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!! Irish Catholic Chronicle; Nov 2, 1867 "Policemen Shot"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Irish Catholic Chronicle And People s News of the Week Dublin, Ireland Saturday, 2 November 1867 ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION OF TWO POLICEMEN A most daring attempt
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      Irish Catholic Chronicle And People's News of the Week
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, 2 November 1867

      A most daring attempt at assassinating of two members of the Metropolitan
      Police was made at a late hour on Wednesday night at Eustace street, under the
      following circumstances:- Between twelve and one o'clock Constable Kenna, 167 A,
      was on duty at the corner of Wellington-quay and Eustace-street, when a man came
      up to him carrying a bundle under his arm. As he was passing the constable
      stopped him and was interrogating him respecting the bundle, when the man
      suddenly produced a revolver pistol and fired at the constable's breast, lodging
      the contents of the barrel in his chest. The constable fell on the ground. His
      murderous assailant proceeded up Eustace-street, towards Dame-street, but before
      he had proceeded far he was encountered by Sergeant Kelly, 19 B, who having
      heard the shot, was hastening in the direction where it was fired. The sergeant
      challenged the man, who, instantly presented and fired his revolver, and shot
      the sergeant in the breast. Sergeant Kelly fell and the perpetrator of this
      double attempt at assassination made his escape, and has not up to the hour at
      which we write here, been arrested. Some women who found the policemen lying
      bleeding and helpless upon the street, gave the alarm at the Exchange-court
      station, and a number of constables at once proceeded to the scene of this
      frightful outrage, and as quickly as possible conveyed the sufferers to Mercer's
      Hospital where they received prompt attendance from the medical gentlemen. Dr.
      Butcher, the eminent surgeon, was sent for, and speedily arrived. Having
      examined the men, he expressed his opinion that the would are likely to prove
      mortal. The men, on learning that their lives were in peril, expressed a desire
      to receive the ministration of their clergy. The Rev. Mr. Crotty, of the
      Carmelite Order, Aungier-street, immediately answered the call and has since
      remained in attendance upon the sufferers.
      Half-past Three o'clock, a.m.- We regret to state that on inquiry at the
      hospital we learned that Dr. Butcher found the condition of his patients so
      alarming that he has remained in the ward in personal attendance since his
      arrival. Poor Kenna, the man who was first wounded, is suffering in great agony.
      The ball entered opposite the region of the stomach, between the naval and the
      breast bone. It was suddenly discharged from a small-sized pistol. The ball did
      not pass out, and is still lodged in the poor fellow's body. We understand that
      Kenna is a native of Mullingar, and that on learning the serious nature of the
      wound, requested that his father be telegraphed for, a request that was of
      course promptly complied with. The Rev. Mr. Crotty administered the last
      sacraments, and is in continuous attendance on both the men. Sergeant Kelly is
      not suffering much, but his wound, which is also a stomach wound, is not as
      dangerous as that of his fellow sufferer. We understand that he is perfectly
      calm and collected, and quite resigned to his impending fate.--Freeman of
      On inquiry we find the men still linger, but without hopes of recovery.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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