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Ballina Chronicle; Oct 16, 1850; Mayo Items

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, October 16, 1850 WORKHOUSE ACCOMMODATION The consideration of the propriety of closing the Auxiliary Workhouse
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, October 16, 1850

      The consideration of the propriety of closing the Auxiliary Workhouse
      in this Union was postponed until the Guardians have the benefit of the
      advice of Captain Hamilton, the Union Inspector, in this matter. The Poor
      Law Commissioners have suggested, in a letter to the Board of Guardians,
      which appears in our report of their proceedings on Saturday, "whether it
      may not be judicious to retain all or some of the auxiliary workhouses as
      they may be again required during the ensuing winter when largely increased
      rents might be demanded for them." We wonder were the Commissioners aware of
      the piece of information on this subject which we laid out before our
      readers last week when they wrote, or rather directed the writing of the
      foregoing suggestive sentence? Were they aware that there then were only 493
      inmates in the Union Workhouse, which can conveniently accommodate 1800 in
      case of a temporary pressure, and that in two auxiliaries there were 775,
      making a total of a third less than the main house could easily contain?
      Were they aware that of this number 163 belong to other unions, and will
      soon be removed? And were they aware of the weekly decrease in the number
      which has been, and is still going on, when they suggested the judiciousness
      of retaining those expensive and now useless houses? On last Saturday the
      numbers stood thus: -
      Union House, .......................490,
      White's Auxiliary...................656,
      Joynt's.................................. 89,
      When we deduct this 139 belonging to the West and Killala Unions we
      have a number at least 600 less than that which the Union house is capable
      of accommodating. Then if we allow a further decrease of 200, which is not
      unreasonable, before the severity of winter sets in, we will have room for
      800 when the apprehended pressure comes; and if any one of the guardians can
      conscientiously say, with the present population of the union, decimated as
      it has been by famine, sickness, and emigration, that an auxiliary house
      still be necessary, we at once will submit.

      Sir William Somerville, accompanied by Dr. Toher, arrived in this town
      on Thursday, on his way from Belmullet, and put up at the Royal Mall Hotel.
      Sir William visited the Workhouse, and expressed himself highly gratified
      with the neat and orderly appearance of the entire establishment. He left
      here for Sligo on Friday.

      in the Parish of Kilmatigue, Barony of Lyney, and County of Sligo, several
      FARMS of from TEN to TWENTY ACRES, each, at very reduced rents, each Farm
      having a good Dwelling House on it, for which no extra rent will be charged.
      Application to be made to Mr. JAMES DONOHOE, Steward, at the Lodge,
      GLENEASKE, Sept. 30, 1850

      TO, TRAVELLERS, TOURISTS, &c., &c.
      I BEG respectfully to acquaint the numerous friends and patrons of my
      Establishment, that the period of NICHOLAS FLYNN'S engagement with me, as my
      waiter, has expired, and that I have dispensed with his services. My
      principal reason for bringing this subject under notice is to prevent
      mistakes being made, as I understand it is his intention to open a Hotel
      convenient to mine.
      I take leave also to assure any old and well-tried supporters that no
      exertion which I can bring to bear in the furtherance of their comfort shall
      be wanting, and that all my energies will be exerted in securing that degree
      of public confidence which I gratefully acknowledge at all times to have
      I have secured the services of an experienced and attentive waiter,
      whose constant care and study it will be to be attentive and obliging to
      those who may patronise me.
      Royal Mall Hotel, Ballina, October 1st, 1850.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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