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!! Connaught Journal; May 13, 1824 "Provincial Intelligence"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, May 13, 1824 PROVINCIAL INTELLIGENCE CASTLEBAR, MAY 10. The following flagitious outrage was perpetrated on the night
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      Galway, Thursday, May 13, 1824


      CASTLEBAR, MAY 10.
      The following flagitious outrage was perpetrated on the night of Wednesday
      last, in the town of Ballina.- A young lady (as our correspondent informs us) of
      much personal attractions, respectable connections and good fortune, was with a
      female friend on a visit to a family in that town. When on the night previous to
      her intended departure from thence, at the hour of eleven o'clock and after she
      had been undressed, three men forcibly entered her bed room, laid hold of her,
      and dragged her out of the house, where a large party were waiting, who,
      regardless alike of tears, prayers or entreaties, hurried her, undressed as she
      was, to a considerable distance where the author of this infamous transaction
      was waiting to receive her. Next morning, Captain Goodwin and the Chief
      Constable of that district, Mr. Weldin, on hearing the circumstance, proceeded
      to the place of her confinement, which was a wretched hovel, and succeeded in
      releasing her. Here the matter rests for the present, but what aggravates the
      circumstance is that the person guilty of this deep crime is son to the
      gentleman in whose house the young lady was on a visit and though the family, we
      are informed, were all up, not one of them came to the assistance of her whom
      they were by ever tie of hospitality and good feeling, bound to protect.

      On Easter Monday, as a man of the name of Chambers from Easkey, in the
      county of Sligo, was returning from the market of that town, was joined by three
      men near Castleconnor, who kept him in conversation till they came to an
      unfrequented spot near the gate of Col. Wingfield's lodge, when one of them
      knocked the unfortunate Chambers down with a loy shaft, and, as we are informed,
      the others danced on him- they then left him as they supposed dead. The poor
      man, however, lived for two days, at the end of which time he died, in
      excruciating torture. Two of the party are lodged in Sligo Gaol, but the third
      who is the principal, has not yet been apprehended.

      Wednesday the Rev. John M'Namara, P.P., accompanied by some Gentleman, his
      friends, attended at the Police Office in order to lodge informations for an
      assault of a violent nature committed on him, by Mr. J.P. O'Brien. The
      informations were sworn to and a warrant for the arrest of Mr. O'Brien was
      granted. But as it may be prejudging a case which will, in all likelihood come
      before a Jury, we forbear from stating the particulars of this transaction.--
      Cork Chron.

      KILKENNY- As half of this County had been under the Insurrection Act for
      two years, and as the other half is now proclaimed, it is of importance to know
      that some work is already cut out for the Special Sessions to be held on Tuesday
      next. Last Saturday night, a houseless idiot was found asleep in a coppice near
      Knocktopher and having no home he is accused of being abroad after sunset, and
      being found asleep, he is is to be tried for being idle and disorderly. If
      Government means to make New South Wales a Lunatic Asylum, this idiot is
      certainly a fit subject for transportation, and his case clearly proves how
      necessary it was to proclaim the county Kilkenny. Serjeant Gould is appointed to
      preside in future in the Special Sessions for this County, in the stead of Mr.
      J.S. Townsend, King's Counsel.--Leinster Journal.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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