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!! Freeman Journal; Sep 20, 1763

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland September 20, 1763 COUNTRY - NEWS. Cork, Sept. 15. Last Week was married at Thurles in the County of Tipperary, Mr. Thomas
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      September 20, 1763

      Cork, Sept. 15. Last Week was married at Thurles in the County of Tipperary,
      Mr. Thomas Hough, to the agreeable Miss Polly Shee, Daughter of Mr. Robert Shee
      of that Place.
      COMMITTED. Last Friday to the County Jail, John Ronayne, charged with
      stealing a Horse, the property of Joseph Hallahan of Kilrush- Monday Jeremiah
      Hedrington, charged with murdering William Barry late of Killeagh.- Tuesday to
      the City Jail, David Caple, for stealing a full bound firkin of Butter, value
      16s out of the Cellar of Hugh Norcott, Esq.

      In our last, for want of better Information, what we think the Public
      interested in knowing, that the State of the Poll, in balloting for the Election
      of an Alderman, on Friday last, stood thus;
      For Mr. Darquier 1.
      For Mr. Lamprey 3.
      For Mr. Wrighton 0.
      For Mr. Bailie 91.
      Mr. Wrighton, whose character in public and private Life is most respectable
      in the Eyes of the Commons and Citizens, would undoubtedly have had many Votes
      upon this Occasion, had he not held an Employment subject to the Ministry, which
      is looked upon to be incompatable [sic] with the Office of Magistrate.
      Mr. Alex Pope, Gent., of the City of Waterford, is sworn into the Office of
      Master of Chancery, for said City, by a Commission issued for that Purpose.
      We have an account by the last Packet, that on Wednesday the 7th inst. died
      at Clifton [England] the Hon. Lady Harriet Fitzgerald, third Daughter of the
      most noble Marquis of Kildare.

      SEIZURES. On the 13th Instant, the St. Johana, Boe Hanson, Master, from
      Norway, was seized by Mr. Robert Dyer in the Harbour of Kinsale, for having
      about 20lb of Tea concealed on Board.

      MARRIAGES. Thomas Vincent of New-brook, in the County of Kildare, Esq.; to
      Miss Newcomen, Daughter of Brabazon Newcomen, of the County of Lowth, Esq.; a
      most agreeable Lady with a large Fortune.
      Mr. Thomas Symmonds, of Meath-street, Merchant, to Miss Bewley.
      Mr. John Barrington, Tallow Chandler, at James's Gate to Miss Anne Plumber
      of Coal-alley, all of the People called Quakers.
      Mr. Thomas Donnelly of Thomas-street, Grocer, to Miss Mary Ann Byrne of
      Saggart, County of Dublin.
      On Friday Evening last, Mr. Stanford, an eminent Linen Draper in Pil-lane,
      had the Happiness of being married to Miss Nelligan of the County of Longford, a
      very sensible, prudent, and agreeable young Lady, with a good Fortune.

      DEATHS. A few Days ago, Mr. Robert Elliot, Port-surveyor of Passage,
      Waterford- At the Barrack in Limerick, Capt. Bland, of Colonel Owens regiment.-
      In Great Britain-street, universally regretted the Rev. Mr. Peter Richardson,
      Rector of Drumgoon near Coothill, in the Diocese of Kilmore.- In New-Row.
      On Saturday last, died universally lamented, Magrath Fergus, Doctor of
      Physic, Son of the late celebrated John Fergus, Doctor of Physic. As this young
      Gentleman gave early Proofs of the greatest Genius, Assiduity, and Charity in
      his Profession, eminently possessed every social Virtue, and exemplary filial
      Piety in particular, the Loss of such a Friend to the Public, such an Ornament
      to his Profession, and such a Comfort to his Family, is easier conceived than

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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