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!! Freeman Journal; Mar 6, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Tuesday, March 6, 1764 IRELAND Cork, March 1. This Day was married at Dawstown, near Blarney, Mr. Pope Gray, of this City
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, March 6, 1764

      Cork, March 1. This Day was married at Dawstown, near Blarney, Mr. Pope
      Gray, of this City Merchant to Miss Davis, Daughter of Rowland Davis, Esq.
      Tuesday night, one John Lane, a Porter, killed himself by excessive
      drinking of Spirits.
      Yesterday died, in Watergate-lane, Mr. Francis Pool, Clothier; a Man of a
      very fair character.
      Last night a Scotch Sailor, belonging to a Vessel in the Harbour, fell
      overboard near the Custom-house-dock and was unfortunately drowned.
      Limerick, March. ?. This Morning, the Rev. Mr. John Parker was married to
      Miss Steers, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Richard Steers, deceased; an agreeable
      young lady with 1200l. fortune.
      Belfast, March 2. On Friday last the ship, City of Derry ( a new ship on
      her first voyage) belonging to and bound for Londonderry, lately arrived at
      Larne from New York, laded with Flax-seed, in turning out of the harbour of
      Larne missed her stays, and ran ashore of the cargo loft, the Sea having ran so
      high for two days afterwards that no lighter could lie along side of her, nor
      any assistance could be given from shore towards saving the cargo. Captain
      M'Cleverty, of his Majesty's ship the Hind, stationed at Larne, immediately sent
      a party of marines to guard such part of the cargo and wreck as might be drive
      to shore.
      Last week the following Persons were tryed and found Guilty at the Commission of
      Oyer and Terminer, viz. Neal Mc'Daniel for the Murder of Christopher Tute; and
      Patrick Rule otherwise O'Brien, for stealing 6 Cows the Property of John Dillon,
      Esq; of Lismullen in the County of Meath, and 8 Cows the Property of Thomas
      Pepper Esq; of Balligart in said County.
      Wednesday, an Adjournment of the Quarter Sessions was held at the Tholsel,
      when Peter Duff, and John Fay were tried and found Guilty of Felony, and the
      former was burnt in the Hand and the latter ordered to be whiped, after which
      the Court adjourned to Monday the 5th of March.
      Saturday, at the Commission of Oyer and Terminer, a Trial came on where in
      John Baker Tooth-drawer and Dealer in Toys was Plaintiff, Edward Tennant and
      Mark Thomas Revenue Officers were Defendants; the Complaint against the Latter
      was for a Trespass in the Way of their Duty in pursuit of smuggled Goods, when
      after a solemn Hearing the Defendants were acquitted.
      On Sunday last died greatly regretted by all that knew him, for his many
      excellent Qualities, the Rev. Mr. Heatly, Curate of St. John's: He was a tender
      Father, and a loving and affectionate Friend; to relieve the Distressed he was
      assiduous and to the Poor and Helpless he was a constant Benefactor.
      MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. Joseph Plunket to Miss Mary Sweetman.-- Mr.
      Jacob Fell, jun. of Birr, to Miss Shaw, near said Place.-- At Ringsend, Mr.
      Henry Hoply, a Revenue Officer, to Miss Brown of said Place.
      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Robinstown in the County of Longford, in the
      77th Year of his Age, Robert McCally of Robinstown aforesaid, Esq.-- In
      Digges-street, the Relict of the Rev. Archdeacon Neil, formerly of Baltinglas in
      the County of Wicklow-- In Sackville-street, universally regretted, Frederick
      Gore, Esq.-- In New-street, Mr. Joseph Katherns-- In Myler's-Ally, the Widow
      Blakny.-- At Galway, greatly lamented, the Wife of George Staunton, Gent.--In
      Fishamble-street, the Relict of James Brown of Kilticolla in the County of Mayo,
      Esq.-- In Temple-Lane, Mr. Fleetwood Powel, an eminent Merchant, and a Man of a
      fair Character.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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