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Freeman's Journal; Oct 9, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    The Public Register or Freeman s Journal Dublin, Ireland Tuesday, October 9, 1764 DUBLIN Oct. 4th] Mr. David Murray was elected Vestry-Clerk of St. Mary s
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      The Public Register or Freeman's Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, October 9, 1764


      Oct. 4th] Mr. David Murray was elected Vestry-Clerk of St. Mary's
      Parish, in the Room of Mr. Richard Wheeler, deceased.
      Col. Hale's Regiment of Light Dragoons, arrived in Town from the North,
      on their Route to the Counties of Kilkenny and Waterford, to join the Earl
      of Drogheda's Light Hors, in order to quell the Rioters in those Parts.
      His Majesty has been pleased to appoint the Hon. Col. Carpenter, of the
      second Troop of Horse Guards, to be Col. of the 12th Regiment of Dragoons,
      on the Irish Establishment, in the room of Hon Colonel Hervey, promoted.
      The Incorporated Society in Dublin, for promoting English Protestant
      Schools in Ireland, have received Advice from Mr. Cole, Secretary to the
      Corresponding Society in London, that William Domville, late of the Parish
      of St. George, Hanover-Square, in the County of Middlesex, Esq; deceased,
      had bequeathed to the Society a Legacy of Two Hundred Pounds.
      MARRIED] Mr. Arthur Swinfield of Rathdrum, in the County of Wicklow, to
      Miss Elizabeth Willis of said Place.- Mr. William M'Donnell of the Bull's
      Head Inn at Ballyroan in the Queen's County, to Miss Murphy, Sister of
      Garret Murphy, Esq; deceased. - The Rev. Dr. Daniel Sandford, in the Church
      of Glasnevin, to Miss Chapone, - In the Cathedral Church of Armagh, Mr.
      Robert Barnes, to Miss M'Cullough - Robert Lownds, of Tainnamoney, Esq; to
      Miss Stafford of Colerain. - Richard Johnston, Esq; of Gilford, in the
      County of Down, to Miss Alexander of Mary's-Abbey.
      DIED.] At Bath, John Lord Trevor, Baron of Bronham, and F.R.S. His
      Lordship leaving no Issue Male, his Title and Estate descend to his Brother,
      the Hon. Robert Hampden, Esq; Postmaster-General, now Lord Trevor. - In
      London, Mrs. Mary Waring, Wife of Folliot Waring in the County of
      Kilkenny. - The Reverend Dr. Ellis, Minister of St. Catherine's. - At
      Lisburn in the County of Antrim, of a lingering Indisposition, Mr. John
      Handcock, a very extensive Linen Merchant. - At Fermoy, in the County of
      Corke, William Forward, Esq; - In Castle-street, Mr. Edward Griffith, one of
      Mess. Latouche's Clerks, a young Man of an exceeding good Character. -
      Lately at Liverpoole, Mrs. Magee, Wife of Mr. Magee, who was her tenth
      Husband. - In Trinity College, of a Fever, the Rev. Mr. John Williamson,
      A.M. and Curate of St. Paul's; a young Gentleman of distinguished Learning
      and whole social Virtues endeared him to all who had the Pleasure of his
      Acquaintance, which renders his Loss most sincerely regretted.
      Assize of the Twelvepenny Houshold Loaf 11lb. 9oz. 4dr. - The middle
      Price of Wheat being 1l. 17s. the Quarter. - The Meal-man is to fell 16lb
      3oz of Wheaten-meal for a Shilling.

      WHEREAS the frequent Loss of Ships on the Coast, near the Entrance of
      the Bay of Dublin, has been considered as chiefly owing to the want of
      proper Charts; and the Committee of Merchants of the City of Dublin having
      approved of the Proposals of Mess. Scale and Richards, for making a Survey
      and publishing a Chart of the Coast from Wicklow Head to Skerries, Notice is
      hereby given that the same will speedily be carried into Execution in the
      best Manner, under the Sanction and Encouragement of said Committee, and
      Subscriptions are taken in for this useful and necessary Work by Sir Edward
      Newenham, Tho. Blair, Esq; in Fleet-street, Theoph. Thompson, Esq; and Mess.
      William and Thomas Barcroft on the Batchelor's-Walk, Mess. Rob and Alex
      Jeffray in Eustace-street, and by Mr. Chr. Decy, Secretary to said
      Committee, who will be answerable for the Subscription money which shall be
      paid them, or for the Delivery of the Charts in due Time to the Subscribers.

      JOHN SEATON, Grocer,
      (Formerly of Strand-street,)
      BEGS Leave to acquaint his Friends and the Publick, that he now carries on
      the Grocery Business, by Wholesale and Retail on Ormond-quay, four Doors
      from Jervis-street, where he hopes for the Interest of his Friends and
      former Customers.

      WILLIAM TOOLE, Grocer,
      IS removed from Francis-street to the House where the Bishop of Derry lately
      lived, in George's-lane, and carries on the Grocery and Wine Business, &c,
      &c, in an extensive Manner as usual. He returns his most grateful Thanks to
      his Friends and the Publick for favouring him with their Commands; the
      Countenance of which he will always endeavour to merit, by selling the best
      Goods as cheap as possible.

      Owen Gallagher,
      Master of the Custom-House Coffee-House in Essex-street,
      HAS, by the Advice of many of his Friends, opened a new Coffee-Room, in the
      next House, up one Pair of Stairs, where Gentlemen will be supplied, as
      usual, with Tea, Coffee and Chocolate, every Day;
      And has likewise fitted up his late Coffee-Room in the most Elegant
      Manner for
      Said GALLAGHER takes this Opportunity of returning his most sincere
      Thanks to the Public for their former kind Encouragement and hopes, by his
      Assiduity and Care in this his new Undertaking, and having every Article the
      best in their Kinds, to merit the Continuance of their Favour and
      N.B. A cold Larder every Day, and Punch and Wine as usual.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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