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Ballina Chronicle; October 2, 1850

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, October 2, 1850 MURDER OF A MAGISTRATE KILBEGGAN, COUNTY OF WESTMEATH, TUESDAY, Sept. 24 - I hasten to
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, October 2, 1850

      communicate briefly the particulars of a most dreadful murder that was
      committed on the borders of this county, adjoining the King's at a place
      called Rathue, situate about five miles from this town, in a peaceable part
      of the country, on yesterday (Monday) between four and five o'clock in the
      afternoon, occurring on a public road leading from this to Phillipstown and
      Edenderry. The gentleman that fell a victim to the assassin was Roger North,
      Esq. of Kilduff House, King's County, a magistrate and landlord in said
      county. He was shot dead within one mile of his own house as he was
      proceeding home on his return from inspecting some cattle, one or two of
      which was sick, on a farm of his (Garryduff), nearly two miles from his
      residence, Henry Pilkington, Esq., J.P., Toan Lodge, Tyrrellspass, having
      paid him a visit on said day as he was going home. He then parted with him,
      being old and intimate friends. Mr. North remained about an hour at the
      farm. He then proceeded homewards to Kilduff, walking by himself,
      unaccompanied by any person. When he got about a quarter of a mile beyond
      Mr. Arthur Judge's, of Rathue, on a lonesome part of the road near three
      farm houses, and where several persons were working in the fields, it is
      supposed that the assassin laid wait for him behind the hedge and fired at
      him, the shot taking effect in his side and back over the region of his
      heart and chest. A large number of slugs and pellets, with which the
      firepiece was loaded went though his body. The firearm must have been extra
      loaded, and the deceased near to the shot that was fired. From all the
      wounds he received he must have died instantly. He was discovered dead on
      the road immediately afterwards. Sub-Inspector Sheil, with a party of police
      from this town, proceeded early this morning to the place and arrested
      several persons on suspicion. The coroner, Marcus Kelly, Esq., proceeded on
      this day to hold an inquest on the body. Every means are being taken by the
      authorities to get or discover the person or persons who committed the
      dreadful deed. Up to this no clue or discovery has been made of the guilty.
      It is considered he was murdered owing to his having lately sued some of his
      tenants, on his Rathue property, with coersive severity. Such are the
      rumours here at least, and I give them to you as they reached
      me.--Correspondent of Freeman.

      Head Constable Patterson, stationed in Ballymote for the last twelve
      years, has been discharged on a pension of 33l. per annum.
      Constable J. Christopher has been promoted by Sir Dunean M'Gregor, to
      the vacant Head-Constableship, on the recommendation of Capt. Lawson.
      Head-Constable Scott, of Clogher is removed to Ballymote, and will be
      replaced by Head-Constable Christopher.-- Sligo Chronicle.
      The Ennisnag outrage, Kilkenny, will be attended with fatal results,
      Constable Kelly's recovery is despaired of. The case of Sub-Constable
      Reardon is extremely perilous. Sub-Constable Holmes seems to be out of
      danger. Government has issued a proclamation offering a reward of £100 for
      information tending to lead to the conviction of the miscreants concerned in
      the attrocious [sic] outrage on the police.
      Constables Hall and Balfour who were wounded in the conflict with the
      peasantry at Killoughy when Sub-Constables Gleeson and Mortimer were shot
      dead, have been awarded by the Inspector-General a chevron each, in addition
      to which Constable Hall gets £10, and Constable Balfour £6.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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