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!! Freeman Journal; Jan 3, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Jan. 3, 1764 Ireland Cork, December 20.] We hear that a Body of Troops, consisting of five Regiments, will soon be sent to
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Jan. 3, 1764

      Cork, December 20.] We hear that a Body of Troops, consisting of five
      Regiments, will soon be sent to America; and that another Regiment will be sent
      to the East Indies
      Tuesday the Pearl Frigate, of 25 Guns, Capt. Sexton, arrived at Cove from
      Last Night two Servants of Mr. George Morgan, Brewer, fell into the River
      near the end of Lambley's Lane, and were unfortunately drowned. A short Time
      after, a young Woman going to take up Water at the Slip of said Lane, observed a
      Man, dressed in a blue Coat, plunge into the River, whether designedly or no is
      not known, who was also drowned before any assistance could be had. Their Bodies
      have not yet been taken up.
      This Morning was married at the Ovens Church, Mr. Peterton of Kinsale, an
      eminent Tanner, to Miss Nelly Barry of Browne-Street; a very agreeable young
      Lady, with a handsome Fortune.
      DEATHS. Last Week at Moviddy, greatly regretted, Mr. Thomas Wood, who had
      been Clerk of that Parish upwards of 40 Years. Monday Night on Hammond's-Marsh,
      very much lamented, Miss Jane Harrison, Daughter of Mr. John Harrison.

      Saturday, a Glazier working at a Window in the Castle, one Story high, fell
      from a Ladder, and was so dangerously bruised that his Life is despaired of.
      Francis Osborne of Aughygalt near Convey in the Co. of Donegall having (as
      he apprehends) discovered that Perpetual Motion, is desirous that his Machine
      should be inspected by any Person appointed by the Society, or any other Body of
      Gentlemen that would not pirate the Discovery, but give the Advantages of it to
      the Discoverer.
      MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, John Magill, of Tullycarn in the County of Down,
      Esq; to Miss Jane Reily, Daughter of John Reilly, Esq; of Scarva in the said
      County. - John Vincent of Killbeggs in the County of Kildare, Esq; to Miss
      Margaret Mills, Daughter of Samuel Mills in said County, Esq; - Yesterday Mr.
      Thomas Proctor, Jeweller, to Miss Anne Logan of Lazer's Hill.- Saturday Mr.
      Benjamin Galt, an eminent Merchant in Mary's Abbey, to the most amiable and
      agreeable Miss Charlotte Blunt of Kilkenny, Daughter of Mr. Alderman Joseph
      Blunt. Her Fortune, tho' considerable is her smallest Perfection to make a
      Marriage State happy.
      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, In George'-Lane, Mrs. Kilburne, Wife of Mr.
      Kilburne, Bookbinder.- At York Captain William Lushington, of the 29th Regiment,
      of Foot.- In Marlborough-Street, Nicholas Shirely, Esq.; - In Francis-Street,
      Mr. Mar??ew Coffey, Linen-Draper.- In Dominick-Street, William Innes, of
      Dromantine in the Co of Down, Esq;- In Spital Fields, the Wife of Mr. Pat
      M'Cabe, Grocer.- In Cook-Street, Miss Mary Boylan- In Dominick-street much
      lamented, Miss Magennis, a young Lady of great Merit and Fortune.- In
      Anne's-Street Stephen's-Green, in the 80th Year of her Age, Lady Crofton.- In
      Fleet-Street, Mrs. Latrobe, a Widow Gentlewoman of an unblemished Character.- At
      Cork, Mr. Richard Noble, an eminent Plumber and Glazier.- At Galway the Wife of
      Mr. Bartholomew Kelly, Master of the Elephant Tavern, and Mr. John Smith
      Merchant.- At Limerick, William Manwaring, Esq; late Commander of his Majesty's
      Ship Arundle; - and the Widow of Mr. James Sargent Burgess.- Saturday Morning,
      the Right Hon. Nicholas Loftus, Viscount Loftus of Ely. He is succeeded in Title
      and Estate by his Eldest Son, Nicholas now Lord Loftus.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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