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!! Connaught Journal; Apr 29, 1824 "Provincial Intelligence"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, April 29, 1824 PROVINCIAL INTELLIGENCE Cork, April 20. DINNER TO MR. O CONNELL- A numerous and highly respectable
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      Galway, Thursday, April 29, 1824


      Cork, April 20.
      DINNER TO MR. O'CONNELL- A numerous and highly respectable assembly of
      Gentlemen entertained Mr. O'Connell at dinner yesterday, at the Chamber of
      Commerce Hotel, as a tribute of respect to the public and private worth of that
      distinguished individual. The dinner was sumptuous and did credit to the taste
      of Mr. Woodhouse, the proprietor of the hotel. It was announced at seven
      o'clock, when more than 150 gentlemen sat down.-D.R. Moylan, Esq., presided.

      While the congregation were assembled at the chapel of Glanmire on Sunday,
      a man named Roche, a farmer, who lives in the neighbourhood, was called out and
      told that a child of his had been nearly killed by a boy employed in his
      service. He immediately proceeded home, accompanied by several others, and on
      arriving there found that the story was true. The boy, it appeared, had made an
      attempt to kill one of his lambs, and being discovered by the child, who said he
      would tell his father, he plunged the knife he had for the purpose in the
      child's throat, and immediately fled, and has not since been discovered,
      although the most active search has been made. Every necessary surgical care had
      been taken of the child by Dr. Ellis, of Glanmire, but little hope is
      entertained of his recovery.

      On the night of Wednesday last, a house was maliciously burned on the
      property of Coppinger M'Mahon, Esq. of Lockanasbane, in the barony of
      Clonderlaw. The reason surmised is, the old tenants being rejected for
      non-payment of rent.

      A meeting of Magistrates will be held at Naas this day, when it is expected
      the Duke of Leinster will take the Chair, for the purpose of adopting rules and
      regulations for the conduct of the police, who have been deriving some
      considerable fees levied on poor persons keeping pigs and cows on the road.
      KILDARE- One man, named Keenan, was convicted of having a gun in his
      possession, and sentenced to transportation.

      LIMERICK, April 21-On Sunday morning the body of a farmer, named Oakley,
      was found on the road, about two miles from Nenagh, with several marks of
      violence. He left Nenagh on the night before, in company with two others, who
      are supposed to have perpetrated the murder; one of them has been apprehended,
      and committed to gaol, and the other has fled from justice. An Inquest was
      holding on the body in Nenagh, on Monday and Tuesday, the termination of which
      has not yet been received. The unfortunate man's skull was frightfully
      disfigured from the blow of some heavy instrument.
      On Wednesday night two fields, containing five acres of pasture ground,
      were maliciously burned upon the lands of Knockaney, in this county, the
      property of a man named Burns; there can be no particular reason assigned for
      the outrage, but that the owner refused to let it out for gardens. On Captain
      Dumas being informed of the circumstance, he immediately proceeded to the spot,
      accompanied by the police and a party of the 39th regt. and, for a mile round,
      collected all the inhabitants, amounting to over 200, and made them replace
      every sod before he quitted the field.
      On Friday last, five sheep, the property of H. Bouchier, Esq. were stolen
      from of the lands of Coulanorane, near Reens.
      We stated on Saturday, the execution of three men, condemned at our last
      Assizes; it is pleasing to find that they all were satisfied of the justice of
      their punishment, and appeared on the platform to be contrite and sensible of
      the enormity of their offenses. It should not be concealed, that John Carmody,
      convicted for attacking and robbing Mr. Sands, stated, a few moments previous to
      his leaving the cell, that he was urged to the commission of the offence which
      consigned him to such an ignominious death, by Sheehan, who, whilst he was
      digging potatoes in the field, solicited him to join in the outrage-that he
      repeatedly refused, but Sheehan, finding that his friendly solicitations availed
      little, threatened him with destruction if he hesitated to accompany him. And
      who is this Sheehan? The identical ruffian who planned the commission of the
      crime and subsequently was the first to inform on his victim.
      Michael Donovan and Bartholomew Russell, for attacking and demolishing the
      Barracks of Glanasheen, will be hanged on Saturday next. Their associates in
      crime, ten in number, have saved their lives by pleading guilty to the same
      charge.[ Chronicle.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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