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!! Freeman Journal; Nov 23, 1763

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Nov 23, 1763 IRELAND Cork, Nov. 17. We hear from Bandon, that on Monday last Mr. Roger Swiney of that Town, on his return from
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Nov 23, 1763

      Cork, Nov. 17. We hear from Bandon, that on Monday last Mr. Roger Swiney of
      that Town, on his return from Cloughnakilty was unhappily thrown from his Horse,
      by which his Skull was fractured and he expired in great Agony the next Morning.
      Letters from Galway of the 14th Inst. say that the House of one Patrick
      Walsh, an honest industrious farmer, on the lands of Togher, in the
      neighbourhood of Tuam in this county, was forceably entered by a number of
      persons disguised; who in order to extort a confession of money, with a
      spade-iron, which they reddened in the fire, burned and branded said Welsh and
      his Wife, in several parts of their Bodies, in so cruel and inhuman a manner,
      that their lives are despaired of; and disappointed of their expectations, the
      villains rifled the house, and carried off every thing that was valuable, even
      their wearing apparel and bed-cloaths.

      His Grace, the Lord Archbishop of Dublin, has been pleased to grant the
      office of principal register of the diocese of Dublin, to Thomas Cobbe, Esq;
      Doctor of Laws, and George Lyndon, Bachelor of Laws, and the longer liver of
      them during their lives.
      The Hon. Thomas Fitzmaurice is elected a Knight of the Shire for the county
      of Kerry.
      Promoted by the Right Rev. Richard Lord Bishop of Ossory, the Rev. John
      Hewetson, clerk M.A. to the rectory of Coolcraheen, void by the death of the
      Rev. Thomas Collier, clerk.
      Sterne Tighe, Esq; an eminent merchant and agent, died at his House on
      Usher's quay.
      19th Patrick Murray, for the murder of Christopher Crafton (or Craston),
      one of the watchmen of the parish of St. Nicholas Within, and also for robbing
      Catherine Parker of a scarlet rug cardinal, Thomas Robberts for the murder of
      Daniel Lyons, and George Kelly and Francis Kavanagh, for a rape on Mary Mc
      Daniel, and robbing her of 3s. 3d. and Edward Lawler, for stealing 20 guineas
      from the Right Hon. Anthony Malone Esq; who were to be executed this day, are
      reprieved until father orders.
      Last Saturday Night was married in Drogheda, William Rotheram of Crosdrum
      Esq; to Miss Margaret Gartside of said Place, a most agreeable Lady, with a
      handsome Fortune.

      SAILED Hampden Packet to Holyhead, the Mail.
      Prince of Orange of Dublin, Turnice, Bourdeaux, Beef, &c.

      ARRIVED Night Tide 18, and Morning Tide 19.
      Clayton of Salicoats, Wright, Greeneck, Sugar
      Susannah of Whitehaven, Wilson, Glascow, Tobacco.
      Three Coasters, Barley.
      SAILED John and Henry of Cork, Driscoll, Lisbon, Butter.
      Dublin and Dublin, Walsh, Rochfort, Beef.
      Thomas of Dublin, Clancy, Rochfort, Potatoes.
      Fortune of Dublin, Matthewson, Rochell, Beef.
      Four Colliers, home, Ballast.

      ARRIVED Evening Tide 19, and Morning Tide 20.
      Barbara of Glascow, Stafford, Sugar.
      Three Coasters, Barley, &c.
      SAILED Three Colliers, home, Ballast.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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