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!! Ballina Chronicle; Oct 31, 1849 "Misc News"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, Oct 31, 1849 When the Queen s visit to Ireland was announced, Mr. Christopher Fitzsimon, the son-in-law of
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, Oct 31, 1849

      When the Queen's visit to Ireland was announced, Mr. Christopher Fitzsimon,
      the son-in-law of Mr. Daniel O'Connell, late representative for the county of
      Dublin, and new Clerk of the Hanaper, addressed a letter to Mr. Corry Connellan,
      private secretary to the Lord Lieutenant, suggesting to his Excellency that Lady
      Jocelyn should not be permitted to attend the Queen to Ireland as Lady in
      Waiting, as her ladyship's attendance would reflect unpopularly upon the Queen.
      The letter was dropped from Mr. Connellan's pocket, and its contents were
      communicated to various persons by the individual who found it. Rumour adds, but
      we believe without foundation, that Lord Clarendon acted upon Mr. Christopher
      Fitzsimon's suggestion.-- London Standard.

      A man in the employ of the Norwich post-office named Lucas had been proved
      to be the heir to an immense property, for years in chancery.

      At Newmarket last week Mr. Meiklam's Raby won the Cambridgeshire stakes of
      £25 each, 162 subscribers beating a large field. Captain Hervey's Rhesus ran
      second by a length.

      Mr. John O'Donnell of Limerick, attorney, who was obliged to leave Ireland
      in consequence of several informations lodged against him as as Confederate
      Young Irelander, resided for months during his retreat at Constantinople. In the
      Shannon he lay of f Scattery for 8 nights, and eluded, as we before stated, the
      search of Col. Vandeleur, and three war steamers-he was very nearly discovered
      but for the kindly feel of the master he was a board of, being a freemason. The
      naval officer did not intrude in the search on brotherly kindred being
      intimated. Mr. O'Donnell expended nearly £600 during his exile.

      The late Captain Ogle's house at Dysart, near Castletowndelvin, was
      attacked on Saturday night by Whiteboys, and one of the party shot dead by W.
      Vize, Esq.

      The marriage between Henry Selwyz, Esq. and the Hon. Miss Copley, daughter
      of Lord Lyndhurst by his first marriage, is to take place early next month.

      Several members of the Great Western Fisheries company are at present in
      the west of Ireland, making arrangements to commence fishing on our coasts as
      soon as possible. This will afford employment to thousands of destitute people,
      and the presence of such a wealthy company cannot fail to create delight.

      John O'Connell, Morgan J. O'Connell, Joseph Walker, and Robert D. Browne,
      Esqrs. M.P. have all petitioned to sell their estates.

      Tuesday the great estate of the Martin family in Connemara, is to be
      brought to the hammer in London.

      The Nenagh Guardians are considering the necessity of selling land for
      non-payment of poor-rates, under the Encumbered Estates Commisison.

      The Vice-Guardians of Thurles require 25 acres for a training school, and
      the Cashel Guardians are under taking a 25 acre model farm near Castlelake
      auxiliary workhouse.

      In compliance with the exigencies of the times Lady Charlotte Wolfe has
      entrusted to her agent, Henry de Burgh, Esq. to pay the entire poor rate on her
      ladyship's estates near Pallas-green.

      Mr. Rochfort having been removed as Secretary to the Galway Attorney
      Association, flung a decanter at one of the most respectable senior members of
      the profession, upon which he was forthwith expelled from that society.

      John Francis Blake, Esq, proprietor of the Galway Vindicator, has been
      appointed printer to the Queen's College, Galway.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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