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Connaught Journal; Feb 3, 1925

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, February 3, 1825 MURDER On Tuesday, the 11th instant, J. M Cormick, of Monycannon, parish of Donagheady, and county
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      Galway, Thursday, February 3, 1825

      On Tuesday, the 11th instant, J. M'Cormick, of Monycannon, parish of
      Donagheady, and county Tryrone, was barbarously murdered by two of his
      neighbours, Patt and James Lynch, in the face of day, and in the presence of
      his son, Thos. M'Cormick; who, in making an unavailing effort to save his
      aged parent, was near sharing the same fate; indeed, he would have been
      their victim, had he not sought safety in flight, from the consequences of
      an unequal and desperate contest, he being unarmed. The Lynches, who are
      brothers, and both young men, were found by deceased trespassing upon his
      ground; as we have been given to understand, digging earth for the purpose
      of removing it to enrich their own. Old M'Cormick very naturally forbid them
      or proceed at their peril, as, if they did, he would appeal to the law for
      the protection of his property; when, without any provocation, they fell
      upon him with their spades, and beat him so unmercifully that they broke his
      skull. After glutting their rage upon him, and as we have observed, severely
      beating his son, they left him, and he was soon after borne to his own
      house, a sad spectacle indeed for his afflicted family, covered with blood
      and his brains protruding. He survived till the Saturday morning following
      at five o'clock, when he expired. - The Rev. Francis Gouldsbury attended him
      on the evening he received the beating and took his examinations, when he
      swore positively against the Lynches; and on Saturday the same Gentleman and
      another Magistrate, Hugh Lyle, Esq., held an inquest on the body, when Thos.
      M'Cormick having fully corroborated his father's dying testimony, the Jury
      returned an unanimous verdict of a "Wilful Murder," against Patrick and
      James Lynch. They absconded, but their apprehension is certain, from the
      strict pursuit which has been instituted. They are from 23 tp 25 years of
      age, about five feet eight inches high; rather slender, but well made. One
      of them dark complexioned with black hair and whiskers; the other, rather
      fair, with brown hair. The deceased was 75 years of age; was a member of the
      Presbyterian connexion, and had ever borne a respectable character; the
      Lynches are Roman Catholics and, as we have heard, violent party men. --
      Derry Paper.

      By special license, in the Parish Church of Athenry, on the 27th
      instant, by the Rev. Mr. Irwin, John Flemming, Esq., Lieutenant 1st Royal
      Veteran Battalion, to Margaret Maria, eldest daughter of Dominick Burke,
      Esq., of said place.

      On Saturday last, at the very advanced age of 91, at Derrinane, Maurice
      O'Connell, Esq. His landed property, consisting of £4,000 a year, he has
      bequeathed to his nephew, Counsellor O'Connell, and has divided equally
      between him and his brothers, John and James O'Connell, Esqrs., £40,000 in
      With feelings of sincere regret, we announce the decease of the Hon.
      Valentine Lawless, eldest son of Lord Cloncurry, which took place early on
      Monday morning at the house of Baron Hoelieck [or Hoebeck]. Mr. Lawless was
      only in his 20th year, and he had distinguished himself by his extensive and
      various acquirements in literature.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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