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!! Ballina Chronicle, Nov 7, 1849 "Misc Items"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, November 7, 1849 LOVE and POOR LAWS - A HIDDEN MOTIVE- The Newcastle correspondent of the Limerick and
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, November 7, 1849

      "LOVE" and "POOR LAWS"- A HIDDEN MOTIVE- The Newcastle correspondent of the
      Limerick and Clare Examiner supplied the following: "A certain individual
      entered the Board room a few days since, and demanded of Mr. Devitt, V.G., why a
      certain widow and her six orphans were not struck off the relief list, and
      removed to the Workhouse, because, as he alleged, she kept a house of ill-fame.
      Mr. Richard Walker, Relieving Officer of the district was present, a man of
      unflinching principle through life, and who has borne his character unblemished
      through the ordeal of his present trying situation. Mr. Devitt, a religious good
      man, as is universally admitted, put the question to Mr. Walker. He replied,
      "because the assertion is untrue, but some gentlemen have a chere amie, whom
      they nightly visit, near this poor widow's house; her espionage is rather
      inconveniently rigid, and there fore it is sought to remove her. But hold you an
      investigation and I pledge myself to establish these facts, and to expose the
      "heroes of Salmacis." The accuser was struck dumb. Mr. Devitt inquired in the
      proper quarter, and found Mr. Wallace correct in this, as well as in all other
      particulars. Unless you throw your aegis over insulted innocence, many may be
      victims of such machinations. When the local Guardians will have been
      incorporated, I promise this party to watch him in the Board Room.

      To meet the expected outbreaks in the North on the 5th of November, besides
      2000 troops having arrived, the following Stipendiary Magistrates are thus
      located-Mr. Hunt, from Tipperary, at Banbridge; Captain Warburton, at
      Rathfriland; Mr. Fitzgerald at Castlewellan; Mr. Tuskey at Tandragee; and Mr.
      Bermingham at Derry.

      The Constabulary throughout Ireland are at present engaged in filling up
      returns for the information of Government, of the quantity of stock, poultry,
      &c., to ascertain the amount of food in the country.

      Clonmel union has paid all the rate in aid except £286 out of £2286.

      The Master of the Tralee workhouse is now enabled to buy food by funds
      raised on the personal responsibility of a few of the Guardians, else the
      paupers would be without food for the past week and coming month.

      The Vice Guardians, previous to their departure from office, reduced the
      debts to contractors and private parties, to under £1,500, leaving also a small
      balance to credit of the union with the Treasurer.-- Roscommon Messenger.

      The Nenagh police continue in charge of the Roman Catholic Chapel to
      preserve it from the violence of the populace; and, on Thursday last (All
      Saint's Day) the bell rang for mass there the first time for a month by order of
      Rev. Mr. Kenny, and the few who ventured in to attend the ceremony were
      outrageously hooted by the crowed outside.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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