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!! Ballina Chronicle; Aug 8, 1849 "Cholera"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, August 8, 1849 CHOLERA The progress of cholera in this locality has presented no alarming features since
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, August 8, 1849

      The progress of cholera in this locality has presented no alarming features
      since our last. The disease has been chiefly confined to the humbler classes,
      and may be traced generally to the character of their dwellings and mode of
      life. Each day gives additional evidence of the dangerous consequences which
      attend a disregard to cleanliness and sanatory requirements, for in the foetid
      lanes and courts of our town almost alone has disease been developed. We have no
      doubt that proper attention to the purification of everything around and within
      our houses would arrest the spread of the epidemic. It appears from the present
      aspect of the town that the importance of these precautions is altogether
      disbelieved, and certainly a penetration into the lanes and alleys and premises
      in every street discloses the elements of epidemics to a frightful extent and
      not the least effort at improvement is yet manifested.- Unless the respectable
      and intelligent portion of the inhabitants take an interest in eradicating the
      filthy places that exist in every part of the town, we can only expect a
      continuation of disease. With the facilities for cleansing and drainage afforded
      by our fine river and the ever changing tides, purification might be
      accomplished with very little trouble; and we know that good air can at all
      times be obtained by the simple process of opening a window. Each individual
      should at once proceed to remove every foul spot that may be in his premises,
      and see that his neighbour does the same, or compel him to do so under the
      provisions of the "Nuisances Removal" Act, which the Vice Guardians will most
      willingly assist in carrying out.
      In most cases the disease-so far as it has appeared here-is not of a
      virulent type, and generally when it has proved fatal, the premonitory symptoms
      were unattended to, the disease allowed to proceed too far unarrested, or
      medicine, advice or hospital treatment rejected. It is necessary that the utmost
      confidence be placed in the directions of the medical men. Not a doubt exists
      that the disease can be grappled with easily in the early stages, but if there
      is neglect then, the subsequent stage of collapse is attended with hazard. The
      successful results of the treatment pursued by he medical officers employed by
      the Vice Guardians, evidenced by the numerous recoveries, should establish a
      complete feeling of reliance in medical treatment, and remove every feeling
      which would induce a moment's hesitation in taking advantage of it.
      A few cases have occurred at Crossmolina and a great number at Killala. The
      extraordinary course pursued by the people in the latter place, in rejecting in
      many cases medical aid or admission to hospital, has induced rather a high rate
      of mortality. This absurdity is conceivable at the first appearance of a n
      unknown disease as the cholera was in 1832; but at the present time such an
      absence of common sense and judgment is certainly unlooked for. Doctor M'Nair
      has been appointed the medical officer at Crossmolina, and Doctor Neilson,
      assisted by Doctor Townsley, at Killala. Doctor Atkinson, as rural medical
      attendant, and Mr. M'Mullan, apothecary, have been added to the medical staff at
      Ballina; and with the arrangements now made, embracing such extensive hospital
      accommodation, little apprehension may exist regarding the disease.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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