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!! Ballina Chronicle; Nov 28, 1849 "Miscellaneous"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, November 28, 1849 MISCELLANEOUS Meat is supplied at the Listowel Workhouse at 1 3/4d. per pound. The
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, November 28, 1849

      Meat is supplied at the Listowel Workhouse at 1 3/4d. per pound.
      The Macroom Guardians have agreed to reduce the Union valuation one-third
      before striking a rate.
      Mr. Thomas Dunscombe is elected Secretary to the School of Design at Cork.
      Bartholomew Carthy, a farm laborer, died drunk at the watch-house in
      Clonmel on Saturday.
      At Portsmouth municipal election, two Jews, Messrs. Levy and Emanuel, were
      returned by large majority.
      John Francis, who murdered Thomas Hall, the warder of Millbank
      Penitentiary, is a Jew.
      The stock of Irish butter in the London market last week was 700,900
      firkins, and same period of last year was only 60,000.
      Colonel Chatterton, M.P., patronized an amateur performance at Cork theatre
      on Monday night for the benefit of the Blackpool weavers.
      The two wealthiest heiresses in the county Limerick are shortly to be
      married to two sons of Mars who have lately retired from the army.
      The vote of a Roman Catholic clergyman for Colonel Chatterton at Cork,
      influenced many of the liberal electors to the same side.
      The Midland Great Western Railway require 10,000 tons of Quebec pine for
      sleepers to extend their line to Galway.
      A number of locomotive engines has just been ordered of Messrs. Robert
      Stephenson and Co. of this town, for a rail way in Peru.-- Newcastle Journal.
      Thomas Davidson, gamekeeper to Sir Jas. Graham at Bewcastle, was murdered
      by three poachers last week.
      The dead body of Henry Frier, a native of Cork, was found in Mr. Barton's
      demesne, near Fethard, on Friday, and a reliving officer's ticket in his pocket.
      Mr. Dargan, the enterprising railway contractor, has taken the contract for
      the erection of the railway bridge over the Boyne. The span, one arch, is to be
      200 feet wide and 20 feet above the high water mark.
      Mr. Thomas Deasy, of Clonakilty, while superintending the workmen in his
      brewery in that town, on Friday, accidentally fell into a deep vat, and when
      extricated from it, life was extinct.
      The Cork harbour Commissioners have applied to the Dublin Ballast Board to
      erect a light house on the Galley Head, the Bull Rock and Foze Rock.
      Within the last few days a tenant of Stephen Charles Moore, Esq., residing
      on his property at Grenane, county Waterford, and owing to £400 rent, removed
      away from his farm all the corn, cattle, horses, &c. No clue has been had as to
      where they are.
      Mr. Michael Murphy, of Cork, brother of Master Murphy, is appointed
      official assignee in the new Bankrupt Court.
      General Lord Lorton has a charge of £40,000 upon landed property in Galway.
      The Court of Chancery has dispensed with the order for recognizance by
      tenants taking land or tenements under its jurisdiction.
      The Poor Law Commissioners have appointed the Rev. Thomas Kenny, P.P.,
      Chaplain to the Nenagh workhouse at the same salary, £100, as his predecessor.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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