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!! Freeman Journal; March 17, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Saturday, March 17, 1764 IRELAND Waterford, March 1?. A melancholy Affair happened last Friday in the County Goal between two
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, March 17, 1764

      Waterford, March 1?. A melancholy Affair happened last Friday in the County
      Goal between two Lunaticks; one of which, named Garrat, has been confined
      upwards of 12 Years; the other, Alexander M'Owen, formerly a Minor belonging to
      Kilmathomas, but some Time ago, at blasting a Mine he happened to be too near
      the Explosion, and has not been in his Senses ever since. He was put into the
      same Room with the above Garret on Tuesday last, and on Friday they happened to
      disagree, when Garrat overpowered him, and with a Stone beat him so severely in
      the Head that he now lies in languishing Condition.
      Last Week the Journeymen Weavers of Carrick assembled in a riotous and
      tumultuous Manner about the House of Mr. Francis Barron, in order to destroy
      some Journeymen of that Business, who had gone to that Town to work, in the Room
      of those Combinators against Masters having Apprentices to said Business, and
      made an Attempt to pull down the House of said Barron, which occasioned a Shot
      therefrom that wounded one of the Riotors but not mortally.
      Limerick, March 12. Last Saturday was married Bolton Penefether, Esq; of
      the County of Tipperary, to the agreeable Miss Jane Harrison, Daughter of Robert
      Harrison, Esq.
      Belfast, March 12. On Wednesday last died at Dromore, Mrs. Alice Durry, Wife
      of Mr. Thomas Durry, Merchant.

      In most Societies or Meetings, the Healths of the following gentlemen are
      drank as Friends to LIBERTY.
      Sir Anth. Abdy, Thos. Foley, Henry Pelton, Gen. Acourt, Brock Forrester,
      William Pitt, George Adams, Thomas Foster, John Pitt, Wm. Aslabe, Rose Fuller,
      John Plumtree, Lord Allen, Thos. Fuller, Edw. Popham, Tho Anton, Cecil Forester,
      Harcourt Powell, Andrew Archer, Lord Gage, Mackw. Praed, Sir G. Armytage, Sir
      John Gibbon, Robert Pratt, W. Ashburnham, Sir A. Gilmore, Geo. Preston, Pierce
      Ashe, Richard Glover, Rich. Price, Sir Wm Baker, F. G?do?phin, Chase Price, Sir
      J Barrington, James Grenville, W Beaue Proctor, Charles Barrow, Lord Grey, Henry
      Pye, Isaac Barre, Sir John Griffin, Wm. Plummer, Benj Bathurst, Tho. Grosvenor,
      John Parker, A Beauclerk, James Grant, Ld H Powlet, Wm Bickford, Lord Galway,
      Tho Prowse, Wm Bentanck, Jos. Guldon, Martin Rebow, Peregrine Bertie Sir Tho
      Hales, John Roberts, W Bootle, Capel Hanbury, Hon. J Robinson, Crab Bolton, Harb
      Harboard, Lord Royston, Edw Bouverie, Tho Harley, John Rushout, Sir Piercy
      Brett, John Hervey, Dennis Ro?le, Hen Bridgman, Hon. W Hervey, Matt Ridley, Sir
      Br. Bridges, Serj Hewitt, Sir J Rushout, John Buller, Rowland Holt, L.G.
      Sackville, James Buller, G Honeywood, Sir Geo. Saville, John Bullock, Gen
      Howard, Sir Cha. Saunders, William Burt, Lord Howe, Edwyn Sands, Peter Burrel,
      Col Howe, James Scawin, Bartho Burton, George Hunt, Fitz Scudamore, Richard
      Burton, Richard Huffey, Cha. Scudamore, John Butler, Tho Hutchins, Tho Sergison,
      Plummer Byde, Sir G Heathcot, Robert Shafro, Geo Brodenel, John Hewet, John
      Shelly, Miles Barnes, Geo Jennings, Sir Edw Simson, Col Ca?c?a?t, Col. Irwin,
      Edw. Southwel, Nic Colvert, Tho Knight, Tho Staunton, John Calver, Hon. A.
      Keppel, Richard Stevens, Pryse Campbel, Sir R Ladbrook, Hump Sturt, Dan
      Campbell, Gen Lambren, Tho Sullivan, Ld O Cavendish, Edm Laseeles, Hon W
      Stanhope, Ld F Cavendish, Dan Laseeles, John Tempest, Ld J Cavendish, Edw
      Laseeles, John Tomlinson, ? Cave, Wm Lawrence, Chas Townshend, Anth Champion,
      Peter Lo??, Cha Townshend, W R Che?w?n?, Sir Rob Long, Tho Townshend, N
      Cholmondely, Simon L????rel, Tho Townshend, T Cholmondely, Hon. Hen. Legge, Sir
      W T?lawny, Sir Ken Clayton, John Lucher, Sir Christ Treise [or Triefe], Wm
      Clayton, James Long, W Trevanninn, Charles Cox, Jos Mawby, John Tuekfield, Sir W
      Codrington, Jos, Mellish, Clem. Tu?way, Wenman Coke, Sir W Meredith, Foster
      Tu?ness, Sir G Colebrook, Sir G Methum, Thomas Tracy, Gen Conway, Hago Moynel,
      Frederick Vane, Geo Cook, Lord Middleton, Arth Vanfittant, Velters Cornwall,
      Rich Middleton, Lord Villers, Tho Coventry, Lord Middlesex, Sir F Vincent, Henry
      Curewn, Rich Mills, Hon G. Vernon, Rich Cavendish, Ld C Montague, Cha Waller,
      Hon W Craven, Edw Morant, Tho Walpole, John Damer, Sir J Morgan, Hon Walpole,
      Sir E Deering, Tho Morgan, Sir E Walpole, Geo Delawell, Tho Morgan, E
      Washingham, Geo Demler, Charles Morgan, Sir G Warren, John Dodd, Sir Rog Moston,
      Tho Watson, W Dowdeswell, James Murray, James West, Sir Fran Drake, Hon G
      Manson, Tho Whichcot, Les Dummar, Arnold Nesbit, John Whyte, Peter Dennis, Lord
      Newenham, Gen Whitmore, Edw Elliott, Thomas Noel, John Whisbut, Sir John Elwill,
      John Norris, And Wilkinson, Sam E?erton, Henry O?ley, John Willy, Sir Matt
      Featherston, Geo Onslow, Wm Wilson, Geo Onslow, H Win?eron, Saville Finch, John
      Offley, Wm Woodly, Brice Fisher, John Page, Sir Geo Yong, W Fitzherbert, Sir Tho
      Palmer, Cha York, G. Fitzwilliam, Tho Pelham, John York, W Fitzmaurice, Rich
      Penannt, Hon J York. Cha. Fitzroy.

      On the third Instant was seized by Delany Kingston and Hugh Moffit,
      Officers of Excise in Omagh and Fineanagh, with a Party of Light Horse, two
      unstatuteable Stills, 17 Gallons each.
      Last Week, the Shop of Mr. Henry Papyat in Caple-street, was robbed of
      several Pair of Shoes and Pumps. The same Night, a Grocer's Shop was robb'd of a
      Loaf of Sugar; and another Grocer's Shop, was attempted, in said Street.- This
      Caution is given, to put other Shopkeeper's on their Guard at Night.
      Last Friday sev'night Doctor Ellis was elected physician to the charter
      Saturday last an Adjournment of the Quarter Sessions was held at the
      Tholsel, when Marmaduke Wyville was tried and found Guilty of Felony and ordered
      for Transportation. And Monday the Sessions sat again, when William Salts, John
      Potts, and Philip Demsey, were tried and found Guilty of different Felonies and
      ordered for Transportation. Five other Prisoners were tried and acquitted. After
      which the Court adjourned to Wednesday the 14th of March Instant.
      Same Day Joseph Duffe, Walter Duffe, and Benjamin Baker, stood one Hour on
      the Pillory opposite to the Tholsel, pursuant to their Sentence; they are also
      to be imprisoned two Years and pillored again at the expiration of that Time.
      On Saturday, the 10th Instant, William Kirwan, a most dangerous and
      notorious Street Robber, and Anna Sexton, were conducted and lodged in Newgate,
      for robbing one Peter Malone, a poor industrious Sawyer.
      The Election for two Governors of the Work-house, comes on Monday the 26th
      Instant. The Governors who intend voting for George Paul Monk and Edward
      Newenham, Esqrs; are requested to attend there early, as the Election will be
      held at exactly twelve o'Clock. Dublin March 17, 1764.
      Married a few Days ago, Mr. Henry Odlum to Miss Pain, Daughter of Mr. Peter
      Pain of Ballyleakin, in the King's-County.
      DEATHS] Last Wednesday, Mr. Benjamin Litton. formerly an eminent
      Haberdasher in Bridge Street.- In Nicholas-street, the Wife of Mr. Caddle,
      formerly of Little Christ-Church-Yard, Toyman.- In Back-Lane, Mr. Charles
      Gallagher, an eminent Linen-Draper.- In Chequerlane, Mr. Abel Hayes,
      ale-draper.- In Drogheda-street, Mr. Thomas Ross, formerly an eminent
      Preukemaker.- In Liffy [or Lissy]- street, Master William Bate, son of Mr.
      Edward Bate, Printer, a Young Gentleman much regretted by his Acquantance.- In
      Mary's lane suddenly, Mr. Nathaniel Humphreys, an eminent Tallow-chandler.- In
      Great-Britain-street, Mr. Hugh Eccles.- Near Birr, in the Ninetieth Year of his
      Age the Reverend Mr. John Keogh.- at Quishion's-Town Mrs Bumford, Wife of
      William Bumford, in the County of Meath Esq; greatly regretted for her many
      amiable Qualities.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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