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Ballina Chronicle; Oct 2, 1850; Meeting of Guardians

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, October 2, 1850 MEETING OF GUARDIANS BALLINA UNION - The usual weekly meeting of the Guardians of this Union was
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, October 2, 1850

      BALLINA UNION - The usual weekly meeting of the Guardians of this Union
      was held in the Boardroom on Saturday, Colonel Knox Gore in the chair. There
      was a large attendance of ex-officio and elected Guardians, among whom was
      noticed Mr. Pratt, Major J.F. Knox, Mr. Malley, Mr John Walsh, Mr. Paget,
      Mr. Jones, Mr. A. Knox, Mr. E. Orme, Mr. G. Orme, Mr. H. Joynt, Mr. W.
      Joynt, Captain Atkinson, Mr. Wills and Mr. Cunningham. Captain Hamilton, the
      Union Inspector, was also present.
      Mr. Cunningham acted in the capacities of Guardians and reporter for
      the Tyrawly Herald.
      The Clerk having read the minutes of the proceedings of the last day of
      meeting, and the communications from the Poor Law Commissioners.
      Mr. Paget and Mr. Malley called the attention of the Board to several
      robberies of wearing apparel and other articles from the Workhouse which had
      come under their notice.
      The Master then having been called in, stated that it was impossible
      for him to prevent these robberies, as he had in the house a set of the
      greatest robbers in the country and the only way in which they could be
      checked was by a boundary wall to prevent a communication with accomplices
      outside. He said that a great quantity of clothing is continually being
      taken away by absconders who appear to come into the house for no other
      Mr. Paget then proposed and Mr. Pratt seconded the following resolution
      which was adopted unanimously-
      "That in consequence of the repeated acts of robbery of union property,
      and the impossibility of an efficient check being placed on such robberies
      without a boundary wall -resolved that an application be made to the Poor
      Law Commissioners with a view of obtaining a loan of 250l. for the purpose
      of completing the boundary wall which was commenced last year."
      The Doctor, in making application for medicines, stated that in cases
      of typhus fever the use of wine was absolutely necessary, and that it was
      more than probable one or two of his patients would have died last week were
      it not for wine. He had in his estimate for the week taken off a dozen of
      porter and 3 lbs of arrowroot, and now asked for only 9 bottles of wine, one
      for the Fever Hospital and the other for the infirmary.
      Colonel Gore was of opinion that so far as wine was necessary for
      medical purposes it should be allowed and rather than undo so soon what they
      had resolved upon last week, he would willingly pay for it out of his own
      pocket for a fortnight.
      Captain Hamilton said that he would take any three of the Guardians to
      the Hospital and if they, after seeing some of the patients there, were of
      opinion that wine should not be allowed, he would not ask for it.
      Captain Atkinson and other Guardians objected to any wine being
      allowed, and remarked how absurd appear to act contrary to their resolution
      passed law week.
      Captain Hamilton then desired the Doctor to get wine if required for
      the week and he would pay for it.
      Mr. Jones, who was the principal person in causing the wine to be
      discontinued, came into the Board-room at this stage of the proceedings and
      on the necessity for the use of wine as a medicine being represented to him,
      he said he would have no objection to one bottle being allowed.
      Colonel Gore then said that it were better to allow the matter to
      remain as it stood at present and leave the use of wine to the discretion of
      the Doctor, who would not find the Guardians unreasonable whenever he would
      have occasion for wine medicinally.
      On the tenders for groceries, &c., being opened, Captain Atkinson
      proposed the following resolution which was carried without a dissenting
      "That the weekly rations of the officers of this house form this date
      be on the following scale, viz: Tea, 2 oz., Sugar, 1lb, Bread, 10 lbs, Meat,
      3 1/2 lbs.Milk, 3 1/2 quarts."
      Mr. Cunningham then proposed "That in future the use of tea, sugar,
      beef and mutton and such luxuries to the officers of this union be
      discontinued; the Master and Matron excepted, and that they be put no a
      plain dietary of bread, milk and stirabout." This resolution passed without
      any opposition from any Guardian.
      Mrs. Bredin was declared contractor for Indian Meal at £7 18s. 6d. per
      ton for three months. - Tenders were in for the same article from Messrs.
      Gallagher and Co. at £8 4s. 6d. and from Mr. W. Malley, jun., at £8 per ton.
      Mr. Malley obtained the contract for oatmeal at £9 per ton.
      Mr. Foley got the contract for white bread at 5d. per the 4 lb. loaf
      and Mr. West for brown bread at 3d. per 4 lbs. loaf.
      The contracts for other articles were as follows: Turf, Daniel
      O'Connor, at 3 1/2d. per box- Lime, Neaty Holeran, 5d. per barrel - Coffins,
      Mrs. Bredin, 3s. 5d. each- Beef and Mutton, Bernard Callaghan, at 21/2d. per
      lb.- Milk, Mr. E. Atkinson, at 15d. per 20 quarts for new, and 8d. per 20
      quarts for butter milk, for twelve months.
      Mr. M'Kenzie was appointed Relieving Officer for Crossmolina, North
      Relief District.
      The tender from Mr. Henry Joynt, on the part of Colonel Gore, for
      renting 25 statute acres in connexion with the Ardnaree Auxiliary Workhouse
      for the purpose of being cultivated by the pauper inmates, was accepted at
      30s. per statute acre.
      It was agreed to respectfully call the attention of the Poor Law
      Commissioners to the fact that the schedule of debts up to the 17th of May
      last, amounting to £1800, lies undischarged till the Commissioners be forced
      to send funds out of the government advancements pay it off.
      After disposing of the usual routine business the Guardians separated.

      Remaining on previous Saturday.....1733
      Admitted during the week............... 19
      Discharged.................................... 212
      Remaining on the above date.........1533

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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