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!! Freeman Journal; Feb 18, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Saturday, Feb. 18, 1764 IRELAND Belfast, Feb. 14- Last Saturday Morning in a hard Gale of Wind, the Sloop Fortune of Killogh,
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, Feb. 18, 1764

      Belfast, Feb. 14- Last Saturday Morning in a hard Gale of Wind, the Sloop
      Fortune of Killogh, James Perry, Master, bound from Killogh for Liverpool, with
      Barley, was by Stress of Weather drove into this Bay, and went on Shore at
      Kilroot; and as the Weather has been since tempestuous, its feared the Vessel
      and Cargo will be lost.
      Cork, Feb. 13. Last Saturday a Porter was whipped round the Quays for
      stealing some Lard out of a Merchant's Cellar.
      MARRIAGES.] Last Week, Mr _____ Willis, Commander of the Echo, to the
      agreeable Mss Clark, Daughter of Mr. Samuel Clark of Hammond's Marsh.--In
      Harper's-lane, Mr. _____ Williamton, Commander of the Duke of York, to Miss
      DEATHS. Last Wednesday died at Killuragh, in the County of Limerick, Mrs.
      Frances Hayes, Wife of Wm. Hayes, Esq.--Mr. Wm. Budd, many Years Parish Clerk of
      Christ Church.
      On Monday last the spirited Term Grand-Jury, with their worthy Foreman,
      Edward Newenham, Esq; presented a noted Bridle-Road near Finglass-Bridge, as a
      Nuisance on account of its being usurped and enclosed into the Domains of
      private Persons, tho' known to be a public Road for the Recreation of the
      Citizens of Dublin Time out of Mind. May such spirited Conduct be followed by
      future Grand-Juries; and then the Properties and Liberty of the Subject may be
      secure.-- Dulce est Decorum Pro Patria Pugnari.
      Last Wednesday Mr. Robert Barker, of Kells, in the County of Meath, was
      married to Miss Aston of Frederick-street, an agreeable young Lady, with a
      handsome Fortune.
      Wednesday died, in Princess-street of a tedious Illness, in the 78th Year
      of her Age, Mrs. Epwell, Relict of the last Rev. Samuel Epwell. She was a
      Gentlewoman of the most exemplary Piety, a tender Mother, and an affectionate
      Friend, which makes her Death sincerely lamented by all her Friends and
      Wednesday died, much lamented, Mr. Gaynor, an eminent Poulterer, in
      Castle-Market; a Man of an unblemished Character.
      Mr. Jonquite, Messenger to the incorporated Society and Clerk to the French
      Society, died in George's-lane.
      A few Days ago died in Church-street, Master John Bolton, Son of Mr.
      Richard Bolton.
      Monday last in Francis-street died of the small Pox, in the fourteenth Year
      of her Age, Miss Sarah Hannan, only Daughter of Mr. Cornelius Hannan, of
      Osberstown, in the County of Kildare; a young Lady whose many amiable Qualities
      and most engaging Behaviour makes her deeply and justly lamented.
      Friday, Thomas Cooper, of Grainge, in the Queen's County, is appointed a
      Justice of the Peace for the said County.
      The obvious Conveniencey to the Buyer in having a Magazine to resort to in
      the Sadler's Trade, where he is sure of finding any Particular he has Occasion
      for, at a certain Price, and warranted the best in each Kind, returnable if not
      approved of, so that the most Injudicious cannot be imposed upon: removes the
      Necessity of making any Comments to recommend an Undertaking of so fair a Nature
      to the Public. The great Encouragement the Proprietor has met with, has induced
      him to extend his Scheme to the Cap and Whip-making Branches; He has accordingly
      engaged the Foreman of the late eminent Mr. Simpson, Cap-maker; and has brought
      over from York, at a very great Expence, a most ingenious Whip maker. Gentlemen
      may depend upon being supplied with every Particular in the Sadler's Business,
      executed in the most masterly Manner, together with the above additional
      Articles, according to the printed Prices, by Their most respectful humble
      Servant, DANIEL LENHAN.
      Essex-Bridge, January 31, 1764.
      N.B. Said LENHAN, has now on Hands a great Assortment of Livery Furniture, and
      Field-Cloths embroidered in the most elegant Manner.- The High-Sheriffs and
      Gentlemen of the different Counties, will find it much to their Advantage by
      honouring him with their Commands.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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