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!! Freeman Journal; Nov 29, 1763

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Nov 29, 1763 IRELAND Cork Nov. 24] On the 9th inst. the Hon. Thomas Fitzmaurice, Brother to the Earl of Shelburne, was
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Nov 29, 1763

      Cork Nov. 24] On the 9th inst. the Hon. Thomas Fitzmaurice, Brother to the
      Earl of Shelburne, was unanimously elected Knight of the Shire for the County of
      Kerry, in the place of John Blennerhasset, Esq; deceased.
      Last Tuesday, was committed to the County Goal, Florance Leary, on
      suspicion of setting fire to a Barn belonging to Mr. Charles M'Carthy, on the
      lands of Sunderreen, in the County of Cork. Wednesday, Philip Sulivan of Bantry
      in the County of Cork, charged with breaking into the house of Matthias Sulivan
      of said place, and stealing thereout sundry articles, to the value of twenty
      pounds. Yesterday, Denis M'Carthy, charged with advising and prompting Margaret
      M'Carthy, his wife, to assault Catherine, the wife of Denis Murley, whose son, a
      child of 9 years old, was killed by said Margaret M'Carthy with a blow of a
      stick made at his Mother.--To the City Goal, last Thursday, Timothy Callaghan,
      on suspicion of stealing out of the house of Mr. Richard Robertson of
      Mallow-lane, a tea chest, a large silver spoon, and three tea spoons. Last
      Tuesday, Mortough Heas, and Philip Croneen, Sedan Chairmen, charged with
      violently assaulting and rudely using the wife of Mr. Thomas M'Donnell, on the
      night of the 7th inst. in Corner's-lane, and robbing her of a black sattin
      Cardinal cloak.
      Yesterday died lamented by her acquaintance, Mrs. Lloyd, wife of Doctor
      Francis Lloyd.
      This day was married at St. Mary's Church, Dr. John Ward, of Col. Gray's
      Regiment, to Miss Mabella D'Esterre of the county of Clare, an agreeable young
      lady with a handsome fortune.
      DEATHS. Last week, at Cahir-Trant in the County of Kerry, Mr. Dominic
      Trant; a gentleman of many excellent qualities.-- Tuesday morning, at his house
      in Watergate-lane, greatly lamented, Mr. Robert Simmons, an eminent Brewer.
      Limerick, Nov. 21. On Wednesday night last died of a mortification, John
      Harrison, Gent. of Aughniss, in the county of Clare, justly esteemed by his
      friends whilst living, and now greatly regretted by them since dead.
      Thomas St. George, Esq; is appointed a commissioner of the board of works,
      in the room of Henry Sandford, Esq; appointed register of the forfeitures.
      26th] Miss Judith Whelan renounced the Errors of the church of Rome, in the
      parish church of St. Bridget.
      27th] A charity sermon was preached in the parish church of St. Ann by the
      Rev. Dr. Edward Bayly, after which a collection was made amounting to 16?l. 14s.
      9d. Also a charity sermon was preached at St. Michan's church by the Right Rev.
      the Lord Bishop of Raphoe, after which the collection amounted to 69l. 11s. 03d.
      And a charity sermon was also preached in Eustace-street meeting house, after
      which 80l. 0s. 1d. was collected.
      Married.] A few days ago John Bland, of Blandford in the Queen's county,
      Esq; to Miss Sally Birch, sister to Mr. Robert Birch.- The Hon. Capt. Cole,
      member of parliament for the borough of Enniskillen, to Miss Lowry, daughter of
      Galbraith Lowry, Esq; of Ahenis in the county of Tyrone.--26th, At night, Mr.
      Josiah Sheppard, bookbinder, of Sycamore alley, to Miss Mary Simple of
      Died.] Last week Mr. Henry Morgan, an eminent staymaker.- The wife of Mr.
      Lewis, grocer, at Nicholas-gate, sincerely lamented by all her acquaintance.- At
      Harold's Cross near Dublin, of a Decay, Mrs. Phelan, wife of Mr. Phelan, of
      Christ Church-lane, Seed Merchant.

      STOLEN last Saturday Morning, out of the Kitchen of Alex. M'Cullon, Printer
      and Bookseller in Henry-Street, a new Table Spoon, without any Mark. Whoever
      gives Information, so that said Spoon may be had again, shall have a Crown
      Reward. If offered to Sale, it is requested it may be stopped.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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