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!! Ballina Chronicle; Nov. 14, 1849 "Sale of Martin Estates-Galway"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, November 14, 1849 THE MARTIN ESTATES Fifth Day Sales- Monday ended the sale-if sale it might be called- of
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, November 14, 1849

      Fifth Day Sales- Monday ended the sale-if sale it might be called- of these
      extensive estates. The vendors, unfortunately met with very little encouragement
      at any period of the sale whatever. But nothing could well be gloomier than the
      appearance of the company at the mart on that day. There seemed absolutely no
      disposition to purchase. Not a single sale was effected. Biddings were, indeed,
      given for the four out of seventeen lots put up, but they were all, except in
      one solitary instance, so small, and at so cautious a distance from the
      marketable value of the land, that the bidders incurred no risk, whatever,
      supposing they were idle spectators merely, of having two or three Irish
      townlands knocked down to them. The auctioneer, meanwhile, did his utmost. He
      described scenery, enlarged upon fertility, spoke of the contents of the
      mountains, and the riches of the sea, the marble quarries, the mines of ore, the
      fisheries, all additions to the inexhaustible wealth that lay on the surface of
      the arable land, and the "highly improvable pasture and bog;" and, despite the
      obstinate silence of his audience, he even tried to grow warm on the prospects
      which are opening up for Ireland and Irish capitalists. But when the first seven
      lots were allowed to be put up and successively withdrawn without an offer, and
      when, at length, a solitary individual uttered his solitary bidding of an amount
      so low as to mark his depreciation of some of the finest of the subsequent lots,
      even Mr. Wainright seemed to lose his professional courage and perseverance,
      and to come within the sphere of influence which affect ordinary mortals. he
      nevertheless persisted to the close of the day.
      The 17 lots, comprising 64,426 acres, which came under the hammer
      yesterday, might be grouped according to locality, into three divisions.
      Eleven of them, from lot 98 to 108 inclusive, are situated in the Mweenish
      and Ard Bays, forming the coast land that sweeps round these waters, and
      comprehending several of the adjoining islands, making an area altogether of
      4,463 acres. Nine of these were severally put up and withdrawn without a
      Lot 105, the island of Croaghnakeela, lying off Bertraghboy Bay, has
      hitherto been used by Mr. Martin as a deer park, and is now stocked with some
      200 head of deer. It measures 142 acres. £100 was bid for this lot without
      advance, and it was bought in at £400.
      Lot 100, two islands, St. M'Daras and Illaunna-croaghbeg, lying off Mace
      Head, containing 62 acres, was started with a bidding of £50. There was no
      advance, and the lot was therefore bought in at £200.
      The next division comprises the great centre district of the Connemara
      estates, and was put up in two lots.
      Lot 109 is an extensive district on Roundstone Bay, bounded on two sides by
      the Atlantic, with good natural advantages for a harbour at Roundstone. It
      comprehends two islands, and on the main land four townlands and the district
      and town of Roundstone, the latter consisting of upwards of seventy well-built
      slated houses, with garden and closes adjoining. George IV, granted by charter
      to the late Mr. Martin, the right of holding four fairs annually, and one weekly
      market at this town. The lot is in extent 5,485 acres, and there being an
      advance it was knocked down at £12,000 for the venders.
      Lot 110, increased by lots 90,92,92 and 93, reserved from Saturday's sale,
      comprised the Ballinahinch demesne, Ballyna Castle, 57 townlands, and 33
      islands, and area of 64,426 acres of very fine land, and most advantageously
      situated, besides the oyster beds and fishing in Bertaghboy Bay, and the
      Timbeola salmon fishery. The lot was put up, but did not command a single
      The remaining four lots compose a pretty extensive district of the north of
      this property, situated with in the barony of Ross, at a short distance to the
      south east of Killery harbour. It measures in extent 5,370 acres.
      The only portion of the district which commanded a bidding was lot 111,
      Eudnaviskane, the most northerly townland of the Martin property, within a mile
      and a half of Killery harbour. It contains 1,593 acres of arable pasture and bog
      land. Biddings began at £1,500 and rose to £2,600, but the hammer fell at
      £2,800, the reserved bidding, without any advance.
      Lots 112,113 and 114 passed without a bidding. Thus ended this remarkable
      The following is a result of the five days' proceedings:
      Number of acres in the Martin estates...196,540
      Ditto, ditto sold...3,982
      Average price per acre of the land sold...£2 2 71/2
      Sum total realised by the five days' sale...12,465.0.0

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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