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!! Connaught Journal; Mar 8, 1824 "Galway Items"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, March 8, 1824 THE MINING COMPANY We believe there is no other portion of the Kingdom which would give a wider extent to
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      Galway, Monday, March 8, 1824

      We believe there is no other portion of the Kingdom which would give a
      wider extent to the above Patriotic Company, than the County of Galway. There is
      scarcely any part of it which does not possess some peculiar advantage in this
      particular, but more especially that long and neglected line of Country,
      Cunnemara. In that place has been lately discovered a rich and valuable Quarry
      of Marble of a light green colour, which is susceptible of the finest polish,
      and can be wrought to great perfection. We have seen a few chimney-pieces made
      from it, and we have no hesitation in stating it as our opinion, that it is
      equal to (perhaps exceeds) the produce of any other Quarry in this or the Sister
      Kingdom. Yet, we fear that it may lay by in rude and useless blocks, unless it
      shall fall within the inspection and patronage of this useful Company, whose
      attention we earnestly direct to this source of wealth and happiness to the poor
      people of a miserable and peaceable district. In Arran, too, there are, we hear,
      strong indications of a Mine of Iron; and, indeed, all along the Western Coast
      we have little doubt but much good might be effected in this particular.

      We regret extremely that the Board of First Fruits has not thought fit to
      grant either as a Loan or otherwise the sum applied for by a late Vestry Meeting
      of this place, for the repairs of St. Nicholas's Church-not even although the
      application had been warmly seconded by his Grace the Archbishop of Tuam. Thus,
      then must the Inhabitants of this place be assessed with the ENORMOUS SUM of TWO
      THOUSAND POUNDS, "Public money flying about in all directions and not one
      farthing alighting in Galway!!!"

      We are quite surprised that some attention has not been paid to the
      disgraceful and disgusting state of the new street opposite His Majesty's
      Custom-House. When the street was opened, and when the old houses were taken
      down, the public were emphatically told that the opening of this pass-way would
      convey into that part of the town a wholesome current of air which would conduce
      much to the health of the inhabitants. This was all fair and straight forward,
      to be sure- but which of the tow will the public prefer--having the old ruin
      standing, or suffering the present "new street" to being contagion into their
      families, and, perhaps, visit that part of the town with a representation of
      those melancholy scenes, the bare recollection of which makes one shudder. We
      have no doubt but the worthy Port Collector must have observed and remonstrated
      in the proper quarter about this filthy place; and yet Gentlemen will write that
      the town is "excellently paved."- Truly and indeed the Gentlemen from the Board
      who occasionally visit the Custom-House on his Majesty's duty, must have a
      curious idea of Galway taste after viewing this part of our "ancient town." But
      what can the good people do? Why, nothing at present.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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