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!! Ballina Chronicle; Oct 17, 1849 "Shooting at Police"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, Oct 17, 1849 KING S COUNTY - SANGUINARY CONFLICT From the Reporter of the Leinster Express KILLOUGHY,
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, Oct 17, 1849

      From the Reporter of the Leinster Express
      KILLOUGHY, SUNDAY EVENING, OCT 14- A melancholy spectacle greeted my
      arrival here to-day- one policeman lying dead, two mortally wounded, and two
      more suffering severely from gun shot wounds. The cause of this sacrifice of
      human life is owing to the interference of the constabulary to prevent the
      removal of crops and cattle by a defaulting tenant. The following is a hurried
      outline of the tragedy:-
      On last night about eleven o'clock, Constable Hall, of the Killoughy joint
      station, King's County, received private information that a party of men had
      passed the cross roads in the direction of Clonaslee. In a short time after, his
      attention was attracted by the passing of a number of cars, on the same road,
      followed by between 15 and 20 men who appeared to be armed.- This display
      induced him to send to the Mountbolus station for assistance; and he was
      accordingly joined by a reinforcement of a constable and five policemen. Between
      the hours of two and three o'clock this morning, the tramp of an approaching
      party, accompanied by horses and cars, was heard, this induced Constable Hall to
      range his small force, leaving six on one side of the barrack, and keeping his
      own four men in front with himself. The advancing body was now nearly on a line
      with the barrack, driving on foot about fifteen head of cattle, when the
      constable called out to the leaders to halt. Upon this, the man that seemed to
      direct the movements of the party, who was John Keyes of Capparogan near
      Clonslee, stepped forward and said, "Constable Hall, don't you know me? I am but
      removing my crops and cattle, which are not under seizure." The Constable, in
      reply, stated that the transaction seemed very suspicious, and said he was
      determined, at least, to take down the names of the parties implicated in the
      movement before he would let them pass. Keyes again expostulated; but the
      constable evinced a stern determination of carrying out his purpose, when the
      former exclaimed, "armed men to the front." There was an answering motion, which
      was immediately succeeded by a volley of fire arms, causing the death of
      Sub-Constable Patrick Mortimer-inflicting mortal wounds on two others of the
      party; seriously injuring Constable Balfour, of Mountbolus, on the right hip,
      also perforating his pouch box with several slugs, and depriving Constable Hall
      of three fingers of his left hand. Four shots were immediately returned by the
      police and it is supposed with deadly effect. One of them was discharged by
      Constable Gleeson, though he had his thigh broken in two places. After the
      exchange of shots, the assailing party passed off with great rapidity from the
      scene of bloodshed. It is said that the party consisted of between 100 and 150,
      and that one third of them were armed.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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