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!! Freeman Journal; Oct 4, 1763

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland October 4, 1763 DUBLIN, OCTOBER 4. Friday the 14th Instant being Quarter-Day, the FREE CITIZENS will Dine at the Phoenix in
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      October 4, 1763

      Friday the 14th Instant being Quarter-Day, the FREE CITIZENS will Dine at
      the Phoenix in Werburgh-street.
      On the 21st of the Month, one Luke Healy, a Gabbard er lighter Man, was by
      the sitting Justice, communed to Newgate, for feloniously taking and carrying
      away, about 300 weight of Hemp, the property of some Person or Persons unknown;
      this Discovery was made by Messieurs Wm. Cowperthwaite, and Richard Grace
      Revenue Officers, who on the Monday before, late at Night, meeting a Carr with
      Sacks on it, stopped it, supposing it to be run Goods, but on search found it to
      be this Hemp, and suspecting it to be stolen, stopped the Man with the Carr, who
      brought them to Healy, from whom he said he bought it, upon which Messieurs
      Cowperthwaite and Grace, had Healy confined in St. Mark's Watch-House for the
      Night. Healy upon his examination before the Justice, could give no other
      Account; how he came by this Hemp, but that he found it on the City, or Georges
      Quay, amongst the Timber, and prevaricated greatly: Tho' Felonys and
      Depredations committed, on the Merchants in Lighters and on the Quays, are
      become so Enormous that they cry aloud for a Law to prevent them; how is it
      possible for any Merchant or Company of Merchants, to prove the Identity or
      property of several Wares, such as Hemp, Tobacco, Sugar, Spirits, &c., &c., &c.
      though they are conscious, they have been robbed, of some of these particulars,
      and held them in the possession of suspicious Persons. In London the Merchants
      were obliged, to apply to the Legislature for redress, and obtained an Act of
      Parliament to prevent these Villanies, wherefore should not the same be done
      here, where the mischief is daily increasing; would it be an improper remedy to
      oblige any Person or Persons ,who shall have Goods Wares or Merchandizes, found
      upon him, her, or them, in which they are not publickly known to deal, or to
      prove how, or in what Manner they came by them, and in case they shall fail, to
      make the penalty Transportation; instead of throwing the Onis probande, of the
      Identity of the property on the Persecutor, but this must be left to the Widdom,
      of the Legislature.
      Last Week Mr. Thomas Burton was elected Master, and Mr. Benjamin Stokes was
      elected Warden of the Corporation of Goldsmiths, for the ensuing Year.
      Roger Ford, Esq; was sworn Mayor, and Messrs. Oliver Fairtloch and Abraham
      Knight, Sheriffs of the Town of Drogheda.
      The Right Rev. and Right Hon, the Lord Bishop of Meath, has been pleased to
      present the Hon. and Rev. Mr. Maitland to the livings of Painstown, and
      Ardmulchan, void by the death of the Rev. Samuel Holt.
      His Grace the Archbishop of Dublin hath collated the Rev. Mr. Dixon, to the
      rectory of Inche, void by the promotion of the Rev. Mr. Kenny.
      A few Days ago died at her House in Jervais-street, Mary Lady Burrowes,
      Relict of Sir Walter Burrowes, Bart. a Lady remarkable for her Charity to the
      Poor, and many other Virtues. By her Death a very considerable Jointure falls to
      her Son Sir Kildare Dixon Burrowes, Bart.
      Wednesday last, John Hall, was committed to Newgate by Wm. Chamberlain,
      Esq; for stealing a large quantity of pine-apples out of the hot-house of Mr.
      John Phelan, gardener, at Haroldscross, in the county of Dublin, and for
      stabbing and cutting with a cafe knife, John Austin and Edmond Bolan, who were
      placed as watchmen near said hot-house. It is not doubted but this dangerous
      fellow and his accomplices are the villains who have robbed so many gardens
      lately near the city, and that said Austin and Bolan, on conviction, will
      receive the reward so timely, and so generously promised by the worthy high
      sheriff of said county, as they fairly hazarded their lives in apprehending the
      above offender. Public spirited rewards in this way will be the most effectual
      means to rid the Kingdom of such Vagabonds.
      On Friday evening last, the Right Hon. the Earl of Rothes, commander in
      chief of the forces on this establishment, arrived in town from Belfast.
      The sum of ten pounds given by his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, was
      distributed among the most deserving poor of the parish of St. Bride's; for
      which they beg leave to return his Excellency their most grateful thanks.
      On Saturday last, being the quarter day of the corporation of weavers, the
      Right Hon. Francis Andrews, PROVOST of Trinity College, John Haly Hutchinson,
      Esq; his Majesties PRIME SERJEANT at Law, and ALNAGER of Ireland, and Edward
      Newenham, Esq., HIGH SHERIFF, of the County of Dublin, were admitted to their
      Freedom of said corporation.
      Yesterday at Guildhall, came on the Election for Masters and Wardens of
      Trinity, or the Merchant's Guild, when the following Gentlemen were put in
      Election and balloted for; for Junior Master, (Alderman Matthew Bailie being
      elected Senior Master unanimously)
      George Carlton, Esq. 120
      Thomas Blood, Esq. 63
      Thomas Hawkshaw, Esq 60
      For Wardens.
      Wm. Bryan, Esq. present Sheriff, 125
      Mr. Henry Hart 95
      Mr. William Hurst 90
      Mr. John Tucker 68
      When Alderman Matthew Bailie and George Carleton, Esq; were declared
      Masters And William Bryan, Esq; and Mr Henry Hart, were elected Wardens for the
      ensuing Year.
      We hear, that on Thursday last Samuel Bradstreet, of Samsgrove, Esq; was
      sworn Sovereign of Ca?on, in the County of Kilkenny, for the ensuing Year.
      Died lately at Cork, most deservedly lamented, Mr. Daniel Riordan; an
      eminent Apothecary.
      As did also at said Place, Mr. William Dillon, Master of a Merchant Vessel
      on this Trade.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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