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!! Ballina Chronicle; Oct 31, 1849 "Mayo Items"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, Oct 31, 1849 A GOOD LANDLORD In responding to The health of the Landlords, Tenant-farmers, and Agricultural
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      Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, Oct 31, 1849

      In responding to "The health of the Landlords, Tenant-farmers, and
      Agricultural labourers" at the dinner of the Agricultural Society in this town,
      on Monday last, a remark fell from Thomas Jones, Esq., which, though known by
      all present to be correct was no less striking. He said, "I have kept all my
      tenants." And why, in this day of "evictions," has Mr. Jones all his tenants?
      simply, because he has met the exegencies of the times in the spirit of a "Good
      Landlord." Better for him now to have tenants paying even half of their original
      rent than to have his land waste, and, moreover, be obliged to pay county cess
      and poor rates for it. Well is it for the tenant to have such a landlord; and,
      doubtless, while both properly comprehend the relation they stand in towards
      each other the greatest amount of prosperity the times allow must fall to their

      Such is the bankrupt state of this union that the entire of the beds,
      bedcloths, and other furniture in the union workhouse and auxiliaries are being
      sold off, at a sixth of their value, to satisfy a portion of the demands of one
      or two of its numerous creditors. On Friday the furniture of the Ardnaree
      auxiliaries was sold by Robert Christian, Esq., Sub-sheriff for Sligo, at the
      suit of George S. Malley, Esq., and all the articles removed except the beds on
      which the sick in the infirmaries were lying. Yesterday the furniture of the
      union house was sold at the suit of Wm. Malley, jun., Esq.; and on to-morrow and
      following days the Sheriff's auctioneer will be at work in the Belmullet and
      Binghamstown workhouses. Such is the creditable state of affairs in these
      unions, of which the government and its servants, the Poor Law Commissioners,
      must be exceedingly proud.

      The newly elected members of the Board of Guardians of this union while out
      of office have frequently censured the conduct of the gentlemen whose place they
      now supply, which affords us some little encouragement that one wish, at least ,
      of the rate-payer in town will be gratified; we alluded to the cleansing of the
      streets and foot-ways which are at present in a most abominable state- stones
      lying about, rendering the passage dangerous for vehicles-heaps of filth,
      offensive to the sight and injurious to the health-and the depth of mud foot
      passengers must wade through, all of which could be removed by a few of the
      able-bodied recipients of relief, without their suffering the slightest
      additional degradation. We have on many occasions called the attention to the
      magistrates, guardians, and townspeople to this subject, but, to their shame be
      it spoken, with no good result. We now wait to see what the new guardians will

      The following persons have been selected Guardians for the above union:
      Castlebar Electoral Division, 4 guardians- James Malley, John Bole, William
      Walsh, Edward Cannon.
      Islandeady, 1 guardian-Patrick Walsh.
      Turlough, 2 guardians- Edward M'Donnell, John Malley.
      Strade, 3 guardians- Pat Jennings, Andrew Jennings, John Malley.
      Balla, 1 guardian-Martin Barrett.
      Drum, 2 guardians-Patrick Daley, Martin Blake.
      Ballintubber, 3 guardians-Malachy Tuohy, James Tuohy, Ignatius Kelly.
      Ballyheane, 1 guardian-Richard S. Bourke.
      Breaffy, 1 guardian-Thomas Moran.
      21 guardians, 19 elected.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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