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!! Freeman Journal; Feb 28, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Tuesday, Feb. 28, 1764 IRELAND Belfast, Feb. 24. William Oliver, of Cookstown in the County of Tyrone, Esq; is appointed a
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, Feb. 28, 1764

      Belfast, Feb. 24. William Oliver, of Cookstown in the County of Tyrone,
      Esq; is appointed a Commissioner for taking Affidavits in the Courts of King's
      Bench and Exchequer in Ireland.
      Cork, Feb. 23. Friday last died at Moig, near Charleville, the Rev. Mr.
      John Wrixon, one of the Vicar's Choral of the Cathedral Church of St.
      Finbarry's, very much regretted by all his Acquaintance.--At his Seat at
      Bridgemount, near Macromp, Horatio Townshend, Esq; one of his Majesty's Justices
      of the Peace; a Gentleman whose public spirited Conduct renders his Death a real
      His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has been pleased to appoint George
      Ledwith, of Ledwithstown, Esq; to be High Sheriff of the County of Longford, for
      the ensuing Year.
      His Majesty has been pleased to make the following Promotions in the Army
      on this Establishment, and the Commissions are come over accordingly, viz.
      Rank. Officers Names. In whose Room. Regiment.
      Henry Gore, Esq; to be Captain of the Company of Battle-Axe-Guards, and to take
      Rank as Colonel of Foot.
      Lieut. Col. | Thomas Crow | Gore, pre. | Douglas's
      Major | James Blaquiere | Crow, | Ditto.
      Captain | James Steward | Blaquiere | Ditto.
      Captain | Will Cavendish | Bland, ref. | Strode's
      Adjutant | James Murison | Clarke, ref. | Owen's.
      The Rev. Hugh Hamilton, D D Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, is
      instituted by the Lord Bishop of Raphoe to the Rectory and Vicarage of
      Killmacrean otherwise Killmacrrennan, in his Lordship's Diocese, vacant by the
      Death of the late Incumbent.
      A few Days ago John Ward, of Ward's-Hill, Esq; was married to Miss Jane
      Vesey, of Abbey-street.
      A few Days ago, as a poor Man of about 70 Years of Age was passing along
      New-street, he was set upon by a Cow, who took him upon her Horns and tossed him
      a considerable Distance off, by which he was greatly Hurt. - 'Tis remarkable
      that the same Man, a few Years ago, was attacked on Ormond-Bridge by an
      overdrove Bullock, who taking him upon his Horns tossed him into the Liffy,
      where he would have been drowned but for some People who went to his Assistance.
      A few Days ago, Miss Mary Dally renounced the Errors of the Church of Rome,
      in the Church of Trim.
      The poor Prisoners in the City and Four-Court Marshalseas acknowledge the
      Receipt of Two Guineas from a Widow Lady, who desires to be concealed, by the
      Hands of Mr. Williamson, Bookseller in Bride-street, which was laid out in Bread
      and Coals, agreeable to the humane Donor.
      Married, a few Days ago, Mr. William Harvey of Philadelphia, Merchant, to
      Miss Sally Brenan, of Cole-Alley, Meath-street, both of the People called
      Friday an Adjournment of the Quarter Sessions was held at the Tholsel, when
      Jacob Cuffe was tried and found Guilty of robbing a man on the low Ground
      leading to Ring's-End, and received Sentence to be executed the 31st Day of
      March next. After which the Court adjourned to Wednesday next the 29 Instant.
      Friday Night, a Villain watching his Opportunity, went into the Shop of
      Mrs. Jennings, Tobacconist, on the Upper Blind-Quay, and carried off a Roll of
      Tobacco, and tho' strict Pursuit was immediately made after him, he got clear
      Friday Night a Fire broke out in Stonebatter, in the back part of the House
      of one Mc.Daniel, a great dealer in Eggs; but by the timely assistance of the
      neighbours it was prevented from spreading, otherwise it might be attended with
      fatal consequences as his House and the adjoining ones were Thatched-Houses.
      Sunday, a most excellent Charity Sermon was preached in the Parish Church of
      St. Andrew by the Revd. Dr. John Obins, late Senior Fellow of Trinity College,
      and a Collection made for the support of 56 poor Children educated in said
      Parish, amounting to 165l. 13s. 6d. halfp.
      A few Days ago dyed in Bolton-street, the Relict of the late Mr .William
      Rainsford of Drogheda.

      PORT - NEWS.

      ARRIVED, Evening Tide 24, and Morning Tide 25th Feb. 1764
      William and Anne of Leith, Scott, thence, Acquafortis.
      William of Liverpool, Shaw, thence, Salt.
      King George of Bristol, M'Culm, thence, Merchants Goods.
      Nancy of Liverpool, Johnson, thence, Salt.
      Vigilance of Liverpool, Arra?man, thence, Earthenware.
      Margaret of Dublin, Watson, Liverpool, thence, Salt.
      Venus of Liverpool, Planting, thence, Salt.
      James of Liverpool, Smyth, thence, Tobacco.
      John and Richard of Liverpool, Baker, thence, Flax.
      John and Betty of Liverpool, Long, thence, Flax.
      Tryal of Liverpool, Dawson, thence, Sugar.
      Forty-three Colliers, Coals, and 11 Coasters, Barley.
      No Ship sailed. Wind N E.
      ARRIVED, Evening Tide 25 and Morning Tide 26.
      Hazard of Lancaster, Greenwood, thence, Sugar.
      Molly of Lancaster, Russell, thence, Rum and dry Goods, bound to the West
      One Collier, Coals, 1 Coaster, Wheat; and 1 Barley.
      No Ship sailed. Wind E.N.E.
      ARRIVED Evening Tide 26 and Morning Tide 27,
      Belborough Packet, from Holyhead, the Mail.
      Drummond of Glasgow, Crawford, thence, Tobacco.
      Sutton of Dublin, Jordan, Liverpool, Merchants Goods.
      King of Prussia of Wexford, Dixon, Liverpool, Rum &c.
      Nancy of Belfast, Moore, London, Merchants Goods.
      Two Colliers, Coals, 1 Coaster, Barley.
      No Ship sailed. Wind N.E.
      OWEN GALLAGHER, who lately kept the Custom House Coffee House in
      Essex-street, has, by the Advice of his Friends fitted up said House in a most
      elegant Manner, for a Tavern and Coop house; he takes this Opportunity to return
      his sincere Thanks to the Public for their kind Encouragement, and hopes to
      merit a Continuance of their Favour, by his Care and Affiduity for the future,
      and having every Thing the best in their Kinds.
      N.B. At said House may be had every Day till one o'clock, Tea, Coffee, and
      Chocolate. To be opened on Thursday next.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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