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!! Ballina Chronicle; Dec 5, 1849 "Miscellaneous"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, December 5, 1849 MISCELLANEOUS Mr. Johnston, revenue officer, is ordered from Sligo to Derry. Farms in the
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, December 5, 1849

      Mr. Johnston, revenue officer, is ordered from Sligo to Derry.
      Farms in the counties of Roscommon and Sligo, varying from 50 to 500 acres,
      are tenantless.
      Upwards of £1800 was invested in the Limerick Savings Bank last Monday by
      The Knight of Kerry, it is stated, will have the bulk of the property of
      Lt. Col. R. LaTouche.
      A small collection of unpublished letters by the poet Shelly are now in the
      Mr. Goldsmith, solicitor, has recently purchased the greatest number of
      shares in the Globe newspaper.
      At Belfast Municipal elections all the Conservative candidates were
      returned without opposition.
      The promotions for the Arctic Searching Expedition, of Sir James Ross and
      Captain Bird, will be announced on Monday, when the ships are paid off.
      George W. Dixon, Esq. late officer Royal Engineers, now of Dr. Fox's
      establishment, at Bristol, was declared a lunatic on Thursday last.
      John Singleton, Esq. of Quinville, a magistrate of Clare, has refused to
      sign the address of Lord Roden, also Sir John C. Carden.
      Mr. W. Murphy, jun., T.C.D., is lecturing upon the national music of
      Ireland at the Dublin Mechanic's Institute.
      Mr. Ellison, station manager of the Drogheda railway, was killed on
      Saturday night by crossing the line before the mail train.
      During the last summer 3,550 dogs were killed in the streets of New York,
      and 6,700 dollars paid at premiums to the killers.
      One gentleman, after the Rev. Dr. M'Neils's speech at Exeter Hall, on
      Friday, contributed £100 for the Irish Church missions.
      A manufacturer in the West of England announces himself one of the
      purchasers of the Martin property in Connemara.
      The house carpenters of Galway work ten hours daily, with the exception of
      Saturdays, eight hours. From the first of January next, they resume their former
      wages of £1 4s. per week.
      On Sunday last, the banks of the Grand Canal, at Cowerton, within three
      miles of Kilbeggan, were broken down by a party of men, who tied the watchman to
      a tree while they accomplished their object.
      In Greaves v. Greaves, the Master of the Rolls has ordered an injunction to
      prevent the Widow Greaves selling out £8,500 left by her deceased husband to his
      three children, the lady proposing to marry again.
      The Emigration commissioners have liberally undertaken to give a free cabin
      passage to clergymen and to the superior class of teachers, to improve the
      emigrants going to Australia.
      The ship "Mary Bannatyne, " belonging to James Bannatyne, Esq. of Limerick,
      arrived at Sydney, on the 20th of July, with emigrants from London, after a
      quick passage of three months and a half.
      Daniel Quilligan, from Kilrush, a destitute outcast, fell dead at Glin on
      Saturday last, after sleeping in the open air at Birchwood the night before.
      Verdict at the inquest, that he died of cold and want of necessaries.
      Another gold mine has been discovered at Australia, where a number of women
      from a workhouse, near London, landed in such a manner as to make the colonists
      disgusted. It is intended to proscribe such pauper emigration in the colony.
      Mr. Ponsonby Barker, of Kilcooly Abbey, has given a month's provisions to
      all the distressed tenants on his estates at Ballinamona, county Tipperary. He
      has also given crops and seeds to all his tenants, and clothes to his labourers.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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