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Ballina Chronicle; Sep 18, 1850; Misc Items

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, September 18, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS - Captain M Manus, formerly military secretary in Ireland, whose prosecution
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, September 18, 1850

      - Captain M'Manus, formerly military secretary in Ireland, whose prosecution
      for seduction and taking money from a lady he patronized made such noise in
      Dublin last year, died on Saturday last.
      - Mr. Smith, Castlefergus, and two others, who had been committed as
      accomplices, on the 1st charge, for conspiring to shoot his mother, are
      admitted to bail by order of Judge Perrin. Mr. Smith in £1000; and Mathew
      Blood Smith and John Dooner, Esqrs., in £500 each; also on second charge of
      conspiring to poison Michael M'Cormac who had been engaged in the previous
      - Farms in Inverness, which hitherto grew potatoes, are now planted with
      - Messrs. Gilroy's concerns at Dumfries were burned down on Tuesday night
      and the loss is £10,000.
      - Hewitt Bridgeman, Esq., late of Tiernee, and formerly M.P. for Ennis,
      emigrated to New York this season, with his lady and a young family.
      - The Royal Alice steamer left Cork on Wednesday calling at Passage,
      Monkstown, and Queenstown, returning to Cork in the evening with
      excursionists in search of the great sea serpent.
      - Mr. Philip Attridge, of Castletownsend, Cork, was fined 6l. and costs on
      Friday, for having altered a poor law voting paper.
      - Mr. Ralph Smith of Tullamore, is so obnoxious to his Carlow tenantry,
      because he served ejectments for non-payment of rent, that they will not
      suffer him to cut down and save his crops which are rotting in the fields.
      The ears were cut off the horses of three persons who volunteered their
      assistance, and the horse of another was shot.
      - Twenty-six houses were levelled, after the occupants were ejected by the
      sheriff, on the lands of Lixnaw, near Tralee, the estate of Lord Lansdowne,
      last week, for non-payment or rent by the middle-man. One person was killed
      by the fall of his own house, which he was directed to pull down.
      - Mr. Duggan, of Waterford, was fined 20s. by the local magistrates, for
      allowing a dog fight in his yard.
      - Bridget Broderick, a poor woman, crossing a field near Dunsandle, last
      week, was violently assaulted by a ram, and killed.
      - Mr. Carleton has 600 girls employed in muslin embroidery at Waterford,
      Cappoquin and Carrkck-on-Suir, who earn from 2s. to 5s. each per week.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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