor at Law, to Miss Bonham of Stephen's Green, a young
      Lady of Beauty and Merit, and a Fortune of 3000l.
      DEATHS.] At his House in Dominick-street, greatly regretted, Stephen
      Trotter, Esq; one of the Representatives in Parliament for the Borough of
      Newborough, alias Gorey; a Trustee of the Linen Manufacture and one of the
      Governors of the Workhouse.- Mr. William Ellison, an eminent Woollen-Draper in
      Francis-street, and one of the Representatives in the Common Council of this
      City, for the Guild of Merchants.- A few Days ago, in London, the eldest Son of
      the Hon. Mr. Walsingham.- At Paris, the Hon. General Barrington, Colonel of the
      Eighth Regiment of Foot, a Major General on the Staff of this Kingdom, and
      Brother to Lord Viscount Barrington; he was an excellent Officer, and
      distinguished himself as such at the Rebellion of Guadalupe, where he commanded
      in Chief.- In the Country, Mr. Richard Gardener, formerly of this City, Gilder.-
      In Christ-Church-lane, Mrs. Carke, Mistress of Joe's Coffe-House. - In
      Chequer-lane, Mrs. Smith, Retailer of Spirits, &c.- At Stephen's-green, Mr.
      George Coffer, Grocer.- In Chamber-street, Mr. Smith, Portrait-painter.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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