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Ballina Chronicle; Oct 16, 1850

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, October 16, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS An iron lighthouse of vast dimensions, is being erected on the Fastnett, a
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, October 16, 1850

      An iron lighthouse of vast dimensions, is being erected on the Fastnett, a
      solitary rock in the Atlantic, off the coast of Cork and Kerry.

      Patrick Ryne, of Cork, was fined £20 on Saturday by the local magistrates at
      the prosecution of Lieut. Friend, R.N. for acting as emigration agent
      without a license.

      Mr. Sergeant Shee is certainly an eminent and distinguished member of the
      English bar, but he is not "a large landed proprietor" or our county. He is
      in reality a tenant and middleman. No member of his family, for the last two
      centuries, could be numbered amongst the proprietors of Kilkenny. His father
      was a respectable merchant, and his grandfather was a worthy tithe proctor,
      whose life was sacrificed to the rage of the lawless peasantry in the first
      crusade against the tithe system.-- Kilkenny Moderator.

      A recent number of the Nelson newspaper, New Zealand, announcing the arrival
      out of the 'Lady Nugent,' passenger vessel, observed: - "Her passengers
      altogether seem to be of a superior class- We have a favourable specimen of
      the Scotch farmer in Mr. Wm. M'Rea, brother of Mr. G. M'Rea, of Pitfure. Mr.
      Wm. M'Rea has been for some years farming a considerable property at
      Bonavaree, county Clare, Ireland, which he abandoned in consequence of the
      wretched state of that unhappy country, and his doing so caused no small
      sensation far beyond his own immediate circle.

      Anthony Lynch, Esq., has resigned the situation of Post master of Galway, to
      which office he was inducted on the 15th ult.

      On Wednesday the ceremony of a reception took place at the Presentation
      convent, Tuam. The postulant was Miss O'Connor, Willsbrook, Roscommon.
      Archbishop M'Hale officiated on the occasion.

      John Shouldham, Esq., High Sheriff of Longford, has established a Flax Mill
      and introduced the manufacture of linen into the town of Ballymahon.

      There has been grown this year, on the land surrounding the Nenagh
      Workhouse, four acres of Flax, and vegetables which are used in soup for the
      diet of the paupers. There is a Capstan mill, which grinds all the corn into
      flour necessary for the house; there is also an excellent bakery, weavers,
      tailors, shoemakers, and carpenters' workshops where the boys are
      instructed. The women daily engaged in knitting, spinning, combing, washing,
      and in preparing flax for the weavers' loom.

      At Longford Castle, the Viscountess Felkestone, of a son, which only
      survived a short time.
      At Rockville, county Roscommon, the Lady of Lieut-Colonel Wm. Lloyd, of
      a daughter.
      At 16 North Great George's-street, Dublin, the Lady of Hamilton Smyth,
      Esq., of a daughter.

      On Monday, the 14th instant, in the Parish Church of Kilcommon,
      Belmullet, by the Rev. Mr. Lees, Jane Adelaide, second daughter of Robert R.
      Savage, Esq., of Bangor, to Mr. Michael Gallagher, of Coolamore.

      On Friday, 4th inst., at Rose Cottage, Westport, Lieut. Peter O'Malley,
      aged 67, of the South Mayo Militia, the oungest son of the late Owen
      O'Malley, Esq., of Burrishoole, and cousin of the late Gen. [?] O'Malley,
      and Sir Samuel O'Malley of Kilboyne. The deceased has left a widow and a
      large family.
      On the 6th inst., at Cullane, Francis Fenell, Esq., for 40 years a J.P.
      of the county of Mayo.
      At Michael's Grove, Brompton, Elizabeth, wife of Eneas MacDonnell, Esq.

      The following are the ex-officio Guardians of this Union [Ballina] for the
      ensuing year: -
      Colonel F.A.K. Gore- Belleek Manor
      Edward Howley, Esq., Belleek Castle
      Captain W. Atkinson, Rehins
      Captain John Knox, Greenwood Park
      William Malley, sen, Esq., Ballina
      Henry Wm. Knox, Esq., Netley Park.
      Thomas Paget, Esq., Knockglass
      William Gardiner, Esq., Cloonagh
      John Bourke, Esq, Ballina
      William Symes, Esq., Ballina
      Arthur Ormsby, Esq., Curimbla
      Mervyn Pratt, Esq, Enniscoe
      Edward Orme, Esq., Ballycorroen
      Thomas G. Bourke, Esq., Richmond
      John Walsh, jun, Esq., Castlehill
      Major J.F. Knox, Mountfalcon
      Annesley Knox, Esq., Rappa Castle
      James K. Gore, Esq., Broadlands
      T. Jones, Esq., Castletown and Ardnaree
      James V. Jackson, Esq., Caramore
      Lord Arran, Saunderscourt.

      DIABOLICAL OUTRAGE - On the night of Sunday last, some miscreants
      posted a threatening notice on the house of Mr. Wood, an English gentleman
      residing at Tallagh, within a short distance of Belmullet. They afterwards
      set fire to his haggard, which, we have been informed, was totally consumed.
      Government has offered a reward of £100 for the apprehension of the ruffians
      concerned in this wanton and unprovoked attack on an unoffending gentleman.
      We trust the vigilance of the Constabulary of that remote district will
      speedily bring the perpetrators to justice.

      CASTLEBAR UNION - At the last meeting of the Guardians of this Union,
      Ignatius Kelly, Esq., was appointed Solicitor to the Board, having a
      majority of two over Mr. Myles Jordan, the only other candidate.

      THE HARVEST - Several farmers have sustained very considerable loss in
      the grain crops which unfortunately they were unable to gather home before
      the late high winds and rain. The potato blight seems to have been entirely
      stayed but in many instances the potatoes which were planted late have not
      grown to the full size.

      THE CONSTABULARY - Constable Phibbs, for some years in charge of the
      Ardnaree party of Constabulary, has been removed to Coolany, in the county
      of Sligo. Phibbs has been generally esteemed as a most active and efficient
      officer while at the Ardnaree station and we believe his removal to Coolany
      to be a preparatory step towards his promotion, which no man in the service
      better deserves.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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