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Connaught Journal; Jan 31, 1825

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, January 31, 1825 MENDICITY IN acknowledging the Subscriptions and Donations for the last month, the Managing Committee
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      Galway, Monday, January 31, 1825


      IN acknowledging the Subscriptions and Donations for the last month,
      the Managing Committee again avail themselves of this opportunity of
      imploring their Fellow Townsmen to forbear from giving Alms in the street
      and at their doors, the importance of encouraging strolling Beggars at this
      season, when contagious diseases are usually most prevalent, must be obvious
      to every person; and they can assure those that are disposed to be
      charitable, that there are both in the Mendicity and among those that are
      allowed rations at their homes, objects, whose deplorable situations it
      would be hardly possible to describe, for them to exercise their compassion
      on, and whose nakedness and misery the most liberal allowances that the
      Committee, in this present low state of its Funds, is able to afford, can go
      but a very short way towards alleviating.
      In addition to the Subscriptions, the Committee gratefully acknowledges
      to have received Twenty-two stone of Potatoes, from John Golden, Esq., of
      Moyne-Lodge, per the Rev. A. M'Dermott.


      Rev. M. Fynn, half-year Subscriptions, £1 2 9
      Mrs. Lynch, Lombard-street 3 0 0
      Mrs. Manus Blake 1 2 9
      James Hurly 1 0 0
      James Veitch 1 0 0
      James Gunning 0 11 4 1/2
      James M'Namara 0 11 4 1/2
      Captain Persse 1 0 3
      Doctor Gray 1 2 9
      Major Mitcham 0 11 4 1/2
      Miss Grace 1 0 0
      Pat Commins 0 11 4 1/2
      L. M'Donough 6 10 8
      Michael Morris 1 4 8
      John and James Burke (for three months) 1 0 0
      John Bermingham (half-year) 1 2 9
      Patrick Burke, Danesfield 1 2 9
      James Lynch, Castle 2 0 0
      Mrs. D'Arcy, Flood-street 1 2 9
      M. Kineavy (for three months) 0 11 4 1/2
      Joyes and Co. (half-year) 2 16 10 1/2
      Charles Browne 1 2 9
      Mrs. Cox 1 2 9
      Rev. H. Morgan 1 2 9
      Robert Martin Ross 2 10 0
      Thomas O'Flaherty, Lemonfield 1 0 0
      By sundry small subscriptions 1 2 3
      By accounts of Poor-box at Mendicity 6 15 0 1/2

      £20 - Reward

      WHEREAS some Villain or Villains unknown had, on the night of the 24th
      instant, on the lands of Killagh, in this County, stabbed and killed one
      Heifer Cow, my property, I hereby offer a Reward of


      to any Person who will, within three Calendar Months, give information, so
      as to lead to a discovery.
      Dated Galway, January 31st, 1825.
      JOHN RYAN.

      TO BE LET

      From the 25th of March next, for such term as may be agreed on,

      THE HOUSE in Flood-street, adjoining Mr. CLARKE'S) at present occupied
      by Mr. RICKARD BURKE.
      Proposals will be received by JAMES BROWNE, Esq, jun. if directed to
      the care of ANTHONY O'FLAHERTY, Esq, Knockhane, Galway.

      January 27, 1825.

      January 24th, 1825

      T. Wallace a. Thomas Wade
      Martin T. Lynch a. Samuel and Thos. Wade
      S. Poer a. Same.

      BY Virtue of the several Writs of Fieri Facias, in these Causes to be
      directed, I will, on Saturday next, the 29th inst., at Fair Field, the
      Defendant's residence, set up and sell by Public Auction, all the
      Defendant's Goods and Chattles, consisting of Household Furniture, Stock,
      ROBERT FRENCH, Sheriff
      County Galway.
      The above Sale is adjourned to Wednesday next, the 2d February.
      Dated this 31st January 1825


      About half-past twelve on Monday the house of Mr. Bristow, hatter, in
      Sackville-street, corner of Earl-street, was observed to be on fire. The
      fire commenced in the lower part of the house, and before an engine could
      arrive, which was not until half an hour after the fire began, the entire
      house, (which is a large one) was burning from the ground floor to the
      garret. Before half-past one, the flames had communicated with the adjoining
      houses on either side and it required the greatest exertions to prevent
      their becoming prey to the raging element. There was at first but a scanty
      supply of water, which had to be carried from the post-office in buckets,
      but that deficiency was soon remedied by the water-casks of the paving
      board. At a quarter to one, the side of Mr. Bristow's house, in Earl-street.
      fell to the ground. The street where this happened is rather narrow, and on
      seeing it fall, a cry of horror issued from the crowd, for it seemed quite
      impossible that those who were near the house could escape being burned in
      the rains. Fortunately the fear was groundless; not an accident occurred,
      nor was the slightest injury sustained by any individual. At 20 minutes to
      three, the front part of the house also fell in, but there was no fear of
      any casualty, as the Guards, horse and foot, had for some time prevented the
      people from approaching.
      So sudden and violent were the flames, that the inmates of the different
      parts of the houses into which Mr. Bristow's is divided, had much difficulty
      in saving their lives; the greater part of the little property conveyed into
      the street is missing. Some of it, however we know, was lodged in some of
      the adjacent houses by the peace officer. The accident occurred in
      consequence of a pot of varnish, composed of materials highly inflammable,
      boiling over, and the place being full of boxes, straw plait, &c., the
      entire place was instantly ignited.
      By five o'clock the fire was completely extinguished. The house of
      Messrs. Jones and Whitehead, in Sackville-street, adjoining to that of Mr.
      Bristow, is a good deal injured; and the house which is next in Earl-street,
      is injured, but not to the same extent. The Lord Mayor and Sheriffs were on
      the spot at an early hour, and greatly exerted themselves. Many persons
      residing in the neighbourhood also used their utmost exertions for the
      extinction of the fire; amongst whom we remarked the Messrs. Elliot,
      Sackville-street; Mr. Henderson, North Earl-street, and Mr. Ferguson, at the
      National Auction Mart, &c., [ Dublin Paper.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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