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!! Freeman Journal; Jan 14, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Jan. 14, 1764 IRELAND Limerick, Jan. 9- Last Week was married William Henn, Esq; to Miss Bridget Browne, Daughter of Edmund
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Jan. 14, 1764

      Limerick, Jan. 9- Last Week was married William Henn, Esq; to Miss Bridget
      Browne, Daughter of Edmund Browne, of the County of Clare, Esq; On the 20th last
      was married at Sanville, James Godsell, Esq; to Miss Adams of London.
      Yesterday was committed to Goal, one Slattery, for so inhumanly cutting and
      maiming a Soldier of Col. Owens's Regiment, that his Life is despaired of.
      Cork, Jan. 9. Saturday was committed to the City Goal, Timothy Crowley,
      charged with feloniously taking away fifteen Guineas, one Camlet Mantle, and one
      Crock of Butter, Value 1l.5s. the Property of James Wool.
      On Friday the 6th instant, died in her Chair, in her Home in
      Dominick-street, Mrs. Jane Sampson, Widow of Michael Sampson, of the City of
      Dublin, Esq; and on Sunday the 8th she was buried in Drumcondra.
      Saturday a most melancholy Accident happened at Newbridge in Fingall;
      Master Newenham, Son of the most worthy High Sheriff of the County of Dublin,
      and Miss Monk, seeing a Powder Horn with some Gunpowder in it, they threw it on
      the Fire, which immediately burnt, and made such an Explosion as to burn the
      young Gentleman in so shocking a manner, that he died the Day after, and the
      young Lady is severely burned, but is in a fair Way of Recovery.
      Tuesday Morning, six Villains broke into the House of the Widow Butler,
      near Kilbrew, and, not content with the robbing her of six Guineas, and every
      valuable Moveable, cut her terribly with their Knives, and tortured her in a
      most shocking Manner.- The Villains were pursued, and it is hoped they will be
      taken, as there were so many concerned.
      With pleasure, we can assure the Publick, that the Paragraph in some of
      Yesterday's Papers, promulging the Death of Mr. Trimble of Francis-Street, is
      without Foundation, that Gentleman being in perfect Health.
      It is with uncommon Regret we convey the following Piece of melancholy News
      to the Public, as it must diffuse Grief as far as the Subject's Name is known.
      Late last Wednesday Evening died of a Fever taken in Child-bed, Mrs. Steuart,
      Wife of William Steuart, Esq; of Stafford-Street, in this City, and Daughter of
      Sir Richard Butler, Bart. She enjoyed her Senses to the last, and bore a painful
      and distressful Disorder, with that patient Submission, which accompanies "The
      gay Conscience of a Life "well spent," and indicates that Sweetness and Serenity
      of Temper, which rendered her as universally beloved in Life, as she is now
      lamented in Death. From a most just and exalted Sense of Religious Duties,
      flowed all the social Virtues in the highest Degree: For to the tenderer Offices
      of Society, filial Piety, conjugal Love, and parental Affection, and Friendship
      hardly to be paralleled, she added the most extensive Benevolence and Charity,
      with native Politeness, and the most engaging Affability. And what hightened all
      these excellent Qualities, they were the pure Emotions of her Heart, and were
      consequently as unaffected, as they were void of Ostentation. No wonder then,
      that Words cannot express the Heart-felt Sorrow which attends this Lady's Death.
      Yet it must be every good Man's ardent Wish," So to live, and so to die.-- Let
      me die the Death of the Righteous, and let my last End be like his!"

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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