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!! Connaught Journal; Apr 22, 1824 "Provincial Intelligence"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, April 22, 1824 PROVINCIAL INTELLIGENCE CLONMEL, April 17- On Tuesday night, shortly after a party of the Mortlestown
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      Galway, Thursday, April 22, 1824

      CLONMEL, April 17- On Tuesday night, shortly after a party of the
      Mortlestown Police has arrived at the house of Walter Skehan, of Coolagh, (where
      they were stationed at night for Skehan's protection since his house was burned
      by incendiaries) they were alarmed by the barking of dogs, and on going out to
      ascertain the cause, perceived a house on fire, not 200 yards distant- it was
      entirely consumed. This was one of the houses which Skehan had not possession of
      with the lands of Coolbawn. On hearing of the outrage, Richard Millett, Esq., a
      very active Magistrate, proceeded to the ???, and with the Police, made every
      exertion to apprehend the perpetrators-but, we are sorry to say, without
      success.-Clonmel Herald.

      LIMERICK, APRIL 17- At three o'clock this day, William and Michael Crotty,
      brothers, for burglary in the house of James Egan, of Croagh; and John Carmody;
      for attacking the habitation of Launcelot Sands, at Morgans, in this county, and
      taking therefrom arms and money, were hanged in front of the county gaol. They
      all acknowledged the justice of their sentence.

      This morning at six o'clock, the King's Messenger, who left Dublin at
      half-past three yesterday afternoon, arrived here with a respite for Thomas
      Sullivan, who was reprieved to this day, for attempting to murder Mr. Nagle. If
      the King's Messenger had not arrived, the execution would not take place, as the
      Sheriff received a communication yesterday from Mr. Sergeant Lefroy, at
      Charlesville, commuting the sentence to transportation for life-accordingly,
      Sullivan was removed from the condemned cell, and had his irons all struck off.

      On Monday night last, an armed party of men attacked a farm-house, on the
      lands of Ballyegan, near Shanagolden, the property of Mr. Nicholas Meade, of
      Newcastle, and on part of the estate of the Earl of Clare. Immediately on
      entering the house they fired a short, after which, two of them, one of them
      armed with a musket and the other with a pistol, commenced beating a
      confidential man of Mr. Meades's named Hanrahan, who was a stranger and only a
      few days living in the house, broke some of his ribs, knocked out his eye with
      the musket, and told him and his wife that if they did not go back to their own
      country the next day, to prepare their coffins, which they were thus forced to
      comply with and left the country on Thursday.

      On Saturday last, Mr. Timothy Cronin, of Ross, near Drumcolloher, when in
      the act of preventing potatoes being removed from his lands, previous to his
      securing the ?ert, was struck with a spade in the back of the head, by a man
      named Sheehan, who has absconded. Little hopes are entertained of his recovery.

      A similar attack was made on Mr. D. Kelly, of Farahy, who received a cut in
      the head, by a blow of a shovel.

      On Wednesday night the Police, stationed at Pallis-kenry, arrested Bryan
      Bourke, charged with having on the night of Thursday, the 3d instant, fired at
      Jacob Shouldice, whilst sitting in his own house, at Mellon, in this county.

      A man named Connell, was killed in the neighbourhood of Turbid, county
      Kerry, on Saturday evening last, in a quarrel, originating in his attempting to
      walk across another person's field.- Two men are in custody for this outrage.

      We regret to have occasion to notice another highway robbery committed in
      the immediate neighbourhood of this town, on the Armagh road, attended with
      circumstances of a very atrocious character.- On Friday night last, as Mr. A.
      Ledlie and his servant were returning from the fair of Market-hill, about
      half-past nine o'clock, they were attacked within a quarter of a mile of Newry
      by three for four men-one of whom on coming up discharged a pistol at Mr.
      Ledlie, happily without effect. Mr. Ledlie was then dragged from his horse,
      knocked down, and dreadfully beaten. Mr. Ledlie's servant was also knocked down
      and received a great deal of abuse. While these ruffians were engaged in their
      nefarious works a man named Clarke approached, on which they fled, leaving the
      objects of their sanguinary ferocity weltering in their blood.--Newry Paper.

      ATTACK ON THE CORK MAIL COACH- The Cork, by Cashel, down Coach, was attacked
      at a place called Grange Turnpike Gate, which was shut against the passage of
      the Coach, and but a shore distance from the town of Cashel. The Coachmen and
      Guard were fired at, and both were severely wounded.- The robbers succeeded in
      carrying off the Mail and the arms; they killed two of the horses on the spot,
      and not content with this outrage, they attacked the up Coach, which reached
      this City at half-past five o'clock yesterday evening. The Guard, however,
      having spiritedly returned the fire, the villains thought right to desist from
      further violence.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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