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!! Ballina Chronicle; Oct 24, 1849 "Misc News"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, Oct 24, 1849 EXPORT OF CATTLE FROM BELFAST- The number of cattle shipped from this port since the 1st of
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, Oct 24, 1849

      EXPORT OF CATTLE FROM BELFAST- The number of cattle shipped from this port
      since the 1st of September has far exceeded that of any former season. We would
      not be overstating the fact, if we set down the traffic in this article of
      export at treble its amount at any previous period. Every day large and numerous
      herds of beasts, chiefly store or "stock" cattle, are to be seen passing through
      our streets on their way to the steam-packet berths. They have, for the most
      part, been purchased in the county of Derry ,and in the lower part of the county
      of Antrim, by dealers, who are enabled to pick them up from the poorer farmers
      at a very low figure, the scarcity of money among that class, and the
      unfavourable prospects of the potato crop, inducing them to part with young
      stock they would otherwise have been but so glad to retain. Many of them were
      the property of persons emigrating at this late period of the season or
      proposing to do so next spring.-- Banner of Ulster.

      DISPENSARIES, &c., IN IRELAND- A parliamentary paper which has been
      published on the motion of Sir Wm. Somerville, the Secretary of State for
      Ireland, shows that hte number of dispensaries, fever hospitals, and infirmaries
      for which county presentments were made, in Ireland, in the year 1848, amounted
      to 773 (against 813 in 1847); the amount of presentments was £83,508 and the
      amount of subscriptions, £33.393, making a sum total of £116,902. The total
      amount of the sums subscribed and granted for fever hospitals in Ireland at the
      presenting sessions, preparatory to the Spring Assizes of 1849, was £7,885. The
      number of fever hospitals supported by the poor-rates in 1848 amounted to 233
      under the temporary fever act, the cost of which was £81,448; and to 80 not
      under the act, the cost of which was £21,789.

      Mr. O'Donovan of this town, proprietor of the Sligo and Derry Mail Coach, has
      started a car to run from Stranorlar to Letterkenny. The former of these places
      it leaves at half-past two o'clock, just after the arrival of the Sligo mail for
      Derry; and from Letterkenny it starts the following morning at a quarter before
      eight o'clock exactly, and then arrives at Stranorlar before the Sligo mail for
      Derry reaches that town. This arrangement will be advantageous to the public, as
      at present letters from Stranorlar to Letterkenny are delayed overnight in
      Strahane and in fact, all letters from Sligo to that town, and by return are
      delayed, also from Letterkenny to Stranorlar, Donegal, Ballyshannon, and Sligo.
      We hope the General Post Office will make arrangements for having letters, &c.,
      transmitted to these places, by this conveyance-upon public grounds; and also,
      because Mr. O'Donovan is an enterprising gentleman and deserves to be
      supported.--Sligo Guardian.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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