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RE: [IrelandOldNews] Ballina Chronicle; Sep 18, 1850; Misc News

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  • Patty Millich
    Cathy: Ditto on the thanks for the information and for all the time you spend getting the info to us. Patty Millich, Youngstown, Ohio, USA Surnames:
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 6, 2007

      Ditto on the thanks for the information and for all the time you spend
      getting the info to us.

      Patty Millich, Youngstown, Ohio, USA
      Surnames: McAtamney/McTamany/McTammany from Co. of Londonderry

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      >Subject: RE: [IrelandOldNews] Ballina Chronicle; Sep 18, 1850; Misc News
      >Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2007 23:21:15 +0000
      >Hi Cathy,
      >Thank you so much for your stirling effort. It has given me a great
      >into the lives of my Irish ancestors.
      >John Gozzard
      > >From: "Cathy Joynt Labath" <labaths@...>
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      > >Subject: [IrelandOldNews] Ballina Chronicle; Sep 18, 1850; Misc News
      > >Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 17:49:46 -0500
      > >
      > >Ballina, Co. Mayo
      > >Wednesday, September 18, 1850
      > >
      > >
      > >MARRIED
      > >
      > > On Wednesday last, in the Church of Mountrath, by the Rev. Mr.
      > >Rogers,
      > >Mr. John Prescott, of this town, to Miss Elizabeth Bates of Mountrath.
      > >
      > >-----
      > >
      > >At Ballinrobe petty sessions on Monday, Mary Connelly and Nappy Durkan
      > >fined, the former 20s., the other 50s. for assault on a scripture reader.
      > >Rev. Mr. Conway, R.C. Priest, paid the penalties and the offenders were
      > >discharged.
      > >
      > > MAYOR OF SLIGO - We understand it is the intention of E.H. Verdon,
      > >Esq., proprietor of the Sligo Champion, to offer himself as a candidate
      > >the civic chair for the Borough of Sligo for the ensuing year. We
      > >Mr. Verdon possesses the confidence of a large portion of his brother
      > >aldermen and councillors. Mr. Verdon is an active member of the Sligo
      > >of guardians and his success is said to be almost certain.
      > >
      > >THE ARMY
      > >(From the Limerick Chronicle)
      > >
      > > By the regretted death of Captain Moore, 1st, or King's Dragoon
      > >Guards,
      > >Dublin, the son of Stephen Moore, Esq., of Barne, Tipperary, and recently
      > >stationed in this district, Lieut. Briggs succeeds to the vacant troop,
      > >Cornet Nisbet to the Lieutenancy.
      > > Lieut. Maunselle of the 32d Regt. succeeds to a company by the
      > >of
      > >Brevet Major Balfour.
      > > Captain Burrows shortly retires from the 13th Light Dragoons.
      > > Private M'Namara, 60th Rifles, Templemore, is sentenced to 7 years
      > >transportation by court martial.
      > > Lieut. Gwyn, 15th Hussars, and Ensign Robbins, 51st, retire from
      > >army.
      > > Captain Thomas Tydd, 76th, was tried by general court martial on
      > >15th July, at Cork, on three charges, viz., falsehood, disrespect and
      > >insubordination, preferred against him by Lieutenant Col. Clarke, on the
      > >whole of which he was fully and honourably acquitted.
      > > Surgeon Isidore Blake, M.B., 20th Regt., destroyed himself on the
      > >August at Montreal, by incision of the throat with a razor.
      > > Lieutenant and Adjutant the Hon. J.W. Monk, 84th, died of fever on
      > >the
      > >12th of June at Trichinopoly.
      > > Lieutenant O'Malony, 70th Rifles, who had leave to Bombay, for
      > >England,
      > >for the purpose of retiring from the service, and died at Meerut, served
      > >the
      > >campaign on the Sutlej (Medal) with the 50th, including the battles of
      > >Moodkee, Ferezesbah, Aliwal, and Sobraon.
      > > Major-General Sir Joseph Thackwell will succeed to the command of
      > >Bombay forum, on Sir Wm. Gomm assuming the office of Commander in Chief
      > >the Queen's and Company's troops in India.
      > > Lt. Col. Poole, 1st Bombay Cavalry, has been induced to retire from
      > >the
      > >service by the payment of 60,000 rupees. Major Delemain, late acting Town
      > >Major of Bombay, succeeds to the Lieutenant Colonelcy.
      > >
      > >THE NAVY
      > >
      > > The Lords of the Admiralty, on their official visit to Portsmouth,
      > >boarded the Thetis frigate, Capt. Cooper, C.B., at Spithead, and in
      > >handsome
      > >terms noticed the conduct of Lieut. Partridge, R.N., son-in-law of John
      > >Croker, Esq., Ballinegards, for the admirable manner in which he has
      > >completed the fitting out and manning of that splendid vessel for active
      > >service.
      > > Rear Admiral Lock, on promotion, resigns the appointment of Naval
      > >Aide-de-Camp to the Queens and the vacancy brings Sir James Stirling
      > >the list of paid Aid-de-Camp.
      > > Captain Sir Richard O'Connor, K.C.H., son of the late Sir Patrick
      > >O'Connor, of Cork, is promoted a Rear Admiral on the retired list.
      > >
      > >-----
      > >
      > > A gentleman yesterday presented the following for publication -
      > >true area of the Circle by geometrical solution without reference to its
      > >periphery, has been discovered by Garrett Rodney Fitzgerald, Esq., of
      > >Ballyneety, near this city. The result is very interesting, and a great
      > >desideratum to the scientific world.-- Limerick Chronicle.
      > >
      > >To the Editor of the Southern Reporter,
      > >
      > > SIR - A few friends accompanied me on a boating excursion this day,
      > >whose names are William Silk, John Hunt, George Williams, Henry Seymour,
      > >and
      > >Edward Barry, and being off the Southern Islands, our attention was
      > >directed
      > >by one of the party to an extraordinary appearance ahead of the boat.
      > >Immediately all eyes were turned to see what it was, when to our
      > >astonishment and fright the above monster of the deep was bearing down on
      > >us. We were at once thrown into an awful fright, and thought it best to
      > >retreat for shore. On our landing, Mr. W. Silk, who was armed with a
      > >double-barreled gun, discharged both barrels at the monster, but without
      > >effect. I need not describe his appearance as you are aware of it before;
      > >but from inquiries from various boatmen, I am told he is off the harbour
      > >the
      > >last three days.- I remain, Sir, yours,
      > > JOHN GOOD,
      > >Long Quay, Kinsale, Sept. 9, 1850
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >Cathy Joynt Labath
      > >Ireland Old News
      > >http://www.IrelandOldNews.com/
      > >
      > >
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