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!! Freeman Journal; Feb 7, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Tuesday, Feb. 7, 1764 IRELAND Cork, February 2. Married at St. Nicholas s, Mr. Daniel Jappie, an eminent Tallow Chandler, to
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, Feb. 7, 1764

      Cork, February 2. Married at St. Nicholas's, Mr. Daniel Jappie, an eminent
      Tallow Chandler, to Miss Susan Crois of Batchelor's-quay, an agreeable Lady,
      with a handsome Fortune.
      Last Saturday died in North Goal, (where he had been a considerable Time
      past in great Want and Misery) Mr. Nicholas Wolf, formerly an eminent
      Linen-Draper in this City, and a Man of fair Character. His great Losses in
      Trade attended by a Series of other Misfortunes while in his Business, were
      ineffectual Motives for exciting that Compassion in others which they would
      expect themselves.
      Limerick, Feb. 2. Last Week died at Ennis, George Coghlan, Esq; Collector
      of that District, greatly lamented by all his Acquaintance.
      On Thursday the 19th of January last Mr. William Carden of Killard, in the
      County of Tipperary, Gent. was married to Miss Elizabeth Anslow, Daughter to the
      Rev. Maurice Anslow of Water-park, in the County of Clare, an agreeable Young
      Lady, with a handsome Fortune.
      The Right Hon. and Hon. the Commissioners of his Majesty's Revenue, have
      been pleased to appoint Mr. Thomas Bourke, clerk of the forfeitures, in the Room
      of John Harvey, Esq; who succeeds the late George Coghlan, Esq; as Collector of
      Ennis, in the County of Clare.
      The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Clogher, with the consent of the Right
      Rev. the Lord Bishop of Dromore, hath presented the Rev. Arthur Clarke, A.M. to
      the vicarage of Cromaragh in the diocese of Dromore, void by the resignation of
      the Rev. Dean Paul.
      His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has appointed Archibald Richardson, Esq;
      surgeon to his Majesty's state, in this Kingdom.
      His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, is so well recovered of his late
      Indisposition, as to be able to take the Air.
      His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, has been pleased to appoint the
      following Gentlemen to be high Sheriffs for the ensuing Year
      County of Armagh, Michael Obins, of Castle Obins, Esq.
      Kerry, George Gunn, of Carrickafoyle, Esq;
      Limerick, Silver Oliver, of Castle Oliver, Esq.;
      Wexford, John Devereux of Kilrush, Esq.
      MARRIED.] A few days ago, Cornet ______ Parkinson, to the Agreeable Miss
      Dance. --Benjamin Ramage, Esq; to Miss Mary Rathell, eldest daughter of Mr.
      William Rathell, of Great Britain-street, Merchant.
      DEATHS.] A few days ago, on Arran-quay, Mrs. Mary Bradshaw, Relict of the
      late Major Bradshaw; At Gort in the County of Galway, Mr. John Martin, third
      Brother of Oliver Martin, of Tullira, in said County ,Esq; At Tuam, in said
      County, Mr. Laurence Hanraghan, Shop-keeper, --At Limerick, the Wife of Mr.
      Macnamara,--In Hoey's Court, Mrs. Malary,--In Mary-street, Mr. Wallis,
      Grocer--At Butterstown, Mrs. M'Neil.-- In Christ-church-yard, Mr. Henry Jackson,
      sword cutler.-- In M'Donnell's-lane, deservedly regretted, Mrs. Mitchell.--In
      Castle-market, Mr. Boswell, Butcher.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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