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!! Freeman's Journal; Mar 3, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Saturday, March 3, 1764 IRELAND Cork, February 27. Jonas Lander, Gent., is appointed Under Sheriff of the County of Cork, for
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, March 3, 1764

      Cork, February 27. Jonas Lander, Gent., is appointed Under Sheriff of the
      County of Cork, for the present Year.
      Last Tuesday was married the Rev. Mr. Russel Carew, to Miss Wood, Daughter
      of Mr. Thomas Wood of this City, Tanner; a most amiable young Lady, with a
      Fortune of 150 l.
      Friday Night Mr. John Morrison, many Years Mate of the Kitty, Capt. Cowen;
      on the Bristol Trade, slipped, stepping on Board said Vessel at Labit's-Quay and
      was unfortunately drowned; he was a Man of a very fair Character.
      Same Day a Porter dropped down dead, after eating a hearty dinner.
      Saturday died at her House near the Old Draw-Bridge, Mrs. Lippits, a Widow
      Messrs. Robert Glibborn and Son, return their sincere Thanks to Colonel
      Cobb, and _____ Talbott, Esq; for their kind Assistance, in protecting and
      saving the Sloop and Cargo of the Willing Mind, Henry Haylor, Master, lately
      stranded on the Island of Dunabare.
      We hear that a Gentleman in the North has cured a Horse, who had the
      Glanders to a great Degree, by injecting the Juice of Hemlock up his Nostrils,
      according to Dr. Stork's Directions. This is a very cheap Medicine, and almost
      every Apothecary knows how to make it up.
      One hundred Pounds of Tea, Seized by Mr. Dunn, were lodg'd in the Stores.
      William Falkner of Tullamoore, in the King's County, Gent., hath been
      appointed a Master Extraordinary for taking Affidavits in the High Court of
      Cornelius O'Brien of Ballinderry in the County of Tipperary, Gent., hath
      been appointed a Master Extraordinary of his Majesty's High Court of Chancery,
      for said County.
      The Hibernia, Try, from Cork, to Bourdeax, is lost on the Coast of France.
      The Peggy, Evans, from Cork to Bourdeax, is lost on the Coast of France,
      not far from Bourdeax. Part of the Cargo is expected to be saved.
      Saturday last the Stable belonging to Mr. John Duff, in Trim, was consumed
      by Fire, together with five Horses, the Property of Laurence Lynch, James
      McCabe, and Bryan Dunn, Poor Carriers, by which Accident they are rendered
      incapable of supporting themselves and Families. Benefactions for the above
      unhappy Sufferers will be received by Mr. Walter Evans in Trim or Mr. Reily at
      Crossdowny in the County of Cavan.
      Last Monday was seized by Mess. Mangan and Harrison, upwards of 40 lb.
      weight of Bohea and Green Teas, which were lodged in his Majesty's Stores.
      MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. Ring, of London, Silversmith, to Miss Fanny
      Briscoe of Christ-Church Yard.-- Mr. Thomas Dermot, Mercer, in Francis-Street,
      to Miss Polly Keenan, Daughter of Mr. Christopher Keenan, Tanner and
      Leatherseller in Patrick-Street.-- Mr. Patrick Flyn, of Harrold's-Cross, Miller,
      to Miss Peggy Butler, of Harlockstown, in the County of Meath.-- At Enniscorthy,
      Mr. Matthew Casey, of the City of Dublin to the agreeable Miss Mancy, of said
      Place.-- At Corke Mr. Robert Clarke, Revenue Officer, to Miss Druf?.- William
      Cuff, Esq; to Miss Margaret Richardson.-- At Annaginey in the County of Tyrone,
      Mr. Mitchell, Merchant of Newry, to Miss Judith Mitchell.-- Mr. Joseph Plunket
      of Pudding-Row, Trunkmaker, to Miss Mary-Anne Sweetman.
      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Bourdeaux, Robert Dillon, Esq; formerly an
      eminent Merchant in London and Brother to Thomas Dillon, late an eminent Banker
      in this City.-- Last Week, at Galway, the Wife of Mr. Arthur Matthews, Hatter.--
      In Ormond-Market, Mr. Knight Butcher.-- In Patrick-Street, Mr. Patrick Kavanagh
      Butcher.-- Chidly Coote, of Mount-Coote in the County of Limerick, Esq.-- In
      Grafton-street, the Wife of The Revd., Mr Sandys.-- In Back-lane, Mr Ponty,
      Brazier.-- At Lisburne in the Co. of Waterford, Mr. John Bible, late of
      Trinity-College, Dublin.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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