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Londonderry Journal; June 1772

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Londonderry Journal; Wednesday, June 3, 1772 Belfast, May 19. Thomas Ohagan was hung at Downpatrick on Saturday last, but he wore a steel collar and harness
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      Londonderry Journal; Wednesday, June 3, 1772

      Belfast, May 19.
      Thomas Ohagan was hung at Downpatrick on Saturday last, but he wore a steel
      collar and harness and did not die. Hugh M'Ilpatrick, Thomas Stewart, Thomas
      Ward, and John Black were executed Saturday last at Carrickfergus.

      Londonderry Journal; Saturday, June 5, 1772

      Kilkenny, May 30.
      Sunday last, William Kennedy of Thurles was drowned while trying to save his
      uncle's servant boy (who also drowned).

      Belfast, June 2.
      Saturday last were executed at Downpatrick: Daniel Murphy and Owen Murphy
      for burglary and felony; Cormack Shiel for robbery; John Cockran and Patrick
      Crilly for horse stealing. Early yesterday morning Barbara Cunningham, wife
      of David Cunningham of Belfast, kay porter, was found dead in bed; her
      husband was gaoled.


      Married: Philip Brabazon, Carrstown, Co Lough to Miss Adams of Hoathstown,
      Co. Meath; Samuel Barry to Miss Elizabeth Wade.

      Born: a son to Lady and Sir William Pigot Piers.

      Died: in London, the Countess of Londonderry; Lady Jocelyn; in Smithfield,
      age 82, Hon. Robert French; at Fort Singleton, Co. Monaghan, Oliver
      Singleton; Henry Piers, attorney; at Carrick, Rev. Mr. Purcell, Roman
      Catholic clergyman; Samuel Custis, bridle cutter.

      Londonderry Journal; Wednesday, June 10, 1772


      Married: at Limerick, Thomas Lawrence, Millmount, to Miss Moore, Ashgrove;
      at Tubertstown, Co. Westmeath, John Baggot to Miss Deale; at Carrigrohan
      church, William Hughes, Johnstown, to Miss Fortune Bennett, Ballingilly;
      Maurice Romayne, Garran-James, to Miss Goold, Macroom.

      Died: at Gramore, age 9, Elizabeth, daughter of the Earl of Wandesford; Mrs.
      Bunlery; at Williamstown, Co. Kildare, John, eldest son of Adam Williams;
      Abraham Creighton, Lord Erne of Grum Castle, Co Fermanagh; William Bury.


      Married: Captain Thornton, Muff, to Miss Ennis, Magilligan.

      Died: Sunday last, James Harvey, for many years an eminent merchant.

      Londonderry Journal; Saturday, June 13, 1772


      Married: William Sherlock, Mt. Armstrong, Co. Kildare, to Miss Read,
      daughter of John Read of Summer-hill. Henry Hickey, Clonbullock, King's Co.
      to Miss Mary Anne Grierson, Drumcally, King's Co.

      Died: Mrs. Law, housekeeper to the General Post Office, Dublin; in Pill
      lane, John Fidder, attorney; Rev. Thos. Vance, D.D., a minister at Usher's
      quay Meeting House; on Cork hill, Mr. Thomas Lagrayiere, livery lace
      manufacturer; in Stephen st., Miss Ganning.

      Londonderry Journal; Wednesday, June 17, 1772


      Margaret Magennis, convert to the Church of Ireland, in the church of Castle

      Married: Richard Symes, Bally Arthur, Co. Wicklow to Miss Susannah Gilbert,
      William st.; William Carrol, Tulla near Nenagh, to Miss Susannah, daughter
      of Francis Parker late of Newton, Co. Tipperary; Richard Burnet, Drumcondra,
      seedsman to Miss Parry of Beaumorris.

      Died: at Drogheda, Rev. Mr. John Brett, age 84; at Bullingate, Co. Wicklow,
      George Braddell; at Finglass, Mrs. Waters, widow of Richard Waters; on the
      same day, in Cuffe st, her sister the Widow Dudley; Isaac Jackson, Quaker,
      printer and bookseller.


      Married: Robert Stewart, of this city, merchant, to Miss Jordan of Dubliln.

      Died: at Carrickmines near Dublin, George Cary of Redcastle, Co. Donegal.

      Londonderry Journal; Saturday, June 20, 1772


      Garret, Barry, son of William Barry of Kilbarry, was killed by Daniel Punch
      of Glasheen.

      Londonderry Journal; Saturday, June 27, 1772


      Married: William Parsons to Lady Jane King, daughter of the Earl of
      Kingston; Robert Hamilton, Drumsonnis, Co. Tyrone to Miss Alice Nicolls,
      Lossett, Co. Cavan; Guy Bleakly, Co. Fermanagh, to Miss Jane Grier, Co.
      Longford; Rev. Archdeacon Hutchinson to Miss Elizabeth Tottenham; Thomas
      Cooke, Kilman, Co. Tipperary to Miss Bushell, Co. Tipperary; ___ Cooke to
      Miss Cuffe, daughter of the late Lord Desart; ____ Flin, Co. Sligo to Miss
      Brown of Westport.

      Died: in Co. Corke, Rev. Dennis Lehan, Romish clergyman; Mrs. Mary
      Bolingbroke; the relict of Francis Lodge; the wife of Patrick Ford,
      merchant; Miss Katharine, daughter of Lt. Col. Pierce; in Rush, John Connor
      alias Jack the Bachelor.


      Died: June 23, Mrs. Ann Craghead, age 83.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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