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Ballina Chronicle; Sep 25, 1850

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, September 25, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS - A special market for the sale of flax is about to be established in
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, September 25, 1850

      - A special market for the sale of flax is about to be established in
      Portadown, the centre of one of the best flax growing districts in the North
      of Ireland.
      - Lord Monteagle and the Rt. Hon. Thomas Wyse, are appointed members of the
      senate of the Queen's University in Ireland.
      - Sir John Cam Hobhouse, late Secretary-at-War, with his daughter, arrived
      at Mallow on way to Killarney, and was heard to say that the once gay but
      now deserted Mallow was the best country town he had seen in Ireland.
      - The 'Black Nymph', from Limerick, with 180 passengers, arrived at Quebec,
      the 30th August, and the 'Jane Howard', with 103 do. on the same day. The
      'Bon Accord' arrived on the 20th with 111 passengers.
      - James Murphy, Esq., of Kenturk, Dr. Batwell of Charlesville, and Sir
      Kenna, of Castlemarty, sailed in the 'Republic' from Cork, on Satuday, with
      370 emigrants for New York.
      - An Inspector of National Schools in the Limerick district was last week
      given in charge to the police of Thomondgate, at the instance of John
      Hannan, for indecent conduct with a female named Catherine Madden, on the
      public road at Cratloe. The girl had travelled with the inspector in his
      gig. Hannan was not forthcoming subsequently to substantiate the charge
      before the magistrate, and the accused was liberated.
      - Jeremiah Brien, of Ulla, for some time labouring under occasional fits of
      derangement, killed his wife on Monday morning by cutting her throat and
      breaking her skull, while the family were out of his house at work in the
      - Moore's statue of Sir Michael O'Loghlin has been received in Dublin and is
      now being erected in the splendid room of the solicitors, at the Four
      Courts. It is a seated figure, life size, and clothed in the judicial robes.
      - In Wexford harbour 2,000 acres of mud has just been converted into
      excellent land, under the management of John E. Redmond, Esq., J.P.
      - On Saturday morning the temporary workhouse at Outerard, county Galway,
      was burnt to the ground, together with a quantity of the furniture.
      - Report states that this monster of the deep, the sea serpent, was on
      Tuesday seen outside the heads of the Shannon, west of Kilerdene light
      house, and numbers have gone down to Carrigaholt to test the accuracy of
      this statement. A fisherman first descried the monster gliding over the
      waters, and for sometime imagined it was the hull of a vessel, apparently 60
      feet long, keel upwards, and covered with barnacles.

      On Saturday last, Meredith Thompson, Esq., Coroner in the County of Sligo,
      held an inquest at Ardnaree, on the body of a man named Laurence Gibbons.
      From the evidence adduced it appeared the deceased went to bed on Thursday
      night last in his usual good health. The following morning the persons with
      whom he lodged went to call him to breakfast. On knocking at his door, which
      was bolted on the inside, they received no answer, and then sent for
      Sergeant Phibbs and his party; who came and forced the door open, when they
      found Gibbons quite dead. Dr. Whittaker made a post mortem examination on
      the body, and ascertained that death was caused by disease of the heart. The
      jury unanimously found a verdict in accordance with the Doctor's evidence.

      The erection of flax mills in the vicinity of this town, about two
      years since, by the enterprising Messrs. Hay, have considerably increased
      the cultivation of flax, while a great number of hands have been employed in
      its manufacture. Mr. Halliday is now busily engaged in preparing similar
      mills; and although the Messrs. Hay may be somewhat injured by this
      competition, yet, looking at it in a public light, it must be gratifying to
      find that such establishments are springing up as must ultimately prove
      beneficial to a country hitherto neglected and at present much in need of
      every little help that can be given it.

      After the rains which fell on Wednesday and Thursday the harvest
      operations were briskly resumed and continued to the present under very
      favourable weather. Not a moment is to be lost, there being yet a large
      portion of grain standing, and plenty of work ready for the reapers. A few
      small parcels of new oats have been sold in this market at from 12s. to 13s.
      per barrel of 24 stone. We hear still fewer complaints about the potatoes,
      and there appears to be no great disposition to bringing them into town for
      sale, which would be the case were the disease progressing.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
    • Cathy Joynt Labath
      BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, September 25, 1850 Mr. Scully, brother of F. Scully, Esq., M.P., for Tipperary, is appointed a Stipendary
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        Ballina, Co. Mayo
        Wednesday, September 25, 1850

        Mr. Scully, brother of F. Scully, Esq., M.P., for Tipperary, is
        appointed a Stipendary Magistrate. The M.P. has been a thick and thin
        Government voter this last session, and is now compensated. A great patriot
        entirely is Mr. Scully, M.P.--Mail.

        CAPTURE OF JOSEPH ADY - Yesterday afternoon James Bradley, a most
        active officer connected with the Mansion-house, succeeded by stratagem, in
        capturing the notorious Joseph Ady. Bradley lodged his prisoner in the
        Giltspur-street Compter, on a warrant for 19l. 3s. for postage on upwards of
        2,000 "returned" letters, the "property of the Postmaster General."

        It is with regret that we announce the death of the Rt. Rev. Dr.
        Stopford, Lord Bishop of Meath. The melancholy event took place suddenly on
        Thursday last at Ardbraccan, his lordship's residence. The deceased prelate
        was elevated from the Archdeaconry of Armagh to the see of Meath, during the
        Viceroyalty of Earl de Grey. Dr. Stopford had been long labouring under
        disease of the heart. - His lordship was a member of the Privy Council in

        JOSEPH ADY
        This notorious character has been trying his hand in the wilds of
        Erris. A gentleman residing in Belmullet has kindly forwarded to us the
        "something to advantage" circular which Joseph is in the habit of
        transmitting to those whom he intends to select as his victim. The public
        cannot be too guarded against the specious schemes of this prince of
        impostors, who, it may be well to remark, never post-pays his letters.

        In this town, on Wednesday, the 18th inst., the lady of J.C.O.
        Urquhart, Esq., Provincial Bank, of a son.
        September 17, at Mount Druid, county Roscommon, the lady of Denis
        O'Connor, Esq., of a daughter.
        September 9, at Castlebar, the lady of the Rev. Hamilton Townsend, of a

        September 3 in Desert-Martin Church, county Derry, by the Rev. J.S.
        Knox, rector of Maghera, and brother of the bride, the Rev. W.A. Ormsby,
        incumbent of St. Martin's, Norwich, to Helen Adelaide, youngest daughter of
        the late Hon. and Right Rev. William Knox, Lord Bishop of Derry.

        September 17, at Bellaghy Glebe, county Londonderry, Maria, daughter of
        the late Wm. Sterne Noy, Esq.

        THE ARMY
        Brevet-Major, J. Ward, 81st, has retired upon Captain's full pay, after
        27 years serving.
        Lieut. Harvey, 34th, senior subaltern of the Regt. and upon the staff
        of Lieut-General Sir John Harvey at Halifax, has sold out of the service.
        Lieut. Mellor, 2d Lifeguards; Capt. Lord Manderville, Grenadier Guards;
        Leiut. Harvey, 34th; and Ensign Mackenzie, 93d, sold out of the service on
        Brevet Major Longworth, 31st, was obliged to retire from active service
        this week, in consequence of ill health, the result of his wounds in the
        late Sikh campaigns.
        Sir Harry Smith will be the last Military Governor at the Cape Good

        Cathy Joynt Labath
        Ireland Old News
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