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!! Ballina Chronicle; Nov 14, 1849 "Ballina Union Guardians Meeting" #3

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, November 14, 1849 STRIKING A RATE. It was proposed that a uniform rate of 3s.6d. in the pound be struck on
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, November 14, 1849

      It was proposed that a uniform rate of 3s.6d. in the pound be struck on the
      entire union.
      Mr. Paget objected to a uniform rate, and proposed that the rate be struck
      according to the wants of each electoral division.
      Captain Knox- For myself I would willingly undertake to support every
      pauper on my property, but that if I even did so I would be rated afterwards. I
      feel pleasure in seconding the proposition of Mr. Paget.
      Captain Hamilton thought that unless the 8s.6d. rate were struck the union
      would be ruined. Already had the commissioners advanced £68,000 for this union,
      and he felt satisfied that if extraordinary exertions were made by the guardians
      the commissioners would know how to appreciate those exertions.
      The Chairman then put the question; and the motion that a uniform rate of
      3s.6d. in the pound be struck on the entire union was carried without a
      dissenting vote.
      It was afterwards agreed that the rate collectors receive directions to
      take the rate from the country people by instalments, as it appeared they were
      anxious to pay it in that way.
      The following resolution, proposed by Capt. Atkinson and seconded by Mr.
      Bredin, was unanimously passed: "That we are of opinion and most earnestly
      recommend to the board that this institution be made, as far as possible, a
      self-supporting establishment. We therefore advise the recommencement of the
      different works before carried on in the house, for the purpose of clothing, &c.
      and we also recommend that a sufficient quantity of ground be taken, that the
      children may be employed in the cultivation of vegetables, and in raising crops
      of all kinds for consumption in the house; and, lastly, we recommend the
      appointment of an agricultural committee to preside over the outdoor work and
      carry this design into operation."
      The Chairman read a letter from the Rev. Arthur Moore, Protestant chaplain
      to the workhouse, stating that two younger boys, who had been registered on the
      workhouse books as Catholics ought to have been considered as Protestants,
      having been for several years under the ministry of the Dean of Killala, and
      having always exhibited a desire to continue Protestants up to the time of their
      entering the workhouse.
      Mr. Moore, who was in attendance, requested that the boys should be sent
      for and questioned as to the cause of their wishing to change their religion and
      have themselves registered as Catholics.
      The boys were then brought before the board, when the eldest, in reply to
      the chairman, said he was fourteen years of age, and had been three months in
      the workhouse, and that he had been a Protestant up to the time of his admission
      into the workhouse.
      Mr. Paget-And what induced you to have your name registered as a Catholic
      when you say you were always a Protestant?
      Boy- I don't know, sir, only that I'd rather be a Catholic.
      A very intelligent girl, about 20 years of age, and sister to the boys,
      said that they had always been Protestants; that their father had been a
      Protestant, and that she did not know what could have induced her brothers to
      leave the Protestant Church.
      Mr. Paget said he suspected that some influence had been at work in the
      It appearing, however, that the boys were old enough to decide for
      themselves, and that some unknown influence had been exerted, they were allowed
      to remain registered as Romanists, and the matter dropped.
      After having disposed of the other business of the day, the board adjourned.

      Total number in the house and auxiliaries
      on 3d November............................2558
      Ditto receiving outdoor during week
      ending 3d November..................... 2146
      Lodged during the week................... £186 1 2
      Paid by Treasurer............................. 166 2 5
      On hands......................................... 19 4 5

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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