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!! NY Times; New Line of Steamers btwn Galway & NY 1858

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    New York Times New York, New York July 7, 1858 The steamship City of Washington, Capt. Petrie, which sailed form Liverpool on the 23d June arrived at this port
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      New York Times
      New York, New York
      July 7, 1858

      The steamship City of Washington, Capt. Petrie, which sailed form Liverpool
      on the 23d June arrived at this port yesterday morning. A telegraphic abstract
      of her news has already been given. We append additional particulars.
      Prior to the departure of the Indian Empire from Galway, on the 19th, a
      public dinner was given in honor of the projector of the line, Mr. J.O. Lever.
      It was attended by a host of local notorieties. Mr. Howard, American Consul at
      Manchester; Mr. Talbot, our Consul at Galway, and Mr. Pliny Miles, represented
      this country. Mr. Lever being called upon addressed the company in a concise
      history of the enterprise. He rested its merits upon the fact of its affording
      the shortest distance to America, at reduced fares, and the most rapid
      transmission of mails. In regard to the other vessels of the line, he said, "if
      the Indian Empire did not fulfil the wishes of her owner or her commander, he
      hoped the American Empire would. " She is a first-class ship that had never been
      on the water, and could not, therefore, be slandered." Mr. Pliny Miles, in
      response to a sentiment in his honor, commented at length on the advantages of
      the new enterprise, hoped it might eventually result in the reduction of ocean
      postage as well as ocean fares, and prophesied we should soon see a fortnightly
      steamer sailing from Galway, laden to the water's edge with freight and
      The Irish Press is frantic in regard to the accident to the Indian Empire.
      They refuse to see anything in the blunder of the two pilots, but the result of
      the design, brought about by the jealousy of the Liverpool shipping interest.
      Mr. Lever does not hesitate to sanction this view. The pilots, in the meantime,
      are committed for trial.

      Mr. Lever, the projector of the new line of steamers between Galway and New
      York, had been entertained with a public dinner at Galway. Mr. Lever announced
      in his speech that his second steamer, the American Empire, would soon be
      completed; that she was a large first class ship; and that she was expected to
      make her passages in less time than they have yet been accomplished.

      New York Times
      New York, New York
      Aug 12, 1858

      passage between America and Europe. This line is composed of powerful
      paddle-wheel steamships, of which the INDIAN EMPIRE, the PRINCE ALBERT, and the
      AMERICAN EMPIRE are now running. The next departure from New York to be followed
      by others of the line about every two weeks will be the PRINCE ALBERT, SATURDAY,
      Aug. 21 direct for Galway.
      Passengers will have a free ticket by the usual Railroad routes from Galway
      to any of the principal cities of Great Britain.
      First class, $90; second class, $50; third class, $30. A liberal cabin table
      will be provided and cooked provisions for third-class passengers to Galway. For
      passage, freight and other particulars apply to
      WM. A. SALE & Co., No. 46 South-st.

      New York Times
      New York, New York
      Aug 23, 1858

      Passengers Sailed
      In steamship Prince Albert, for Galway-Mrs. Sophia E. Coy, Morton Trulman,
      Wm. L. Cole, Wm. Gleason, D. Tillotson, W M Dyer, H.B.M's Consul at Baltimore,
      Miss Jane McCord, John M. Mitchell, Samuel Leahy, Mrs. Ann Stine, P. Murphy, W.
      Peters, Anthony Sheridan, Michael Phalen, Alfred Gunn, Mrs. Josephine Potter,
      Ed. Bruce, Thomas Hughes, Patrick McGlynn, C.J. Finney, James Maxwell, S.
      Hamilton, Lawrence Keefe, Mrs. Mary Keefe, J.P. Rogers, Dr. J.D. Dankin and
      lady, Miss Ann Gobrick, Patrick Duffy, Wm. Palmer, Wm. Young, John Hughes, A.
      Gilmartin, Mrs. Margaret Campbell, David Davis, M. Finnegan, A. Clements, Jas.
      Alexander, John Shipp?n and 182 in the steerage.

      New York Times
      New York, New York
      May 7, 1860
      The steamship Connought, of the Galway line, was successfully launched at
      Newcastle on the 21st.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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