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!! Freeman Journal; 31 Dec 1763

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland 31 Dec 1763 IRELAND Cork, Dec. 26,] Friday Morning was lost off Kilbrittain in the violent gale of Wind, the Union, Captain
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      31 Dec 1763

      Cork, Dec. 26,] Friday Morning was lost off Kilbrittain in the violent gale
      of Wind, the Union, Captain Harvey, from Bristol to Limerick.
      Same Morning a Collier, Vernon, Master, was lost off Ballycotton, but the
      Crew were all saved.
      By the above mentioned Storm on Friday Morning, nine Boats which lay at
      Anchor near Cove, were entirely wrecked to Pieces; its feared some Lives were
      Yesterday a young Infant was found dead on the Red-Abby-Marsh, near the old
      Sugar-House, being rooted up and Part of its Legs and Arms eat by the Pigs; it
      had several Marks of a Knife on the Body, supposed to be most inhumanly murdered
      by its unatural Parent, and afterwards buried there. The Coroner's Inquest sat
      on the Body, and brought in their Verdict, Wilful Murder.
      The Commissioners of his Majesty's Revenue having advanced Colville Moore,
      Esq; one of the Land Waiters of the Port of Cork, to be Collector of the Excise
      of this City, have thought fit to promote Adam Newman, Jun. Esq; to succeed him
      as Land Waiter, and Thomas Millerd, Esq; to succeed said Newman as Coast
      DEATHS.] Wednesday last on Tuckey's-Quay, Mr. Richard Noble, an eminent
      Plumber and Glazier.- Saturday Morning, at her Lodgings on said Quay, Mrs.
      Newingham, Lady of Thomas Newingham, of Coolmore, Esq.

      To cure the Bite of a mad Dog.
      A Pint and half of strong Ale. Half an Ounce of Venice Treacle. Half an
      Ounce of Rue. Half an Ounce of Garlick. Half an Ounce of Fileings of Pewter.
      Boil them on a slow Fire for one Hour, give three Spoonfuls cold each Morning,
      within nine Days after the Bite.

      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, in Bolton-Street, Mrs. Nugent, Relict of John
      Nugent, of Castle-Nugent, in the Co. of Longford-In Moor-Street, Mr. Michael
      Ferrall, Publican, a Man of good Character.- At Malahide, Mrs. Cotter, Wife of
      Mr. Henry Cotter.- Mrs. Adamson, Wife of Mr. Adamson, Surveyor of Malahide
      The Suit instituted in the Consistorial Court of Dublin, by Martha
      Rochforr, otherwise Shee, against Singleton Rochfor, Esq; was lately determined
      before the Right Worshipful Alexander Mc'Auley, Esq; Judge of the said Court,
      when Sentence was given for the Marriage, and Mr. Rochford was ordered to
      cohabit with the said Martha, his Wife.
      [Transcriber Note: Various surname spellings not typos.]

      London, Dec. 2, 1763.
      NOTICE is hereby given to the Publick, that no Person in Dublin, is
      authorized by John Page, Esq; Sir John Fielding, Kt. and Robert Dingly, Esq; to
      vend, or direct for Use, the late Mr. Ward's Medicines, but R.M. Dickson, at the
      established Ware-House, or Dispensary, in Silver-Court, in Castle-Street.
      [Attested] Robert Withy.

      THE ANN and CATHERINE, Patrick Brown, Master, now taking in Goods at the
      Batchelor's-Walk, and will sail the 15th of January next, Wind and Weather
      permitting, or sooner if full.
      For Freight apply to said Master on the Custom-House Quay, or to Alexander
      Montgomery and Son. Dublin, 27th December, 1763.

      Just published by SARAH COTTER, under Dick's Coffee-house in Skinner-row,
      A CHARGE given to the GRAND JURIES of the County of the City of Dublin, and
      County of Dublin, at a Sitting of His MAJESTY's Commissions of OYER and
      TERMINER, and General Gaol Delivery, for the said Counties, on Saturday, the 3d
      Day of December, 1763, By the Right Honourable RICHARD ASTON, Esq; Chief Justice
      of his Majesty's Court of COMMON PLEAS. Published at the Request of the CITY

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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