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!! Ballina Chronicle; Nov 14, 1849 "Ballina Union Guardians Meeting" #2

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, November 14, 1849 REPORT OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE Captain Hamilton then read the following report of the
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, November 14, 1849

      Captain Hamilton then read the following report of the committee appointed
      at last board day to inquire into and report upon the financial state of the
      "Minutes of the proceedings of the Finance Committee held at the Board-room
      on Tuesday, the 6th November, 1849.
      Present-John Symes, Thomas Paget, Simon Bredin, and H.R. Crofton, Esqrs.
      Colonel Gore chaiman of the board, and Captain Hamilton, P.L.I., were likewise
      It appears by the document appended (No. 1) that on the 29th day of
      September, 1849, the sums due to the undermentioned parties were as follows:-
      Contractors and others...£18,067 5 5
      Workhouse Officers....... 405 12 7
      Relieving Officers........... 599 18 5
      Fever Hospital............... 245 17 61/2
      Cholera Hospital........... 457 17 21/2
      Overseers..................... 99 6 0
      Rate Collectors............. 594 8 7
      Total................... £20,467 5 9
      It further appears that there are at present outstanding cheques to the
      amount of £465 12s 10d, a list of which are appended (No. 2)
      The amount of rates uncollected of the rate struck on the 8th of June last
      amounts to £3987 6s 3d, for which warrants are held by the collectors. These two
      sums, amounting to 5247l.9s.6d. are exclusively to be applied towards the
      liquidation of debts incurred prior to the 29th September, 1849, and are not
      available towards current expenses.
      Your committee suggest that no further cheques be drawn until those which
      are outstanding (to the amount of 465l.12s.10d.) be paid off.
      With reference to the debts now due, your committee suggest that two bills
      for clothing supplied for emigrants, amounting to 105l.11s.2d. for which each
      payment was distinctly promised on delivery, and on which promise a spirited
      competition arose by which the union very much benefitted, should be next paid
      when funds become available.
      It appears to your committee that next in order as to prompt payment come
      those persons who, being charged from employment from the union, are now
      prevented from entering into other pursuits for want of the arrears of salary
      due to them being paid, and of this class it appears to press hardest on the
      Overseers (the sum due to them amounts only to 99l.6s.) Your committee therefore
      recommend that they be first paid of this class whose claims they recommend to
      be next considered.
      The class which suggests itself to your committee as requiring payment next
      in order are the officers of the establishment, both indoor and outdoor; and
      after such consideration your committee have arrived at the following as the
      most just arrangement, taking into account the limited prospect of funds which
      may be at the disposal of the board, viz., that all those officers be paid up to
      such a quarter day as will not require a greater sum to meet than one third of
      the entire sum due to them, giving to those officers of the indoor establishment
      who do not receive rations as additional quarter of the sum due to them
      Cases of extreme hardship and suffering have come before your committee,
      where the sums due are but of trifling amount. Your committee asks for authority
      from the board to investigate such cases and to recommend payment in such
      precedency as the urgency of the case may require.
      Your committee now come to the consideration of the most serious matter in
      the financial state of this union, and of those which formerly comprised a part
      of it. Your committee allude to the enormous sum due to contractors and
      tradesmen. Your committee cannot see any prospect of having sufficient funds to
      liquidate the full amount and defray the current expenses of the union, yet they
      would desire to establish such understanding between the former union and its
      creditors as would prevent angry feeling and its general attendancies, heavy
      legal expenses, which in the present case it is quite clear must injure and
      cannot benefit either party. Your committee therefore strongly recommend that
      when the board shall be in a position to pay off any of those debts it shall be
      done in the most independent spirit of justice and equity, by giving a per
      centage according to priority. But your committee expect that no vexatious
      litigation will be resorted to to compel them to recommend a decided priority to
      those who have treated the union with indulgence.
      In conclusion, the committee strongly recommend that the desperate
      financial position of this union be forthwith laid before the Government, as
      they fear that without immediate and considerable pecuniary assistance it will
      be impossible to carry on in a satisfactory manner the affairs of the union, but
      expressing at the same time the willingness of the board to do its duty as
      guardians, and rate payers, if they are put in a position to enable them to
      administer the laws effectually; and to order to prove to the creditors and to
      the government the anxiety to effect this, after mature consideration your
      committee respectfully suggest to the board the propriety of striking a uniform
      rate of 3s.6d. in the pound upon each of the new Electoral Divisions, including
      6d for the rate in aid, to be levied in the instalments of 2s. and 1s.6d. with
      the understanding of not irritating and injuring the rate payers by striking a
      new rate in spring, as was done this year, to the very great injury of the
      union; and lastly, your committee consider it the duty of the board to pledge
      themselves never again to strike a rate until by a new valuation of the union
      and adjustment of its liabilities they are enabled to strike a discriminating
      rate, and one which will be what the proposed is not-a poundage on a real
      valuation. The postponement of the indoor and outdoor establishment is
      necessarily postponed to next week."
      Captain Knox proposed and Captain Atkinson seconded a resolution-that the
      report of the Finance Committee, just read, be approved of and adopted. Carried

      ...to be continued...

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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