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!! Freeman Journal; Mar 10, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Saturday, March 10, 1764 IRELAND Waterford, March 1. On Saturday last arrived at Passage, the Betsey, of and from Bristol,
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, March 10, 1764

      Waterford, March 1. On Saturday last arrived at Passage, the Betsey, of and
      from Bristol, Robert M'Conn Master, laden with Wine, Brandy and other Goods, or
      Liverpool; the Master of which Vessel reports that on Tuesday the 22d Ult. about
      nine o'Clock at Night, said Vessel in her Passage run between two Rocks called
      Pishop and Clarke, off he Coast of Wales, and as the Crew expected by said
      Vessel's beating that she would instantly founder, got into the long Boat (the
      Vessel's Sails being set) took out the Compass and made ashore; the Master next
      Morning by the Assistance of a Spye-glass, saw three Vessels under Sail, the
      Middlemost of which he apprehended belonged to him, and immediately hired a
      Sloop and bore away for her, and about nine o'Clock at Night came up with and
      boarded her, and found it to be the same Vessel; the Wind coming about to the
      Eastward he bore away for this Port without a Compass.
      Cork, March 5. Thursday morning was married at the Ovens Church, Mr. George
      Manser, of this City, to the agreeable Miss Mary Dunigan, eldest Daughter of the
      late Mr. Edward Dunigan; a young Lady of many amiable Accomplishments, and a
      Fortune of 60 l.
      Friday Evening died in the 78th Year of her Age, Mrs. Rebecca Clarke,
      deservedly lamented by all her Acquaintance.
      Limerick, March 5. Last Week was married Corne Holmes, of Shannagh in the
      County of Cork Esq; to Miss Margaret Wilkinson, Daughter of Thomas Wilkinson, of
      Cahirelly, in the County of Limerick, Esq.
      Belfast, March 6. On Sunday last died Mr. John Thomson, Teacher of the
      Mathematicks in this Town. He possessed many valuable Qualities in private Life,
      and, in his Profession as a Teacher, he was uncommonly successful in qualifying
      Youth for Business of various Kinds, so that his Death may very justly be said,
      to be a Loss to the Publick.

      Monday, Mess. Sharp, Boarman and Walker sailed in the Thomas and Mary
      Packet for Holyhead.
      Tuesday Evening, as Mr. William Daniel, of Meath-Street, was stooping over
      a Copper of boiling Water, he unfortunately fell in, and tho' taken out
      instantly, and all possible Assistance given, he was scalded in so shocking a
      Manner ,that he expired in two Hours after.
      Tuesday, Mr. James Mills, of the Custom House, was married to Miss Smyth of
      Lissey street.
      Wednesday, one Cullen, a Taylor, was stabbed in the Breast by a Constable,
      in so dangerous a Manner that his Life is dispaired of; he was carried to the
      Inns quay Infirmary.
      Thursday, Forty four Casks of Tea, and 300 lb. of Tobacco lately seized by
      Frederick Cuningham, Esq; were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
      Thursday at the Commencement held in our University, the Decree of Doctor
      in divinity was confered on the Lord Bishop of Dromore, and the Rev. Dr.
      Dodgson, first Chaplain to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant; that of honorary
      Doctor of Laws on Hercules Langrish, Seven Masters of Arts commenced, and Forty
      four Batchelors of Arts.
      Saturday, William Roseingrave, Esq; was married to Miss Broughton, Daughter
      of Thomas Broughton, Esq; an eminent Merchant of this City.
      The Trulove of and from Whitehaven, Williamson, laden with Coals, ran upon
      a Ship's Anchor at Ashton's-Quay and sunk.
      MARRIAGES] A few Days ago,- Mr. Oliver Wilkinson, an eminent Brasier in
      Bride-street to Miss Mary Fisher of Cutpurse-row--At Limerick, the Revd. Mr.
      John Parker to Miss Steers, Daughter of the late Revd. Mr. Richard Steers.--
      Roger Callaghan, Esq; an eminent Attorney, to Miss Harris of
      College-green,--Edward Turner, of Mount Edward in the County of Wexford, Esq; to
      Miss Millward of Wexford.
      DEATHS] A few Days ago, Mrs. Margaret Crowd, aged 112.-- John Bourk, Esq;
      late of Serjeant's Inn, London.-- At Corke, Mr. Francis Pool, Cloathier.-- At
      Galway Mr. George Lynch, formerly an eminent Woollen-draper. At Terrenne near
      Dublin, the Seat of Joseph Deane Esq; the Revd. Mr. Maurice, Barclay, aged 8; a
      Clergyman benificed in England-- In Ash-street, Mr. John Millen, Grocer.-- At
      Clantarf, Mr. Charles Ball.

      WHEREAS by Deed, bearing Date the 24th Day of May, 1760, several Estates
      and Securities were vested in me, as Trustee for Payment of Debts, affecting the
      Bank lately kept by Richard and Thomas Dawson, Esqrs; and whereas all Persons
      who have applied on account of any of the said Demands, have had the same paid
      off with Interest, and a sufficient Fund is now provided for discharging all
      such as remains unpaid. I do hereby give Notice to all Persons, who may have any
      Claim unsatisfied against said Bank, previous to the Execution of the said Deed,
      to call at the said Richard and Thomas Dawson's House in Jervais-street, where
      their Demands will be immediately paid off; and as the Purposes for which the
      said Trust was created are now fulfilled, I do hereby give Notice, that I intend
      shortly to reconvey to the said Richard and Thomas Dawson, Esqrs; such of the
      said Estates and Securities as remain in my Hands undisposed of.
      LUCIUS O'BRIEN. March 9, 1764

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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