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!! Freeman Journal; 20 Dec 1763

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland 20 Dec 1763 DUBLIN Extract of a Letter from Donglas, in the Isle of Man, dated December 9, 1763. In our bay, on the night of
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      20 Dec 1763


      Extract of a Letter from Donglas, in the Isle of Man, dated
      December 9, 1763.
      "In our bay, on the night of the 7th inst. in a most violent gale of wind,
      at fouth west, three ships from Liverpool were droe from their anchors on St.
      Mary's Rock, and are totally lost with their cargoes, one of them a brig, called
      the Peggy, Henry Pardo, master, bound for Dublin, fifteen people out of her were
      drowned, the master and mate saved. Amongst the unfortunate persons who
      perished, were Capt. Brabazon, and Lieut. Courtney. No person was lost out of
      the other two Vessels. Other Ships are put in here, with many passengers for
      different parts of Ireland.

      On Friday last about eleven o'clock at night a rogue opened the parlour
      window belonging to Mr. Naghten, in Fownes's-street, near the play-house, and
      got into the same, but a servant hearing some noise, and going into the Parlour,
      the villain made off, without taking any thing of value except a ruffled Shirt,
      a hat, and handkerchief. A watchman's stand is opposite the house.
      On Sunday Capt. Moore and his Lady, Capt. Lawe, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, ____
      Irwin, Esq; Dr Cunningham and Mr. Thompson, arrived on board the Dorset Yatch
      from Parkgate; as did a great number of passengers, and a cargo of merchandize
      in the Lively, Capt. Williams.
      On Sunday a charity sermon was preached in St. Audeon's church, for the
      support of the charity school of St. Catherine, by the Right Rev. the Lord
      Bishop of Clogher, after which a collection was made of 45l. A charity sermon
      was also preached in St. Kevan's church, by the Rev. Dr. Man, Archdeacon of
      Dublin, and 20l.18s.6d. was collected.
      Yesterday, the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, reviewed the Watchmen of the
      several Parishes of this City in St. Stephen's-Green, when they made a
      formidable Appearance, particularly the Watch of St. ANN's and St. MARY's, who
      were provided with LIGHT INFANTRY CAPS, HALBERTS, and BACK-SWORDS, and their
      Lanthorns flung on belts. These and the City Watch (who attend Essex-Bridge) are
      worthy of the imitations of the other Parishes, which if equally regulated under
      the Inspection of his Lordship, the Inhabitants of this Metropolis would soon be
      relieved, from the Dangers, they have so long been subjected.Freeman Journal

      To the PUBLIC,
      As the melancholy Accident which happened to George Warner, at the Boot and
      Shoe Ware-house on Ormond-quay, Dublin, the 1st Instant December, has been
      attended with a considerable Loss to said Warner in his Circumstances, it is
      hoped the Generous and Humane will be pleased to take the same into
      Consideration; and all who are pleased to contribute towards making up his Loss,
      are requested to send their Benefactions to Edward Newenham, Esq; in Granby-row,
      and Thomas Cobbe, Esq; at his Grace the Lord Archbishop of Dublin's in
      Kevan-street, who are pleased to receive the same.

      WIDOW and Executrix of MICHAEL SHARMAN, Shoemaker, late of High street, Dublin,
      AT the Britannia Man of War, opposite St. Michael's Church, who for may
      Years had the Honour to serve the Nobility and Public in general, in the most
      extensive Manner, and as she will employ none but the best Hands, hopes for a
      Continuance of their Favour which she will endeavour to merit by having their
      Commands executed in the most exact Manner: Country Merchants and others will
      find their Advantage to deal with her, as her Goods are known to be the best in
      the Kingdom, and has always on Hands, a large Assortment ready for Exportation.
      N.B. She humbly entreats the Favour of those indebted to her, to discharge
      their Accounts.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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