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!! Freeman Journal; Mar 13, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Tuesday, March 13, 1764 IRELAND Cork, March 8. Last Week, died at his Lodgings, in Brown-street, the Rev. Mr. Ebenezer Gibbins,
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, March 13, 1764

      Cork, March 8. Last Week, died at his Lodgings, in Brown-street, the Rev.
      Mr. Ebenezer Gibbins, Minsister of the Baptist Congragation [sic] of this
      City.-- At Warranbrook near Bandon, Mrs. Fuller, wife of Mr. William Fuller of
      that place, a lady most deservedly lamented.-- At his House in George's-street,
      after a tedious illness, Mr. Charles Allen, an eminent Master Cooper.
      Belfast, March 9. On Monday last died, at Knock, after a short illness,
      the Rev. John Gaudy.
      We think it necessary to caution the Public against negotiating Guineas and
      the lesser Denomination of that Specie without first weighing them; as we are
      well assured, that villainous Practice of filing and sweating is again revived,
      There is at present a considerable Circulation given to Guineas, even of his
      late Majesty's Coinage, which on Examination will be found to be very fair and
      full at the Edge on one Side, and visibly reduced by a File on the Reverse.
      Tuesday the Commission of Oyer and Terminer ended, when Neal Mc'Daniel for
      the Murder of Christopher Tute, and Patrick Rule otherwise O'Brien, for stealing
      14 Cows, received Sentence to be executed on Saturday the 31st of March Instant.
      Benjamin Baker, Joseph Duffe and Walter Duffe for rioutously assembling and
      breaking the Windows of Mr. George Holmes, to be pillored at the Tholsel on
      Saturday the 10th of March, to be imprisoned for two Years, and pillored again
      at the Expiration of that Time. Robert Bridgens for assaulting and wounding
      Edward Flood, to be pillored at the Tholsel on Wednesday the 13th of March. John
      Joyce for keeping a Slate House and entertaining Journeymen Sawyers who combined
      against their Masters, to be pillored at the Tholsel on Saturday the 17th of
      March, and to be imprisoned a Year. Dorothy Sexton for keeping a House of
      ill-Fame, to be imprisoned for six Months, and to be pillored once in that Time.
      The next Commission will begin on Thursday the 26th Day of July next.
      Sunday, a charity Sermon was preached in the Parish Church of St. Paul, by
      the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Kildare, for the Support of the charity School
      of that Parish, after which a Collection was made amounting to 78l.
      MARRIAGES] A few Days ago, Mr. Leonard Hodson of Crampton-Court, to Miss
      Workman, of Cabragh-Lane--Mr. Matthew Hardford, an eminent Baker in Pill-Lane,
      to Miss Strong, of said Lane.-- At Maryborough, Mr. Richard Haftam [ or Hastam]
      to the Widow Fleetwood-- Mr. William James of Caple-street, to Miss Hanah Maria
      Cartwright of Castleknock.-- Mr. John Farrall, Merchant of Drogheda to Miss
      Ennis of Claristown.-- Mr. James Mills of the Custom-house to Miss Smyth of
      Lissy-street.-- Mr. William Power, Apothecary, to Miss Callanan.
      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, in Trinity-lane Mr. Michael Ford, formerly of
      Corke-hill, Printseller.-- At Corke, Mrs. Rebecca Clarke.-- At Bishop-hall in
      the Co. of Kilkenny, George Bishop Esq;-- At Bettyville in the Co. of Carlow,
      the Wife of Mr. Wm. Grahm, a wealthy Farmer.-- In Peter-street, the Lady of Col.
      Paul Mincein of Bough in the Co. of Carlow.-- In Clarendon-market, suddenly, Mr.
      James McClusky, Publican.-- At Cell-bridge in the Co. of Kildare, the Wife of
      Richard Cooke, Esq;- At Lurgan, aged 80, Capt. Peter Barbatt.-- In
      Dolphin's-Barn, Wm. Finlay, Tanner.-- In Cuckold's-row, Mr. Joseph Flood, an
      eminent Silk Throwster.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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