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Domestic Tips from Ireland Newspaper-1849

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    The Ballina Chronicle Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, December 5, 1849 DOMESTIC HINTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RICE JELLY- Soak a little more than half a
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      The Ballina Chronicle
      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, December 5, 1849

      RICE JELLY- Soak a little more than half a teacupful of rice in soft water,
      one night; put it in a jar, with one pint of new milk, half a pint of boiling
      water, three or four laurel leaves and a little salt. Bake in a slow oven until
      the milk becomes quite thick; wet the mould with cold-water and pour it in.

      FOR CLEANSING FURNITURE.- One ounce mottled soap, 1 oz. Bees' wax, half a
      pint of soft water; simmer twenty minutes; when nearly cold add one spoonful of
      spirits of turpentine, and the same of spirits of wine.

      TO REMOVE GREASE SPOTS FROM BOOKS- Scrape very fine some white chalk or
      whiting, and lay as much on the grease spot as will cover it (both on the top
      and under part of the leaf); get a moderately heated iron, and press it hard on
      the spot; the heat will dissolver the fat body and mix itself with the chalk;
      and by repeating it two or three times, the paper will assume its original

      HINTS FOR HUSBANDS- Custom entitled you to be considered the "lord and
      master" over your household. But don't assume the master and sink the lord.
      Remember that noble generosity, forbearance, amiability, and integrity are among
      the more lordly attributes of a man, and seek to govern your own household by
      the display of high and moral excellence. A domineering spirit-a fault-finding
      petulance-impatience of trifling delays-and the exhibition of unworthy passions
      at the slightest provocation can add no laurel to your own "lordly brow," impart
      no sweetness of home, and call forth no respect from those by whom you may be
      surrounded. It is on thing to be a master-another thing to be a man. The latter
      should be the husband's aspiration; for he who cannot govern himself, is ill
      qualified to rule another.

      Keeping the feet warm will prevent head-aches.

      Late at breakfast-hurried at dinner-cross at tea.

      Between husband and wife little attentions beget much love.

      Always lay your table neatly, whether you have company or not.

      Whatever you may choose to give away, always be sure to keep your temper.

      In cold weather, a leg of mutton, improves by being hung three, four or
      five weeks.

      When you dry salt for the table, do not place it in the salt-cells until it
      is cold, otherwise it will harden into a lump.

      Feather beds should be opened every third year; the ticking well dusted,
      soaped and waxed, the feathers dressed and returned.

      Persons of defective sight, when threading a needle, should hold it over
      something white, by which the sight will be assisted.

      In mending sheets and shirts, put the pieces sufficiently large, or in the
      first washing the thin parts give way, and the work is all undone.

      Reading by candle-light, place the candle behind you, that the rays may
      pass over your shoulder on the book. This will relieve the eyes.

      Be at much pains to keep your children's feet dry and warm. Don't bury
      their bodies in heavy flannels and wools, and leave their knees and legs naked.

      Apples and pears, cut into quarters, and stripped of the rind, baked with a
      little water and sugar, and eaten with boiled rice, are capital food for

      For ventilation open your windows both at top and bottom. The fresh air
      rushes in one way, while the foul makes its exit the other. This is letting in
      your friend and expelling your enemy.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
      Irish in Iowa
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