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!! Freeman Journal; Feb 14, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1764 IRELAND Limerick, Feb. 9- Yesterday died suddenly, deservedly lamented, Mr. Joseph Barrington, one of
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1764

      Limerick, Feb. 9- Yesterday died suddenly, deservedly lamented, Mr. Joseph
      Barrington, one of the Burgesses of this City.
      Cork, Feb. 9. Yesterday Morning, Mr. Patrick Sarsfield was married to Miss
      Lombard, Daughter of Mr. George Lombard of this City, Merchant, a very agreeable
      young Lady with 1800 Pounds Fortune- This Day at St. Finbarry's, Mr. Samuel
      Rowland, (Son of Mr. Francis Rowland) to Miss Hewett, of Bandon, a most amiable
      and accomplished young Lady, with a Fortune of 2000l.
      DEATHS.] Saturday Night at Sunday's-Well, Miss Anne Cronigan, Sister-in-law
      to James Hartnett, Esq; a Lady very much lamented by all her Acquaintance,- At
      his House on Turkey's-Quay, Mr. William Johnson, late an eminent Merchant of
      this City.- Last Week in London, the Rev. William Mocklar, A.M. Vicar of the
      Parishes of Ballyclough and Castlemagner, in the Diocese of Cloyne.
      Galway, Feb. 2- The Rev. Mr. Stephen Kirwan, having left his Lodgings in
      the West Suburbs, went to pay a Visit to a Friend in this Town, when he was
      seized with an apoplectic Fit, fell forward, and instantly expired.

      His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has been pleased to appoint the
      following Gentlemen to be HIGH SHERIFFS for the ensuing Year.
      County of Antrim, Rowley Heyland, of Longford's Lodge, Esq;
      Cavan, Cosby Nesbitt, of Lismore, Esq.
      Corke, Emanuel Moore, of Maryborough, Esq;
      Carlow, George Ogle, of Linerstown, Esq;
      Mayo, Francis Knox, of Rappa, Esq.;
      Monaghan, Brabazon Noble, of Donomine, Esq;
      Waterford, Richard Power, of Clashmore, Esq;
      A few Nights ago, Mr. Richard Slack of Queen-street, an eminent
      Master-builder, was attacked by two armed Footpads at the Cloysters near
      Church-street, and robb'd of three Pounds in Cash.
      Friday last John Bourke, the Younger, Esq; Member of Parliament for the
      Borough of Naas, was married to Lady Mary Leeson, eldest Daughter of the Right
      Hon. the Earl of Milltown, a most accomplished young Lady, with a large Fortune.
      On Saturday last, Samuel Yeates, of Moon in the County of Kildare, Esq; was
      married to Miss Catherine Johnston of Henry-street, Daughter of the late Richard
      Johnston, of Gilford in the County of Downe, Esq.;
      Sunday a charity Sermon was preached by the Rev. Richard Chaloner Cobbe,
      L.L.D. in the Parish Church of St. Bridget, for support of the charity School;
      after whcih a Collection was made which amounted to 101l.2s.9d.
      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Bath, Mrs. Marriot, Wife of Capt. John Marriot,
      of Colonel Hale's Regiment of Dragoons. She was a Sister to the Rev. Sir Phillip
      Hoby, Bart. of Bisham-Abbey in the County of Bucks- In Cavan-street, the Relict
      of the Rev. Dr. King.--At Harristown in the Co. of Kildare, aged 88, Mr. Richard
      Manwaring- In Abbey street, the Son of the Earl of Wigton.- At Crosswood,
      Cardiganshire, England, the Lady of the Right Hon Lord Vicount Lisburne.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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