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!! Irish Catholic Chronicle; Oct 12, 1867

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Irish Catholic Chronicle And People s News of the Week Dublin, Ireland Saturday, 12th October 1867 TENANT DEGRADATION A paper from the sunny South publishes an
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      Irish Catholic Chronicle And People's News of the Week
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, 12th October 1867

      A paper from the sunny South publishes an account of a dinner given by Mr.
      Herbert , of Muckross, to 300 of his tenantry. The cause of this entertainment,
      it appears, was to commemorate an auspicious domestic event, the birth of an
      heir to the Muckross estate. Fraternization of this kind between landlords and
      tenants are no doubt very agreeable things, and also politic in these auspicious
      times, when rumours are afloat about Fenian privateers, and strange opinions are
      in circulation about the rights of those great landed proprietors who hold by
      confiscation their Irish estates. The entertained are described as
      "respectable," and this adjective is no doubt used to qualify the fact that the
      guests dined not in the mansion but in Captain Herbert's stables! The report of
      the stable banquet does not inform us whether the stock, well-fed and
      well-housed steeds were turned out to make room for those who submitted to the
      degradation of dining in horse stalls. We hope never again to hear of a landlord
      entertaining his tenants in such places as stables-if they are not worthy of a
      welcome to the dining-hall of the mansion, they should scorn to accept any
      servile or inferior position.--Dundalk Express.

      DEATH OF DEAN OF CLOYNE- We regret to announce the death of the venerable
      Dean of Cloyne, the Very Rev. Dr. Russell, P.P., V.G. He expired on Monday at
      his residence in Cloyne. His death was very sudden. He assisted at a station in
      the morning and returned to his residence about one o'clock. He was taken ill
      almost immediately after reaching home, and sank rapidly until two o'clock when
      he died. Dr. Russell had attained the ripe age of seventy-four years, and had
      given fifty years of active and useful service in the ministry.--Cork Examiner.

      THE REDEMPTORIST FATHERS AT MULLINGAR- In that town and cathedral was
      inaugurated by the Redemptorist Fathers on the 29th of September, the Feast of
      St. Michael, one of those missions for which they are so celebrated. The mission
      was opened with solemn high mass at which were present in the habit of their
      order, besides the Most Rev. Dr. Nulty, bishop of the diocese, two other
      distinguished prelates. One of those was the Most Rev. Dr. Donnolly, the amiable
      and patriotic Bishop of Clogher. The other stranger prelate imparted to he
      inauguration of the mission a solemnity yet more touching. Though clothed in a
      foreign habit this distinguished bishop was Irish, with an Irish name. It was
      the Most Rev. Dr. Fennelly, who, having assisted at the canonization in the
      Eternal City, and celebrated along with the bishops of the whole world, the
      eighteenth centenary of St. Peter, came to revisit his beloved Ireland on his
      way to the mission of Madras.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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